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Yoga meditation makes it easier for your body and spirit to obtain Godly power. Despite the fact that whilst conducting it for the first time, you might encounter complications nevertheless, you will certainly obtain advantageous outcomes at the end. Probably the most advantageous feature of yoga exercise is that it helps you to eliminate different kind of detrimental powers around you.

Healing meditation assists you in accumulating unwanted energies and directs it down to the Mother Earth. All these grounding meditation techniques involve poses that require you to be seatedon the ground and, alter poses in numerous angles. These alignments shall increase the performance of your body systems when you perform them regularly.

For receiving mental contentment and pleasure, you do not need to perform these meditation techniques for long hours. Simply execute them based on your likings and wish. Let’s discover more about the numerous poses included in yoga meditation.

- Firstly, sit in a vertical posture and keep your backbone upright. You can also take a seat on a couch if you’re suffering from back bone disorders.

- Shut your eyes, concentrate on The almighty and pray to him. Ask for holy energies.

- Feel the encouraging power as it comes down, penetrates your crown and travels down your backbone. Feel it penetrating the mother earth. Now slowly and gradually take deep breathes and use your entire energy to recite the religious mantras.

- Practice this healing meditation for about fifteen to 20 minutes, two times a day to obtain quick outcomes.

Yoga meditation is the best, home-based technique of preventing panic attacks, stress and pain. Just in case you are encountering muscle aches, nervous disorders and regular headaches, you can conduct these acts for treating your difficulties. It shall improve your lungs, heart and body immunity. Shortly, your body will grow strong fight back numerous diseases. Besides, you needn’t stress your body. Apply only those postures that are sufficiently comfortable.

You can safely conduct healing meditation at your home. In the beginning, perform them for ten to 15 minutes then gradually, increase your pace, seeing your body specifications. Most importantly, do practice breathing exercises for sure. If you are facing any kind of problem, consult a coach or, better check out a magazine. You may also acquire yoga DVDs. For more info about these stances, check out various blogs and websites to enhance your knowledge. Thus, by putting in little efforts, you will be able to develop into a powerful and healthy individual!

Several people try different yoga meditation stances to obtain health benefits. You can browse through our website to find more about important healing meditation techniques.

Yoga meditation makes it easier for your body and spirit to obtain Divine energy. Despite the fact that while conducting it for the first time, you might deal with complications nevertheless, you will certainly acquire advantageous results at the end. Probably the most advantageous feature of yoga is that it aids you to eliminate different types of destructive powers around you.

Healing meditation aids you in gathering unwanted energies and transmits it down to the Mother Earth. All these grounding exercises involve postures that require you to be seatedon the ground and, modify poses in numerous angles. These alignments shall increase the working of your body systems when you execute them regularly.

For gaining divine peace and pleasure, you don't need to conduct these yoga technique for long hours. Just implement them according to your likings and wish. Let us discover about various postures linked to yoga meditation.

- Initially, park yourself in an upright posture and keep your back straight. You may also sit on a seat if you are affected by back aches.

- Close your eyes, concentrate on Lord and pray to him. Ask for divine drives.

- Feel the constructive energy as it comes down, goes in your head and shifts down the spine. Feel it entering the mother earth. Then slowly take deep breathes and employ your whole power to repeat the divine mantras.

- Conduct this healing meditation for at least 15 to twenty minutes, twice a day to receive swift results.

Yoga meditation is quickest, home-based method of avoiding panic attacks, anxiety and suffering. In case you are suffering from muscular aches, nervous problems and frequent head pain, you may perform these acts for healing your problems. It shall enhance your lungs, heart and body immunity. Soon, your body will become strong fight back several illnesses. Moreover, you do not need to strain your body. Employ only those techniques that are comfortable enough to be handled.

You may safely practice healing meditation at your home. In the beginning, perform them for 10 to fifteen minutes then gradually, improve your pace, seeing your body needs. Most importantly, do rehearse breathing exercises for sure. In case you are facing any kind of problem, consult a fitness instructor or, better check out a magazine. You can also purchase yoga DVDs. For more info about these stances, check out various blogs and websites to enhance your knowledge. Thus, by putting in little efforts, you'll be able to develop into a strong and healthy person!

Yoga meditation has become popular because people are now familiar with its restorative importance. You can check out our website for more details on other such types of healing meditation techniques.

Yoga meditation is not only about physical postures! Our modern day yoga class tends to focus on postures only. If a little deeper study of yoga meditation is applied then it will become apparent that postures are only a small part of the practice. Postures are necessary to learn, but yoga meditation is essentially to eliminate feelings of incompletion and limitation in order to connect with our true Self.

