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According to the National MS Society, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a chronic, often disabling disease that attacks the central nervous system. It's thought to be an autoimmune disease; the body's own defense system attacks myelin, the fatty substance that surrounds and protects the nerve fibers in the central nervous system. When any part of the myelin sheath or nerve fiber is damaged or destroyed, nerve impulses traveling to and from the brain and spinal cord are distorted or interrupted, producing the variety of symptoms that can occur.

I was diagnosed with MS in 2000. My energy level hit zero and no matter how much I rested, it didn't help; lifting my arms was becoming a project. This kind of fatigue is difficult for most people to understand. To put it another way, if I were a car, my gas tank was empty and there was a huge hole in the tank that prevented it from being filled. My doctor advised me to go on Copaxone, an MS medication that can help slow the progression of the disease, but due to Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), I resisted. While the MS medications, such as Copaxone, Avenox, and Betaseron can be helpful, they do have many side effects.

Looking for an alternative path to improvement, I decided to investigate acupuncture and herbs. I became a patient of Dr. Henry Zhon-Hong Lee who is a NYS Licensed acupuncturist and also an NCCA DPL Herbalist. Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese practice and Dr. Lee seems to have an innate ability practice it to its fullest potential. The insertion of micro-thin needles at specific points on the body rebalances the body's energy fields and stimulates its "Chi" energy. Restoring the energy pathways allows the body to relearn its own shortcuts to self-healing.

I have been seeing Dr. Lee for over three years. The results of the acupuncture treatments have been amazing; my traditional Western doctors no longer encourage me to use Copaxone. I am not saying I'm cured, but my overall health has improved. MS can be sneaky - it's important to know your limitations and live within those limits to try to prevent exacerbations (bouts), or at least keep them to a minimum.

As a patient, each of us is responsible for being aware of what our choices are. While Western medicine still looks down upon Eastern practices, acupuncture is slowly becoming recognized as a medical choice that is covered by many insurance companies. If you decide to try acupuncture make sure you find a licensed and qualified practitioner. And, be sure to discuss it with your family doctor or neurologist.

If you or someone you know has Multiple Sclerosis you can visit the following organizations for information and help:

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS)
Multiple Sclerosis Association of America (MSAA)
Multiple Sclerosis Foundation (MSF)

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The use of acupuncture for infertility problems is becoming more commonplace as the supposed wonders of IVF treatment continue to disappoint.

Not so long ago IVF was seen as the answer to the difficulties that many couples were experiencing in conceiving a child. But a number of recent reports, the latest being the February 2009 report from Dr Nargund, head of reproductive medicine at St George's Hospital in Tooting, South London, UK, have thrown doubt on the ability of IVF treatment to provide reliable help to childless couples.

According to Dr Nargund, "having IVF treatment doesn't make a lot of difference to the chances of having a child", and can even cause harm to mother or child, or both. There have been cases of cerebral palsy and premature birth, where many babies don't survive their first week. The longevity and quality of life of babies that do survive have also been called into question.

Acupuncture, on the other hand, has no known drawbacks or side-effects. It has been practised with great success for thousands of years in China and the far east, and more recently in the rest of the world. Now it is being turned to not just for regular ailments and illnesses, but as a proven aid to conception for couples experiencing infertility problems.

Why should this be? It's more than just the failure of IVF treatments to deliver what they've promised. It's the realisation that problems of human fertility require more than a "quick fix", that they are probably symptomatic of a deeper malaise within the individuals concerned, and that it is this that requires attention.

The key point is that, typically, couples who cannot conceive a child are healthy in other respects, so there is no obvious "cure" that can be directed at their problem, as is the case with nearly every specific disease. This is where an examination of the lifestyle of the couple is so important. Modern life, especially for young and not-so-young couples seeking to start a family, is often full of stress.

Stress affects the body in various ways, according to the individual's strengths and weaknesses. It causes tension and can lead to a lowering of resistance to disease and illness. Other factors typically play a part, such as personal hygiene and exposure to an unhealthy environment, but the main enemies are stress and tension.

