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Chinese 'Thunder God Vine' Herbal Remedy Could Yield Obesity Treatment
A compound found in the root of the thunder god vine, a plant used for centuries in traditional Chinese herbal medicine, might be a key to weight loss, a study suggests. Researchers say mice given high doses of the compound known as Celestrol for a ...
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Abdominal Acupuncture for Eye Healing: The Sacred Turtle and Ba Gua Map
Our ideas about western medicine have shifted in recent decades, while the public is asking more from health care providers. The old method of referring each symptom to a particular specialist isolated from the whole person has been replaced slowly ...
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Benefits Of Acupuncture Include Effective Treatment Of Common Skin Conditions
A review of medical literature finds acupuncture to be effective in treating some dermatologic conditions when compared to alternative treatments, placebo acupuncture, or no treatment. Specifically, the evidence indicates this form of Traditional ...
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