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It is reported that the unique style of Wing-lok, Shanghai is also the expansionist ambitions of its hidden sound development plans, close to 51 days of gold consumption, Paradise is launching a new expansion of offensive, in Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhuhai, Zhongshan, four to five stores will be the same open. Paradise general manager of Guangdong Huang Minjia said on May 1, Paradise will be released in the prime business, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, the largest professional home appliance store??? Paradise South store, will shop again under the large amount of money to build this second "Grandview Plaza" style flagship store.

1 flagship store large amount of money to build South

Guangdong Yongle year 51 of the "big ticket" is located in Haizhu District of Southern prime commercial shop opened. Huangmin Jia said the Paradise as a national professional

Home appliance chain Enterprise, since 2004 in Guangzhou market, on to complete products, perfect service, competitive prices is widely recognized by consumers.

As of March 2005, Paradise has opened eight stores in Guangzhou, following the January Wing-lok, Grandview Plaza, Tianhe store opening, May 1, Paradise will be released in the prime business, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, the largest professional appliance store??? Paradise Gangnam.

It is reported that South Avenue, Paradise Road South shops in the total business area of more than 10,000 square meters, easily accessible from the Metro Line South Station exit just 20 meters away, 12 bus lines inserted and had. Around the country currently has 10,000 commercial plaza, Carrefour, Trust-Mart, McDonald's entered, Jusco department store is also under construction.

Huangmin Jia said the store to celebrate the grand opening of South, and to thank customers for one year, Guangzhou has the support of the Guangzhou Yongle, Paradise will be held in the city for the "electrical

Carnival "The series of activities, especially organized thousands of well-known brand, operating nearly ten thousand varieties, the total value of nearly 10 million of favorable consumer product feedback, Wing-lok, also promised to provide consumers with the most affordable price and most professional security service.

2 chain of the struggle to suppress traditional channels

"Paradise in Guangdong markets than in

States United States , Suning One step too late, however, the difference between before and after the advantages and disadvantages. "Huang Minjia that Yongle was entered, than the other home appliance chain to better understand and become familiar with the Guangdong market demand, and then targeted expansion, from this perspective is the cost of reduced investment returns.

Guangdong Paradise for calm before the stage, Huang Minjia considered to be in high-speed expansion of the full gestation period, once implemented, very relaxed hands and feet only. However, he constantly stressed that the current appliance sales in the Guangdong area, seemingly not killing Tianhundian Gome, Suning, Yongle chain such dispute, in fact, only appearance, in essence, the traditional home appliance channel suppression. "Currently, three major chain together might have accounted for less than 40% market share in Guangdong, 60% of the traditional chain of stores to be open space." Huangmin Jia said the chain in the new round of expansion, next year, the Guangdong home appliance half of the market may have won few chain.

3 annual targets for the two "double"

Huangmin Jia said the 2005 target is "sales double, double the number of new stores", sales of 800 million yuan from the impact of 2 billion yuan last year, the number of new stores will reach 25 or so.

In regional distribution, the Huangmin Jia said that this year continues to strengthen the downtown Paradise made forces, and will extend to the core city locations around the town market, completed in Guangzhou, Foshan, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Huizhou, Zhongshan, Zhuhai , Jiangmen complete network layout. Which, in Guangzhou and Shenzhen will be about 15 new stores in other cities will be secondary to open 10 more. Huangmin Jia said the operation focused on Paradise "single-winning shop efficiency", and strive to increase the overall effectiveness of a single store 30%.

The core of the Guangzhou Appliance Retail Market, Huang Minjia that about 80 billion overall size of annual sales, per store sales of more than 100 million yuan, should be able to accommodate about 60 chain stores. Huangmin Jia said the Paradise next three years intends to open in Guangzhou about 15 to 20 stores, targets 30% market share.

And the Guangdong market, Yongle planning is the layout of 60 stores, 30% also strive to share. He believes that Gome and Suning are taken at the national branch network layout, Wing-lok, the main attack Shanghai and Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang are two blocks to form a "dumbbell-shaped layout," which is the Yongle focus areas, focusing on a single shop-effective strategy for expression .

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Making the change from Ving Tsun Sticky Hands to Taijiquan Pushing Hands should be an easy one. Of course, a fire drill is always easy, until one has a real fire in their backyard. Thus, to understand this change one must make a few adjustments in the way they think about things.

First, the Sticky Hands of Ving Tsun is usually done with a certain springiness in the limbs. Someone pushes on your defense, and you give away enough to guide them, and then spring into the opening created. This is a generality, and there is a lot more to the drill, but it is what we must focus on to make our transition.

Second, the pushing hands of Taijiquan is actually a bit misnamed. It should be called 'emptying the whole body,' simply, one must give way until the opponent over pushes and thus unbalances himself. This summation of Pushing Hands is quite inadequate, but, again, we are attempting to bridge from one exercise to another, and this is what we must focus on.

Now, we go from giving way with a certain 'springiness' inherent in the movement, to a giving way (emptying of) with the entire body. One drill is giving way with the arms, and the other is to absent the whole body from incoming forces. Thus, if one can take the 'springy' quality out of the arms, and just concentrate on emptying the arms and the rest of the body, the transition can be accomplished easily.

When an opponent strikes and you feel that the springing quality is not sufficient for the situation, or you just feel like converting into Taiji, match the velocity of the incoming strike, turn the waist, and guide him past. It goes without saying, that he should not feel you manipulate him. It must be a guidance not of flesh to flesh, but of hair to hair. Your touch should be so soft that he doesn't fight it.

At this point you should be able to question whether you are doing the art of Ving Tsun, or the art of Taiji. The only difference, you see, is in the depth and height of stance. You may be standing in a two legged stance (goat riding) or in a single leg stance of some height, versus being in the deeper shifting stance that is common to Taijiquan.

So we come to the crux of the matter. Give way in sticky hands and let the attacker fall through (or into a lock). Or give way in pushing hands, and then use springiness.

We are not really talking large differences here, merely subtle differences that are, truth be told, inherent in either exercise should one take the time to study gung fu long enough and with a correct eye to the potentials. The whole point here, is to help people who have been trained in one art to adjust to new training and new methods, and new (sometimes just stated differently) awareness. That is how you make the transition from Ving Tsun Sticky Hands to Taijiquan Pushing Hands.


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