Acupuncture recognises this, and teaches that most diseases and complaints arise when the flow of energy throughout the body is blocked. The blockage may be caused by an imbalance between the positive and negative energies, which is a good way of describing tension - the involuntary tensing of muscles in certain parts of the body.

This in turn restricts the flow of blood to the vital organs, including in some cases the reproductive organs. This can lead to low hormone levels, a feeling of tiredness and, worst of all, low quality eggs or sperm.

Acupuncture works to remove the blockages and free the flow of energy to the vital organs. Patients invariably feel relaxed and rejuvenated after just a few sessions at the hands of a qualified acupuncturist. Tests have shown that acupuncture treatment increases fertility. Whether you are undergoing IVF treatment or are trying to conceive naturally, your chances are considerably improved through acupuncture.

Though not necessarily a primary fertility treatment in itself, acupuncture has to be credited with being at the very least a powerful supplementary treatment that helps prepare the body and its reproductive organs to be in peak condition to pro-create.

Philip Gegan is a former UK lawyer who has come across some dark secrets relating to IVF and the treatment of childless couples which are disturbing yet at the same time offer fresh hope to those trying to conceive a child. He is helping to spread the word at http://www.fertilitywithoutivf.com.

Nature is our best friend; we all know this very well. As long as we remain close to it and help it, it will bless us. But these days due to the fast and modern life we are getting away from nature. The food we eat has largely become a synthetic product. Everything made up of preservatives added in it. No natural content remains in them any more. This has given rise to various illness and disorders in body systems. Junk and synthetic food mainly creates the digestive problems. These problems include constipation, weight loss, fatigue, dry skin, hair loss and muscle cramps.

These digestive disorders arise due to the imbalances in the organs of the system. A large no of medicines and therapies have evolved for treating such disorders. These therapies try to bring balance in the body systems. One of them is the acupuncture treatment. This treatment is very ancient one mainly originated in china and then spreading to all over the world. This treatment basically involves inserting pointed needle in certain parts of the body.

Acupuncture specialist believes that our body has certain energy points all along the body length from which energy flows smoothly. These points are termed as meridians. By inserting needles to such points acupuncture helps to bring homeostasis among the gastrointestinal disorders. It is believed that spleen is the actor in maintaining all gastrointestinal functions so any disorder in digestive system is treated with the treatment of spleen. The meridians mainly helpful in digestive disorders are stomach meridian, spleen meridian, large intestine meridian. Sometimes herbal medicines are also used in this treatment but for this you need consultation with acupuncture specialist. He will suggest you any medicine only after knowing about your life, lifestyle, previous medication, any allergies in the body etc.

Acupuncture treatment is very helpful in curing digestive disorders like bacterial infections, gastrointestinal infections, gastrointestinal bleeding, heart burn, gastritis, ulcers etc. This treatment is achieved by the secretion of gastric and other intestinal hormones in the body. When the needles are inserted in the body, it stimulates muscles contraction and relaxation. With such free movement of muscles, free flow of blood and lymph is generated. Through blood distribution in tissues, other substances like hormones, nutrients etc also reaches organs properly thus treating any discomfort in that organ.

Acupuncture for digestive and intestinal illness requires that you choose the best acupuncture specialist for you. Whenever you go for this treatment make sure that the person treating you is an experienced one and should also look for his previous one. He should be familiar with physiology and anatomy of the body. It is advisable for you to inform your acupuncture specialist for any allergy, or pain, or any other problem in your body so that he can start his treatment taking precautions about your problems.

Some people are concerned about the safety of this treatment as needles are inserted in the body which may be a carrier of various infectious diseases. If you get treatment with a known and experienced practitioner then he is well aware of the safety measures. He will use sterilized needles or one time use needles. After the whole treatment, he will clean the skin properly with dettol or any other antiseptic agent. Bleeding occurs in very rare cases but no need to worry in those cases also.


