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The son asked his mother a question and she answered. Looking at the table nearby, what he saw was somewhat of a miracle.

It was his mother's hearing aid on the table. Not needing any assistance, she was able to hear her son clearly for the first time after using the aid for 15 years.

During this occasion, both of them were in a cubicle of an acupuncture center where the mother was placed under a session where four thin needles were used on her jaw and neck by the ears. The mother was sporting a questioning smile while on the examining table.

I asked her how she felt and she said Fine. Speaking did not involve raising the tone of voice and so the mother was thought to have her aid on but no.

The mother and son arrived in Washington from NY after a local paper ran a story about the center which used the traditional Chinese method of acupuncture to heal nerve deafness, they inserted thin needles into the body as part of the treatment. Aside from its role as a pain reliever, acupuncture also serves to be a cure for deafness issues.

In this case, the term cure is only meant to be used with nerve deafness. Findings from the audiometer are available before and after treatment.

Nerve deafness is the only condition curable with acupuncture and in a population of people with hearing loss 35 to 40 percent develops this. Other causes such as diseases, punctured ear drums, and the like result to hearing loss that his cannot cure.

One doctor responsible for the acupuncture treatments guards his patients against false claims about the procedure, his interest in the method grew when his family was exposed to it during a trip to Argentina. About eight treatments are needed for a 75 to 80 percent scale in improvement. When people grow older, improvement slightly decreases.

Complete hearing was possible for those aged from 7 to 12 years old. He noted that acupuncture sometimes must be repeated eight months to a year after the initial treatments as a booster.

Waiting for other patients to finish their sessions was the US deputy undersecretary of labor for legislative affairs who was waiting outside for his tenth treatment. Aside from providing reports on the mood of Congress, this young Montanan was also tasked to provide the Administration with precise and unemotional reports with regard to the chances for passage of legislation affecting the Labor Department. Because of a virus attack in 1968, he lost hearing in his left ear.

Nerve deafness was the preliminary diagnosis he was given without any chance of recovery. Nothing helped including the hearing aids he kept on using.

Any conversations with people were done by asking the people to talk near his good right ear and this is how he adapted to the situation. Like in hunting, there were occasions when his hearing loss would be a distressing think and he could not get away from the fear of losing ability in his good ear. There was nothing the acupuncture center could do for him or so he thought.

When a cure appears to be that simple then there is room for doubt. Even if he had doubts he still gave acupuncture a try and the initial findings from the audiogram showed complete deafness in his left ear.

Having a phobia for needles did not help as a few of them were inserted in his body causing him to back out completely. He heard some beeps from the audiogram machine. He already underwent nine treatments and he says that he will keep on coming if he notices more changes to his 70 percent recovered hearing.

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The people in China have used Chinese herbs and medicine for centuries to increase their chances of getting pregnant. The use of such herbs is now being accepted and embraced by the west. Using this treatment, a combination of several kinds of herbs are usually prescribed to the patient. This particular type of treatment takes into consideration all aspects of a person and not only the symptoms of infertility so the types of herbs prescribed for different individuals may differ. Chinese herbs are usually obtained from parts of plants and sometimes animals. The advantage of using Chinese herbal treatment is that it presents higher success rates than typical fertility treatments. It is also substantially more affordable. In addition, the ingestion of Chinese herbs presents no or little side effects; and even if it fails to address the problem of infertility, it will improve general health in many ways.

These Chinese herbs should be ingested regularly, and higher dosages usually bring faster results. Depending on the dosage and the complexity of the problem, you should expect results within a year. Because this treament presents hardly any side effects, it is very safe and can even be used together with western medicine to quicken the results. The ingestion of Chinese herbs can be discontinued as soon as one is pregnant but can also be continued to protect the mother-to-be against miscarriage. Dong Quai is a very popular Chinese herb for women.

You may want to combine the use of chinese medicine with acupuncture for better result. It is also imperative that you try to improve your health through diet, exercise and lifestyle changes. This is because the better your health, the higher chance there is for you to conceive. Additionally, learning to determine the fertile period during your ovulation cyle will help you to know the best time to have intercourse.

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Chi is a large and multifaceted concept that is deeply rooted in the Chinese culture. It applies both to the tangible, such as the body, and to the intangible aspects such as feelings. Even inanimate objects can be said to contain different qualities of chi in that they evoke certain responses in the people viewing them. The understanding of chi is usually an intuitive process that lacks the scientific, mechanical explanation. And so to give it a straight forward scientific definition is a difficult task.

Although a clear definition escapes, it is still a powerful and useful concept. In Chinese medicine chi is used to explain how the different parts relate to each other. In Chi Gong it is used for healing purposes. In martial arts such as Tai Chi Chuan it is used as a tool to connect the bodily energies.

Here we shall focus on how it can be used in Tai Chi Gong, the authentic practice of Tai Chi Chuan. Tai Chi refers to the supreme balance that emphasizes the unification of body/mind/energies. Gong indicates a deep skill. Chuan refers to something that is practiced for the purpose of self-defence.

Within martial arts chi has a quality similar to air and can be seen as carrying energy. It is that which mediates the expression of energy. One of chi's important aspects is that it is moved, or lead, by mind and intention. Most of us can experience this by giving attention to a particular body part, such as the hand. By focusing attentively with the clear intention of warming it up, it is not too difficult to raise the temperature of that hand. With some practice most are able to succeed. Having the feedback of a sensitive thermometer can be quite satisfying in this case.

In Tai Chi Gong chi is used more extensively. It is something that can be felt, enhanced and used to guide our bodily movements, strengthen our body, and used for self-defence purpose. To understand how it is done it is helpful to learn about the concept of Jin. Jin is seen as a force, something that can be felt physically and the effects of which can be seen. Jin is mediated and led by chi. And so, as chi and our ability to manipulate it increase, the force jin grows in strength and flexibility.

This leads us to one of the core teachings and practices of Tai Chi Gong. This is the teaching of the three internal unifications that make the practice possible. The way to see it is that the spirit/attention moves the mind/intention, the mind/intention moves the chi, and the chi moves the jin. Thus in learning to manipulate chi we need to integrate spirit - mind - force.

In Tai Chi Chuan one is trained to learn new patterns of reaction. For instance, when faced with outside force, the normal reaction of an untrained person is to resist. In true Tai Chi Chuan one learns different techniques focused on the spirit/attention, mind/intention and chi. We may then choose to re-direct the incoming force. But the force that is then exerted on the other person does not come from our physical resistance and muscular strength. Often it comes from the opponent's chi and has been carefully controlled and re-directed, leading to a physically felt jin force. This is what is meant by using the mind instead of the body.

Thus in Tai Chi Gongone learns how to strengthen and control chi, often for self-defence purposes. However, its core and most important practice, the one that makes it all possible involves the three internal unifications, where spirit, mind, and force are integrated in a supreme balance.


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