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Recently, this reporter from the National Development and Reform Commission, "the pharmaceutical industry of economic performance in 2007," learned that in 2007 total industrial output value pharmaceutical industry (including Veterinary Drugs ) 692.6 billion yuan, up 25.3% of the whole industry realized a total profit of 55.2 billion, up 50.2%, the highest level in history. However, investment growth fell API And Chinese herbal medicine prices and other factors will be troubled industry.

Advances in medicine Proprietary Chinese medicine, Chinese Herbal Medicine signs of rapid processing industry in the second half of 2006 show clues, in 2007 further accelerated this trend throughout the year.

2007, the Chinese patent medicine industry 149.1 billion yuan, up 20.7%, profit 13.59 billion yuan, up 52.6%. Chinese Herbal Medicine processing industrial output value 30.4 billion yuan, up by 37.3%, a profit of 1.45 billion yuan, up 65.1%. Chinese Herbal Medicine Processing Industry growth above the industry average.

In the sales rate, the pharmaceutical industry 2007 average sales rate of 94.8%, which fell 0.5 percentage points. The Chinese patent medicines, Chinese Herbal Medicine processing and manufacturing production and sales rates over the same period increased by 0.4,1.9 percentage points.

"Many Chinese enterprises realize that medicine should do to improve efficacy of the first. So, some good companies are using slices feed, rather than the original medicine." Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Kangjin Yuan Xiao Wei told reporters, Tong Ren Tang's Pieces do better than the others, with slices of proprietary Chinese medicine quality feed production, effects are certainly good, many excellent Chinese enterprises have also been feeding on persistently Pieces of.

Growth for the Chinese medicine market rising, he did not quite agree with "traditional Chinese medicine industry has begun to rise, more than chemical drugs," the statement. "In recent years the development of Chinese medicine is yes, but only medicine Pharmaceutical market Share of 20% will not be much change, medicine and chemical medicine gap remains large. "Xiao Wei is more willing to look at this as a pharmaceutical market after the positive response rectification. He said that the sale of proprietary Chinese medicines, a few years ago chaotic order, subject to a number of chemical drugs do not regulate the impact of marketing, many traditional Chinese medicine because of low margins, severely restricted in the hospital out of the market. After reorganization in 2006 the pharmaceutical market, to combat commercial bribery, the development of Chinese medicine to bring a new opportunity. purified pharmaceutical market for low cost, good efficacy of Chinese medicine left out of position. "such as the compound Danshen dripping pills, capsules and other innovations Guizhifuling varieties of Chinese medicine, in order of norms operating after the pharmaceutical market has improved. "

In addition, as the market standard, non- Prescription drugs Marketing tool to enhance, Chinese enterprises through advertising communication, the establishment of a number of traditional Chinese medicine industry leading brands, such as slow-Yan Shu Ning card clearing throat Liyan particles, sunflower card liver tablets, Hong Yuan brand Liuweidihuang soft capsules, high-density ad for Chinese people began to have confidence. Xiao Wei also pointed out that sales of proprietary Chinese medicines to enhance, but also may show the trend of polarization. Kind of structure is good, marketing, advanced, large-scale enterprises has been rapid development; while many small businesses, due to poor product mix, marketing companies will continue to shrink backward.

Pharmaceutical industry investment growth down "2007 growth rate of investment in medical and industry downturn, the manufacturing sector than the national average increase in the low level of investment in fixed assets by 23 percentage points in the manufacturing sector ranks second to last place." The NDRC report said by 2006 sharp drop in efficiency of the sector, industry threshold increase, as well as from pharmaceutical research and development, production, marketing and use of various aspects of the impact of consolidation in full swing. Since the second half of 2006, industry investment in fixed assets fell sharply in 2006, only 8% of total investment of the year, half the level for the year 2004,2005 (respectively 17.9% and 16.6%).

A securities analyst told reporters that investment growth in industry leading companies to switch to the phenomenon of decline has occurred this year. In early 2008, * ST Ring Ring Group to sell all assets and liabilities, and to absorb additional shares of convertible combined Northern Trust. * ST City of Victoria has changed its name to Northern International Trust & Investment Co., Ltd., Northern Trust in 2007, according to estimates, the expected profit in 2008 reached 178 million yuan, respectively, 177 million yuan, much higher than the effectiveness of the pharmaceutical industry. Jilin Aodong recently spent 300 million yuan involved in Tonghua Steel Group Dunhua Tower East iron ore mining industry limited liability company news, and more confidence against the pharmaceutical industry. Although

Jilin Aodong said the company's main business will not turn iron ore industry, but they also pointed out that "If the project can be successfully implemented, will have long-term sustainable development of the company have a major impact."