George Jhon is an Author for Backonyourfeet, An Acupuncture Sydney clinic where our highly skilled experts may guide you about Fundamentals of Acupuncture Treatment to Improve Your Life. For more information, visit http://www.backonyourfeet.com.au


Our body is a complete unit with so many systems like circulatory, digestive, excretory, nervous and skeleton working in coordination. Although each system has different role but they are so much connected to each other that any impairment in one system can affect the working of the other one. Among all the systems circulation system has very important role as it helps in providing all the nutrients and oxygen to the each cell of the body. This only takes the pure blood to the tissues and carries away harmful toxins and accumulated waster out of the body. If this system is disrupted due to any reason, whole body gets affected.

Acupuncture treatment provides easy and simple way to repair this system. According to its principle, body has a network of channels which carry energy all along the body in the form of chi. This energy channels are termed as meridians. Any imbalance in the chi distribution is the main reason for body illness and disorders. These imbalances can be due to physical imbalances, emotional disturbances and poor diet. With acupuncture, needles are inserted in meridian points to direct the flow of chi to the most required areas of the body. With this, blockages are removed and circulation is also increased which solves all the other problems.

Poor circulation can result in various problems ranging from cold hands and feet to hardening of arteries and hypertension. Various studies have been performed to know the role of acupuncture for circulatory problems. It has been proved that it helps in increasing the efficiency and functional capacity of heart. Studies have shown that 80% of angina patients improved themselves after acupuncture treatment. Sometimes heart undergoes abnormal heartbeats like dropped beats, irregular heart rhythm, palpitations which are also corrected by this treatment. Acupuncture is effective in releasing arterial spasms especially in collateral vessels. It is beneficial in diseases like Reynaud's disease, therapy of ulcers in venous stasis. Some herbal medicines are also used along with this to detoxify certain compounds in the body.

This method of acupuncture treatment is not considered safe as sometimes insertion of infected needles can lead to lethal diseases. And some people move away from it to avoid the pain of pointed needles. But don't worry, there is just a slight tingling sensation felt while injecting but after that you feel pleasure when needles starts working inside. And infection problem occurs due to the lack of experience of your acupuncturist. If one uses sterilized needles or one time usable needles there is no worry about the infection.

Western medical practitioners have made certain modification in this acupuncture technique. Although the principle lays the same of the meridian system but they do not use needles to activate points. Several methods like electric impulses, heat, magnetic radiations, and laser beam are used specifically on the part to be treated.

You can also consult about this treatment while surfing on internet. There is a no. of health clinics which provide their services online. You can tell them about your problems and they will suggest you suitable acupuncture treatment according to your body symptoms. After that you can also find acupuncturists near by your areas so that it is easy for you to understand everything. Give this technique a chance to cure you and you will see how beneficial it is without any side effects and being so natural and healthy.


George Jhon is an Author for Backonyourfeet, An Acupuncture Sydney clinic where our highly skilled experts may guide you about Fundamentals of Acupuncture Treatment to Improve Your Life. For more information, visit http://www.backonyourfeet.com.au

Acupuncture is considered as a holistic approach used for treating various types of ailments. This practice is being used for several ages now and is proven to be an effective treatment with references on the medical practices of the civilization of Egypt. Acupuncture can help keep the energy flow in the body and became popular as it can help reduce pain, accelerate recuperation process by means of strengthening the patient and by boosting the person's immune system. It can also help improve the blood circulation and lessen the stress. Acupuncture for tinnitus or any other types of acupuncture does not have any side effects and can also be used along with a medical treatment.

Acupuncture for tinnitus is very helpful as it works on treating various ailments which can be the cause of your tinnitus problem. Fine needles are being used to pierce the body's pressure points to release chemicals which can provide relief from the pain brought by tinnitus. Acupuncture for tinnitus may take several sessions, depending on the severity of the condition. Aside from being effective, it also has an edge over any other treatments as it is cost effective and can provide you with quick results.

Ringing ears or tinnitus is a known ailment which may surface due to an underlying medical condition, including tumors. These tumors should be operated upon and so it is imperative that the patient will undergo a complete examination before going through a treatment, such as acupuncture for tinnitus. Through a CT scan or x-ray, the phycisian will be able to determine the main cause of your tinnitus problem and from these results; you will be able to choose the right treatment for your tinnitus.

