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Beijing on November 3, "Business Week" article points out that Google Android2.0 has been recognized by the market, Motorola The Droid Mobile Will be very competitive.

Google in the 14 months before the announced Smartphones Operating system Android, Android phone, but since the early flat, plus most of the operators unwilling to accept the Android system, leading to the initial development of Android system is greatly affected.

But now, there are two events may promote the development of Android system, first, the software upgrade to the new version, the second is the Droid VerizonWireless released Motorola cell phone.

Droid phone was officially listed on November 6, comes after two years of service contract discount price of 199 U.S. dollars. The phone is the first mobile phone with Android2.0, it is also re-launch of Motorola's best products. In addition to containing earlier versions of the various features, the new version of the software adds e-mail, contacts and calendar functions. Android2.0 not mandatory to use Google's Gmail service itself, users can e-mail account multiple data sets displayed in a single page. The new version of the software adds synchronization from the corporate Exchange server Electronic E-mail, contacts and calendar data. But most enterprises and technology policy may not allow this to happen, because the stored data in the Droid phone can not be encrypted.

New version of the software comes as the most attractive software features Google Maps Navigation (GoogleMapsNavigation), which can provide free real-time navigation. However, due to its less-friendly user interface makes it very difficult from a large number of Google Maps features stand out. But you can use voice search for Google to use this feature, you can say, "navigate to ......" to use navigation. If the software identifies the destination you want to go, so that you can provide navigation services. Navigation services, including the prompt where you should turn a street intersection, and many mobile phone navigation software do not have this feature. I found it in the process of using the prompt given timely and accurate. Because the software is likely to become more as time goes perfect with this feature that Google will quickly gain a firm foothold in the navigation industry.

Currently, Google map navigation can only be used in the United States, this may be because Google has not finished outside the United States map production. But as a free navigation software for the cost of third-party data may be very high. However, another new version of the Droid mobile phone will soon appear in other countries. International Edition Droid phone with HSPA 3G Technology replaces the U.S. version of Droid phone VerizonEV-DO technology. O2 and Vodafone from the November 9 release in Germany from the international version of Droid phone, then re-released in Italy and Argentina. International Edition Droid phone also replaced with Motorola's own Motonav U.S. version Googlenav.

Droid pre-installed software is very simple, such as YouTube in addition to application software, it has not built any video player software. On the other hand, Droid nor any copyright pre-installed software, such as Vcast video service software. Ago, Verizon announced that all mobile phones will come preloaded with software that section. If you feel that too few applications are not enough, you can access AndroidMarket. It is not iTunes application store, but it is very similar to iTunes. It is puzzling, AndroidMarket the bid application fees some confusion, some are dollar-denominated currency, and some are sterling denominated currency. Although users can buy music from Amazon, but it does not like that kind of movie or iTunes TV Show download service.

Droid hardware configuration very attractive. The phone and the iPhone in appearance similar size, only 1 mm thicker than the iPhone, weighs a little bit heavier than the iPhone. It comes with detachable Battery And slide-out keyboard. 3.7-inch color display clear, sharp images, high induction. Although battery life is not very long, but enough to use all day. Users must pay special attention is not in the background long running navigation software is very power-hungry applications. Once an application is started, the user must remember to run out after it shut down.

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