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Tan Kwai fragrance Hangzhou in October, autumn breeze. October 28, at West Lake Cultural Square in Hangzhou Grand Canal, "Traditional Medicine in China," Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou leg cum start, Deputy Minister of Health, State Administration of Traditional Secretary Wang Guoqiang, vice governor of Zhejiang Province, Zheng Jiwei present the launching ceremony.
Square South, a special "herbal Carnival activities" are carried out in full swing; Square West, came to visit a free clinic experts, shuttle between the masses; Plaza Central, crystal lotus leaves and Chinese Medicine in China back echoes, fireworks radiance, pigeon flying, reflecting in the canal, the silhouetted against the passing ships, Ambilight.
"Herbal Carnival" scene, placed more than 200 kinds of Chinese Herbal Medicine, more than 150 kinds of patterns, and more than 200 kinds of Chinese herbal medicinal plants. From Zhejiang Medical University, School of volunteers are to the past, the masses on how to identify Chinese medicine. Aunt Lee came to the event early on the scene, attracted by the atmosphere, Cordyceps sinensis, a volunteer is about the authenticity of identification methods, "the child seat was brown caterpillar fungus, it is not difficult to distinguish the authenticity of its overall divided into three parts, its central part has four pairs of feet, the connection part of child seat has three pairs of legs, tail a pair of feet, and now the market common adulterants are Xinjiang Cordyceps, Cordyceps Cordyceps, in fact, so long as to identify These all are very simple. "Auntie Lee was pleased to hear that," their early to buy some Chinese caterpillar fungus, but has been worried, and they knew the future can be assured buying. "neighboring Chinese traditional medicinal plant exhibition, herbal wax leaf specimens experience, medicinal plant identification, medicine identification map ... ... all the people in the past have attracted broad participation. Free clinic, Chinese medicine hospitals and other units from the Zhejiang Province of experts to conduct a free clinic for the public consultation, between the people surrounding the studios in Zhejiang name medicine clinic area, an aunt from the city because her daughter was removed Xunyi invalid anemia with a blood disease specialist to find his daughter, while waiting in line, while daughters doctor and neighbors chatted through, when asked how his approach to this activity, she said excitedly: "I'm looking for experts in only one patient per week, number particularly difficult to hang, did not expect experts today came to the front of his home, hope that this event usually held later. "
Hangzhou Rice Market Lane community, a remote part of Traditional Chinese Medicine being held in an interactive training video. In line with the "Traditional Chinese Medicine in China," Zhejiang leg, step up the dissemination of knowledge of Chinese medicine science efforts to improve the health of rural residents knowledge of Chinese medicine, the provincial health department and the provincial organization department of provincial cadres through modern distance education network for the province to carry out grass-roots party cadres and the masses of Chinese medicine knowledge and science education activities. According to reports, the network involved in the province more than 40,000 distance education points, covering 95% of the urban and rural communities across the province, alone activities, nearly one million people have benefited.
The launch on the same day, Wang Guoqiang Traditional Chinese Medicine of Zhejiang Province in recent years have given recognition to the Zhejiang provincial government, "Well, the six action plans" to implement the content, vigorously implement the "Health and province," the building in-depth implementation of engineering medicine climbing, forming a "government was the people, institutions have to develop, people get real benefit," expressed appreciation for the good situation. State Administration of Traditional Jiang Jian, deputy director of the Office of Chinese Medicine in China activities on behalf of the Organizing Committee presented to the Traditional Chinese Medicine, Zhejiang Province, popular science books; Chinese Medicine News chairman Chen Guiting, Zhejiang Province, on behalf of the organizing committee presented to the medical supplies. From Japan, South Korea, Russia and other countries, students with vivid storytelling wonderful expression of love of Chinese medicine.
In the afternoon, held in Hangzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine for the masses of the community health talks and doctor of Chinese medicine for appropriate technical training. Subsequently, the Chinese will walk into Lu Xun's hometown of Shaoxing, caravans, old revolutionary base areas in Wenzhou, Lishui Jingning and Danxi She rural hometown of Yiwu, a free clinic to carry out activities such as consulting and Songyisongyao.

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Speed up the transformation, as an important mode of economic development, strive to foster a strategic emerging industries in this year's government work report to be stressed. In response, many deputies and members believe, the most original innovation potential of the multiple values of both Chinese medicine course ought to this column.


 Strategic requirements of new industries must master the key core technology, with market demand prospects, availability of resources, low energy consumption, driven coefficient, employment opportunities, comprehensive benefits a good feature. Judging from Chinese medicine, people happy.