Enabling your body to use its own natural healing system is the main goal of acupuncture for tinnitus. Once you undergo acupuncture, then there is no need for you to opt for any other types of medicines. Take note that our body has natural painkillers, such as endorphin and encephalin, and these are being released once the fine needles thrust the pressure points of the body. It was also proven that with the combined treatment of lifestyle change, acupuncture and natural herbs, patients will be able to recover quickly from tinnitus.

The novel acupuncture for tinnitus links your kidneys to your ears during your treatment. This is due to the fact that your hearing can be affected if you do have weak kidneys. Your lungs as well as your heart can be treated simultaneously during acupuncture treatment because these organs are linked to the ears as well. But just like other treatments, it takes a little patience when it comes to acupuncture treatments. You should also remember that a perseverant approach can be very helpful if you are looking for better results.

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Ancient treatments are till date considered to as a more reliable and long lasting in comparison to the new findings in medicine. Chinese art of acupuncture treatment is till date considered as best alternative for healing. From the unique observation ancient Chinese healers developed its own form of language that relates to body and diseases. In the early 70's people considered acupuncture as prejudiced and unreliable, but with time the notions have changed because of the various researches and studies done on them. Now, it is proved that this ancient treatment offers an efficient method of curing several illnesses, diseases and pains. This style of treatment is thus considered as a part of conventional medicine.


The believers and followers of acupuncture talk wildly and enthusiastically about its health benefits and usefulness of sessions in the treatment from acupuncture form of medicinal art. From several researches and studies it is found that this art of treatment has proved to have a positive effect on patients. This form of treatment activates as well as releases the happy hormones of the body and provides a very healthy feeling. These happy hormones are also known as endorphins.


Acupuncture is 3000 year old ancient healing art that is still in practice all over the world. From every part of the world the best is gathered and refined along with combination of old scripts and new generation scientific medical studies. Acupuncture helps in restoring homeostasis in the human body. Problems related to stress and muscular skeletal are treated with this ancient style of treatment efficiently. Acupuncture became a sure shot reliever of pain and thus because of its success in pain management it was introduced in the West with a grand entry.


Acupuncture treatment involves thin long needles positioned on numerous needling points on the body so that balance can be made in the body. Needles are inserted in a body with great care and different techniques. The angles of the needles are fixed so the Acupuncturists have to take great care for angles at which the needles are inserted in a body. There are nine types of needle in which usually only 6 types of needles are used. Various methods of twirling and vibrating the needles are also involved in the treatment of acupuncture. The positioning of needles depends on the patient and the problem he or she is facing. The ancient Chinese healers believe that our body contains different channels of energy that assist you in proper body functioning. When the needles are positioned on the accurate place the energy gets attracted by the needle area and creates its own way for the positive energy to flow. The believers of these treatments swear and confess that they provide great results.


With help of acupuncture any disease or pain can be healed or cured. This ancient treatment help patients with chronic pains, diabetes or cellulite related problems. Patients fighting diseases like cancer can also receive help from this treatment. This art helps the cancer patient to deal calmly with their disease and provide them energy so that they can feel energetic after their regular cancer treatment.


Acupuncture treatment helps those people also who are not suffering from any specific disease. This method has several health benefits so one can opt for this for keeping themselves fit, calm, happy and energized. Acupuncture energizes you and removes or reduces stress, worry or nervousness present in you. This treatment helps people feel strong, alert and emotionally stable. By opting acupuncture you can guarantee a well dignified life, because they will help you stay calm, away from diseases and also maintain your sense of well being.