Traditionally there are four paths of yoga. Jnana, Bhakti, Karma and Raja. These paths are not separate, they all work together in forming the art of yoga. Only a Yogi or Yogini will concentrate on perfecting the art of one of these paths only. Most commonly all four paths are blended together to balance out yoga practices. Most meditators will have preference for one or two of the paths. This is natural, but even so, it is impossible to abandon or ignore the other paths.

• Jnana explores the nature of our being. It's focus is on knowledge and wisdom.
• Bhakti concentrates on services to God, love, compassion and devotion.
• Karma is service to others, mindfulness and actions.
• Raja emphasized meditation. It deals directly with our mind's thoughts.

Even though these paths are all integrated, it is helpful to understand which one is mostly aligned with your objectives. This path will be your main emphasis and the others will be used to enhance your chosen path.

In yoga meditation train your mind to be one-pointed. There will be many obstacles along the way. Some of these may include doubt, laziness, fear of failure etc. Getting around these obstacles and not letting them interrupt your journey can be achieved by training your mind to stay focused on your objectives. A mantra or short prayer can also assist you in achieving this.

Virga means the energy of conviction and persistence. Make sure that you are firmly aware of your convictions. Develop a determination and a strong attitude to succeed in your yoga meditation.

In practice one will focus on the use of the body, senses, breath and different levels of the mind. An awareness of these will be developed and intensified until the center of consciousness is attained.

Contrary to some beliefs, yoga meditation is not a religion. It does, however, contain principles that can be related to certain religions. It is also holistic, dealing with a wide variety of practices including meditation, contemplation, prayer and mantra.

Yoga and Meditation are an important part of the lives of many people.

When many people hear the word "meditate," they think of a man in a loincloth with a serene look on his face sitting cross-legged on top of a mountain. Meditation, however, isn't nearly as esoteric as people think. It doesn't require years of study or mystical knowledge from on high; all it takes is practice.

Meditation is a spontaneous flow of consciousness when all the conditions are just right. It's about listening inwardly with a quiet mind for the wisdom and guidance of a more expansive and unlimited mind.

All the arts of relaxation — breath control, contemplation, prayer, affirmation, repetition of a mantra, and visualization — are different, but they all direct you toward self-realization and a deep meditative state. Different systems of thought and traditions vary in their meditation techniques, but they all have the same goal: to reach the point of stillness, quiet, and communion with the essence of your being.

With meditation, you discover how to quiet your mind and increase your level of energy and enjoyment of life. You experience the natural joy of being in meditation, and you establish a greater confidence and a higher understanding. Meditation can deliver deep inner peace; increase your mental stamina; improve your memory; enlarge your multitasking abilities; and teach you to organize your internal awareness and concentration.

You can practice different forms of meditation:

Mantra meditation: You focus your attention on a repeated word, thought, or sound.

Metta or loving kindness meditation: You practice acts of generosity or loving kindness toward others.

Stair-step meditation (or modified progressive relaxation): You focus on different areas of your body with the aim of relaxing those areas one at a time.

Mindfulness: You observe whatever goes through your mind without judging or analyzing it. (Some yoga practitioners don't consider this a true form of meditation, but rather a practice or deeper step toward meditation.)

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Ones of the most popular forms of physical, mental and energetic exercises are so far yoga, t'ai chi and qigong. People have practised them for thousands of years.These exercises are developed and have achieved support from practitioner as they are very good for body and mind conditioning.


Western forms of exercise USE or EXPEND our energy.


Yoga, t'ai chi, and qigong BUILD UP our CHI or ENERGY.


They give us amazing amounts of ENERGY we can then use to do everything else we love-play, sing, eat, dance, study, read-EVERYTHING!


There are thousands of forms of yoga, t'ai chi, and qigong.


In some forms, yoga poses are held like beautiful statues.


Others use very fluid circular movements to increase our chi.


T'ai chi sword is like a choreographed dance.


But frolicking like an animal is the most fun, creative, beneficial, child-friendly form ever created AND, it's the oldest--originated over 1,900 years ago, hundreds of years before yoga and t'ai chi.


Imitating a bird, bear, monkey, deer, and tiger for optimum physical and mental health was the brilliant idea of one of China's greatest physicians, Hua Tuo, who lived a healthy, productive life for over 100 years.


This patriarch of Chinese medicine and great qigong master said, "Man's body must have exercise, but it should never be done to the point of exhaustion. Now I have created the art called the Frolics of the Five Animals. It eliminates sickness, benefits the legs, and is also a form of bending and stretching exercise. If you feel out of sorts, just practice one of my Frolics. A gentle sweat will exude, the complexion will become rosy, the body will feel light, and you will want to eat."


