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11 traditional Chinese therapies that will weird you out
A number of mysterious therapies have surfaced in recent years as people have strayed from the typical herbal remedies and cupping procedures to seek out alternative "cure-all" treatments. We've taken a look at some of the more baffling out-of-the-box ...
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Do herbal medicines improve our health?
... remedies may be effective in treating asthma. An analysis of 17 randomised controlled trials into the use of herbal preparations in asthma (Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine) found a significant improvement in more than half of the trials. The herbs ...
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Is It Time to Take Chinese Medicine More Seriously?
Well, I finally listened to the entire show and it was a horrifying hour-long paean to pre-scientific nonsense like qi, acupuncture and herbal remedies of dubious efficacy. I finally had enough when an actual physician from our flagship state ...
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