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Vaginitis mainly to increased vaginal discharge, the typical grayish yellow foam, thin quality, fish smell, sometimes bloody, or were purulent. This disease belongs to Chinese medicine, "taken down" aspects of etiology, pathology, mainly spleen and kidney dysfunctions of two dirty, not the Water Valley, subtle, anti-poly and the wet, wet cloud bet to hedge any non-solid, with a pulse due to missed appointments. Bianzheng side, and Notional. Yellow vaginal discharge actual patients, quality thick, smelly as heat (toxic) bet. Xu Zheng vaginal discharge is white, thin quality, odorless for spleen; A thin quality, quantity of the kidney. The total treatment with spleen Sun, desiccant-based. See clinical disease, combined with the Traditional Gushen Qingrejiedu of goods. Nearly 8 years, by adopting one Traditional Chinese medicine Prescription treatment of gynecological disorders in 31 cases, results are obvious. These are as follows.

1 Clinical data 31 patients were married women and the oldest 47 years old and the youngest 26 years old, average age of 35.42 years. The main clinical manifestations in patients with vaginal discharge increased vaginal discharge is white, in 6 cases, quality A thin, no odor; 17 cases of vaginal discharge yellow, foamy, thin quality, fish smell; three cases of vaginal discharge yellowish green, thin quality, there different smell; three cases of vaginal discharge white residue like; two cases of vaginal discharge was water, with milk like membrane. Among them, 19 cases with vaginal itch; six cases of vaginal worms crawling feeling; 2 vulvar itching. 31 patients, 8 patients with vaginal discharge smears, diagnosed with Trichomonas vaginitis, and 3 were vaginal smears diagnosed as fungal vaginitis, other patients did not receive pathogens examination, was diagnosed as vaginitis. Minimum of 1 month duration, the longest 2 years.

2 treatment Recipes: herb 10g, Coix 10g, Chinese yam 15g, Gorgon 12g, Chuan off 10g, Atractylodes 10g, licorice 6g, keel 10g, oyster 10g, Sophora flavescens 10g, Verbena 10g.

Side solution: herb spleen dampness; yi Milligan wet spleen; yam fill the stomach, liver and kidney benefits; Gorgon Jianpizhixie, only with; River off of liver or kidney; Atractylodes Spleen, dampness Diuresis ; licorice Spleen; keel calming liver yang, Guse convergence; oyster Yin and yang, Guse convergence; flavescens heat, dampness, insect diuretic; to Kam clearing away heat. Reconcile with the spleen of various drugs, dampness, Guse, and only with the effect of Shugan Gushen Qingrejiedu.

3 Results 3.1 standard curative standard cure the symptoms disappeared, normal vaginal discharge, 4 months without recurrence. Improved standards significantly reduce symptoms, vaginal discharge decreased. Healed that no significant changes in symptoms before and after treatment.

3.2 treatment outcome in 31 patients, 23 patients were cured, were followed up 4 to 6 months without recurrence. 6 cases improved, 2 cases cured. The total cure rate was 74.19%; the total effective rate was 93.55%.

4 Record example Example 1, female, 36 years old. Increased vaginal discharge yellowish color for 2 months, quality rare, smell, accompanied by mental fatigue, fatigue. Vaginitis was diagnosed as a hospital to give 1/5000PP Bath and metronidazole tablet little effect one week, after serving on the prescription to alleviate symptoms after three, went on to take five after the symptoms disappear, illness recovery, through follow-up 5 months without recurrence.

Case 2, female, 41 years old. Leucorrhea increase a year and a half, pale red, sometimes yellow, with foam, a different smell. Was diagnosed as vaginitis, oral medicines and Traditional Chinese medicine Treatment, when the light condition when the weight, delayed healing. After serving on the prescription to alleviate symptoms after four, vaginal reduction vaginal discharge change after taking 7 A thin, no odor, medication 12, the disease cured, were followed up for 6 months without recurrence.

5 Experience
Vaginitis with vaginal discharge increased as the main feature, is a Chinese medicine "taken down" category, generally divided into spleen, kidney and III Pathogenic Heat and Toxin.

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A accelerated boost of health professionals and centers that target on medical arts acupuncture continues to be noticeable.

Medical arts acupuncture have their unique match of qualified as well as board professional acupuncturists where by their service is simply being made available which will contend with a wide variety of unique illnesses.

A number of medical arts acupuncture centers focus in a far more diverse discipline and may manage different categories of illnesses whereas some additionally focus in female wellness and more especially fertility improvement.