The time-tested, proven benefits of animal frolicking, a staple of modern Chinese culture and medical qigong, go far beyond medical miracles and can be experienced by children of all ages.


One teacher said, "Even if children experience only a moment of personal peace consciously pretending to be animals, it's something they can take through life. This is a tool to help people."


Frolicking gives every child the incredible opportunity to become the wizard of their own world, the queen of their own kingdom, the master of their own mind, the king of their own jungle.


Children love playing with or pretending to be animals-twisting, bending, moving, jumping, and freezing in stillness.


As children joyfully stalk the jungle like a tiger, forage for honey like a bear, swing through the trees like a monkey, soar high like an eagle, glide gracefully through the woods like a deer, swim and roar like a dragon, and pound their chest like a gorilla, they will be developing their body and mind in the easiest, yet most profound, way possible!


Our children are special gifts-innocent gifts. They absorb everything, absolutely everything, they see and hear.


Just as a sponge releases the same water it soaks up, whether that water is pure or filthy, the daily habits your children adopt early in life, along with the actions and words they see or hear from you, relatives, friends, television, teachers, movies and more will one day be released by your children.


Just by having fun, pretending to be these special chi animals that were created thousands of years ago, your children are naturally and easily developing their minds and bodies, learning social and behavioral skills, connecting their inner world with the outer world, and absorbing values and habits that will serve them throughout their life.


Ganeshananda has been developing children's educational programs for over 20 years. He is the creator of Power Animal Frolics dvd-T'ai Chi/Yoga/Qigong for Children - and the author of over 44 Fairy Tales of the Heart for Children of all Ages. He is an AVESA Quantum Energy Master and Medical Intuitive; Usui Reiki, T'ai Chi/Qigong, Meditation Master; Ordained TOSA and Science of Mind Minister; and Certified Quantum Clairvoyant.

For more information, please visit 1. http://www.poweranimalfrolics.org and 2. http://www.blissbearybear.org

A Program to Relax, Refresh and Rejuvenate with Meditation in the Presence of   H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Secaucus, NJ – March 8, 2011- The Art of Living Foundation is hosting Meditation and Yoga 2011 -MY 2011, in the presence of spiritual leader and humanitarian His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. This day-long program will feature unique and informative sessions giving participants the life skills to manage their mind and emotions, increase productivity, and bring balance into their lives. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is the founder of Art of Living, an international non-profit organization engaged in stress-management and service initiatives all over the world.

The event MY2011 will be held on April 9th from 10 AM- 6:00 PM, at the Meadowlands Exposition Center at 355 Plaza Drive in Secaucus, New Jersey.


The negative impact of stress on our lives is vast. Meditation and Yoga 2011 will introduce techniques for de-stressing through a combination of yoga, meditation and breath-work. The techniques rejuvenatethebody and the mind. Participants can experience the peace of meditation in a natural and easy way.


The Art of Living programs, taught to millions of people all over the world, are effective in bringing about overall well-being. Based on ancient wisdom, the programs are made relevant for modern life.

Art of Living has been active in New Jersey for more than ten years. 6,000 people in New Jersey alone have benefited from the programs. It is a volunteer-based organization with courses held in fourteen cities of New Jersey. There are four main centers in New Jersey: in Metuchen, Jersey City, Mahwah and East Windsor.

Says one local course participant: "Since practicing the techniques taught by The Art of Living, I feel far more at home with myself and the world. The relationship with my inner self has increased immensely. [My world-view] has greater depth and perspective. Now all the dots connect in a cohesive way." There are also special youth programs in New Jersey and New York area for children and teenagers. Through these community service programs, the youth, at a critical age, learn to manage their stress improving their grades and their relationships.

"Spring is a time for renewal and rejuvenation. Sri Sri will be discussing the techniques to harmonize the mind and body through yoga, breathing and meditation, so that individuals can achieve inner peace and strength to move ahead unshaken by the events of life," says Vikas Chawla, senior instructor of Art of Living and a resident of Somerset, New Jersey. Although we cannot eliminate all the causes of stress in our lives, we can learn to effectively handle our state of mind and our behavior, thus making ourselves truly resilient.

Join us for an inspiring evening with Sri Sri, and for a day dedicated to self-development and renewal.  

For detailed event schedule and information please contact us @ gayathri.uchila@artofliving.org |732 738 4457.

About the Art of Living Foundation: Founded in 1981, the Art of Living Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) educational and humanitarian organization working in special consultative status with the United Nations Social and Economic Council on initiatives related to health, meditation, education, sustainable development, conflict resolution and disaster relief. One of the world's largest volunteer-based organizations, the Foundation works to create a violence-free, stress-free world by strengthening the individual. The Foundation has benefited more than 25 million people across 151 countries.