Learn The Belief

You are usually expected to fully understand the doctrine of certain acupuncture clinic and be confident that it follows your very own approach of thinking and general viewpoint before deciding to a medical arts acupuncture center.

Choosing the appropriate kind of clinic additionally guarantees the suitable kind of treatment plan, specially when they’re focused to high expectations of delivering proper care and the approach in which they provide treatment.

On top of that, the approach of medical arts acupuncture clinic to their clients should certainly be competent while the clinic will need to additionally be a inviting location in which the staff members and medical doctors have to deal with their clients with proper care, respect and gentleness.

The medical arts acupuncture clinic’s way of dealing with a variety of patient problems should certainly additionally be inspected together with exactly how effectively the clinic’s staff members have an understanding of the morality of Asian medicine.

Medical arts acupuncture clinic should not merely solely address the symptoms, they should always widen their approach of treatment to find out the root cause of the disease and after that provide their utmost best to restore the natural balance by means of the utilization of holistic treatment plan.

The United states medical arts acupuncture centers are generally increasing quickly in recent times as well as the cause for this accelerated progress is that sufferers all over the Us have started to have an understanding of the diverse positive aspects that they may easily obtain from going through acupuncture.

Moreover, most medical arts acupuncture centers are generally inexpensive and budget friendly that offers you a safe solution.

In truth, found in around forty states within the Us are healthcare arts acupuncture centers and that health care acupuncture is certainly rather efficient in healing and dealing with a wide variety of diseases in accordance to the investigations of various medical studies.

The Conventional Chinese medical treatment just about thought of acupuncture as their essence. Simply, in order to address a number of health conditions, this specific form of Chinese treatment plan involves insertion of pretty tiny needles into particular points in the human body.

Recently, this specific Chinese medical treatment approach has received popularity within the western world, the cause why it is effortless to unearth a medical arts acupuncture clinic within the Usa and in many other Western countries.

Learn where exactly to determine the ideal medical arts acupuncture clinics in your local neighbourhood at this time. Understand a whole lot more highly effective acupuncture treatment methods at my internet site right now.

You must have heard the saying that "eyes speak a lot". Your eyes give the complete reflection of what you think, what you feel and also about your health enough to make a person form opinion about you. So it is necessary to keep your eyes healthy. Along with that your words impress the people. For this your mouth should be odor free and with healthy gums and teeth. Acupuncture gives you a solution for keeping your eyes and mouth healthy by treating disorders. This is done without any intake of harmful medicines. Acupuncture treatment is very ancient technique that works on the meridians or energy points of the body.

Acupuncture treatment for eyes includes working on the certain acupuncture points located in that area. When acupuncture is done on those areas, they stimulate circulation of energy along the qi pathways and more blood reaches to your eyes. With blood all nutrients and hormones also get there which keep your eyes healthy and disease free. The acupuncture points are located in areas of eyes like inner corner of eye (UB-1), depression at the inner end of eyebrow (UB-2), midpoint of the eyebrow, outside of the eyebrow and at the corners of the eyes.

These points are helpful in treating diseases like cataract, night blindness, blurred vision, conjunctivitis, glaucoma, redness, excessive tearing, swelling and pain, facial paralysis, photo phobia etc. Besides the acupuncture therapy, you can also take care of your eyes in general. Drink about 8-0 glass of water to keep your body hydrated. Regular exercise enhances proper circulation in eyes that providing them nutrition. Avoid smoking, always blink your eyes frequently while watching TV or working on computer. Try to include some special nutrients regularly in your diet like vitamin A, B, E, bioflavonoid, carotenoid compounds, omega's 3 and other essential minerals. These are simple efforts which can make your eyes lively and could make them speak a lot about you.

On our face all muscles are connected to each other, therefore if there is any disorder in one organ its pain reaches to another one also. There fore acupuncture points for treating eyes can also be used for treating mouth disorders. Various other neck and ear points are also used for mouth problems. Various mouth disorders treated by acupuncture are:

Toothache: this can vary from a mild pain to strong one that can make you uncomfortable in eating, speaking, laughing and chewing. Acupuncture mainly is done near the affected area which enhances circulation and detoxifies the meridian of that area. It is very effective in alleviating this pain.
Gingivitis: it is the inflammation of gums in the mouth resulting in bleeding, redness, mouth odor and acute pain. This occurs due to the deficiency of nutrients and blood in that area. Acupuncture promotes more energy flow so that blood flow is generated.
Pharyngitis: it is the inflammation of pharynx also termed as sore throat. It is more prone to children due to its tendency to get infected easily. Acupuncture removes the cough and transforms the phlegm to clear the respiratory passages. It also strengthens immune system to prevent further attack of infection.

The acupuncture for disorders of the mouth and eyes is a sensitive issue, so you have to be careful while choosing your acupuncture specialist. Make sure that your acupuncturist is well versed with all the techniques. Needles inserted in such delicate areas require extreme patience and precautions. Go for the well established name and fame with assurance from the past results.


Kapil is an Author for Backonyourfeet, An Acupuncture Sydney clinic where our highly skilled experts may guide you about Fundamentals of Acupuncture Treatment to Improve Your Life. For more information, visit http://www.backonyourfeet.com.au

Traditional Chinese Medicine has a plenty of methods to treat hypertension; acupuncture is one of them.The practice of hypertension treatment by acupuncture can be generally divided into two types: one is to treat the symptom of high blood pressure; and the other, to treat the patient as a whole.

To treat the symptom of high blood pressure is more simple: some acupuncturists know that when certain acupoints are stimulated with needles, the elevated blood pressure will descend, so they always puncture on these points as soon as a diagnosis of hypertension is made; To treat the patienta s a whole is much more complicated, it must be based on differentiation of syndromes. An acupuncturist, by analysing the clinical phenomena of the cases, such as the symptoms and signs, including the pulse conditions and the tongue appearances, determine the type and nature of the case, and then choose an appropriate method to treat it.Chinese doctors have found that hypertension has four main types of syndromes:

1.Syndrome characterised by clinical phenomena such as dizziness, headache, flushed face and eyes, bitter taste in the mouth, restlessness, red tongue with yellow coating, taut and vigorous pulse.

2.Syndrome characterised by clinical phenomena such as headache, dizziness, dry mouth, restlessness, hot feeling in the palms and soles, palpitation, tinnitus, amnesia, sleeplessness, taut, thin and rapid pulse.

3.Syndrome characterised by dry and uncomfortable feeling of the eyes, dizziness, weakness of waist and legs, tinninus, hot feeling in the palms and soles, sleeplessness, red and dry tongue with little coating, thin and taut pulse.

4.Syndrome characterised by dizziness, headache, tinnitus, palpitation, tiredness, weakness of the waiste and legs, pale tongue with white coating, taut and thin pulse.

In China, the acupoints chosen most commonly to treat hypertension are divided into two groups according to their functions:The first group: those used to reduce the excessive yang.The second group: those used to supplement the insufficiency of the vital energy of the body (yin and yang).

In clinical practice, if the case is an excessive liver-yang syndrome, the first group of acupoints is chosen. If the case is a Yin -insufficient yang -excessive syndrome, both groups of acupoints are chosen to supplement the insufficiency. If the case is a Yin insufficiency syndrome of the liver and kidney, then the second group of acupoints are chosen, and reinforcing manipulation is used.

All these mentioned above is based on syndrome differentiation. This is an important principle for the treatment of hypertension by acupuncture.if hypertension is treated under the guidance of this principle, the effects is much better.

The treatment of hypertension by acupuncture has some advantages: for example, its effect is mild, the patients will not feel discomfortable when the elevated blood pressure is lowered. Furthermore, no side effects will appear when a patient is treated for a long time.However, it should be seen that the anti -hypertensive effects of acupuncture are limited. Generally speaking, its effects are better when the case is in the first stage. For those in the second stage or in the third stage, the effects are sometimes not satisfactory. Furthermore, for some complications of hypertension, its effects are not very good yet.

David Deng