 First of all, Chinese medicine as the Chinese original, after thousands of years evolved a system of Chinese medicine theory, clinical skills and herbs, if the advantages of Chinese medicine and life sciences front, high-tech means to combine, it will be the best foundation, the best position to break through the core and key technologies of the areas.


 Second, with the changes in today's concepts of health and medicine, the changing pattern of traditional medicine through the development of life sciences in the ascendant. Traditional Chinese Medicine is the world's outstanding representatives of traditional medicine and its unique strengths will help greatly enhance people's quality of life at home and abroad have a stable and promising market demand.


 Third, Chinese medicine is a green industry, not only in building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society's requirements and the subsequent large-scale cultivation of Chinese medicinal materials, is bound to promote the steady development of agriculture and farmers continue to increase and promote urban and rural development, a good economic and social benefits.


 Fourth, the development of Chinese medicine will drive the emergence of a number of industries. For example Chinese herbal medicine plant will boost agriculture, promote traditional Chinese culture as the outstanding representatives of Chinese medicine and culture will stimulate growth in related culture industry is flourishing, with modern science and technology driven with traditional Chinese medicine industry, the rise of Chinese medical equipment manufacturing industry, relying on innovative medicines for Chinese medicine to shorten R & D cycle will enhance the overall competitiveness of China's pharmaceutical industry to play in treating disease before benefits will boost the community health care services development.


 Premier Wen Jiabao's government work report, stressed that the transformation of economic development mode with great urgency, to vigorously promote the economy into innovation-driven, endogenous growth, development track. The development of Chinese medicine is intended to coincide with this. Therefore, this year's government work report also emphasized that "to support and promote Chinese medicine, the development of the national pharmaceutical industry", and last year's State Council issued "on the pharmaceutical industry to support and promote the development of a number of opinions" and its profound meaning of this can be reflected in Glimpse.

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Kanpo is a word that refers to a traditional system for herbal health science and herbal health formulas within Japan. This is actually an integral part of the way of life and the way of health throughout the country of Japan. Throughout the centuries, this has presented the Japanese people with a unique approach for using herbal formulas to improve health and well being. Originally, this science of herbal medicine was unknown outside of Japan, but now these herbal remedies and herbal teas are becoming increasingly well known throughout the rest of the world as the health benefits become glaringly apparent.

Kanpo is a modern system in Japan for herbal medicine practice. Scientists in Japan have spent the last fifty years working closely with doctors in order to apply modern testing methods to these medicines in order to validate their use. In this way, they have been able to determine which traditional herbal formulas are actually capable of doing the things that they were purported to do. Many different herbal formulas exist as part of this system, and the recent validations of their effectiveness have allowed their popularity to spread to other countries across the globe.

There are a wide variety of different herbs and herbal concoctions that are approved for use as part of the study and practice of Kanpo. This study of herbal medicine is essentially an adaptation of the traditional herbal medicine practiced in China. Four different herbal medicines were approved in 1967 by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in Japan. Since then, numerous others have been approved. There are currently more than 150 different types of medicines offered as part of this traditional herbal medicine practice. As new traditional Chinese and Japanese medicines are validated, they are added to this list.

A leading creator of medicine in the Kanpo style is a company called Tsumura, which is responsible for making 128 of the currently-available medicines. The most common type of herb found in this medicine is known as Chinese liquorice root or Glycyrrhizae Radix, which is found in 94 different medicines. There are a number of other common herbs including Zingiberis Rhizoma which is ginger and Paeoniae Radix which is Chinese peony root. Each has different medicinal capabilities, and so these herbs are mixed into the medicines in different concoctions to treat a variety of different ailments ranging from the very simple to the very complex.

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As we mentioned in previous articles, infertility is defined as inability of a couple to conceive after 12 months of unprotected sexual intercourse or can not carry the pregnancy to term. It effects over 5 millions couple alone in the U. S. and many times more in the world. Because of unawareness of treatments, only 10% seeks help from professional specialist. In this article, we will discuss What is spleen function in traditional Chinese medicine in treating infertility

I. Definition

The humans' spleen also known as pancreas in western medicine is defined as an organ located in the abdomen of the body. It helps to
1. Remove and destroy the old, aged red blood cells.
2. Synthesize antibodies in the white pulp, and
3. Remove antibody-coated bacteria and blood cells from the circulation system.

II. How spleen function effects male infertility in traditional Chinese medicine

1. Liver
Liver has directed influentially in spleen function, without strong liver there is no treatment for spleen blockade and deficiency, leading to abnormal implantation of egg in the uterus lining.

2. Nutritional deficiency
Since spleen helps to transform carbohydrate synthesizing from the the liver to energy and distribute the nutrients to our body needs. Malfunction of spleen disrupts these processes, leading to nutrients deficiency and fatigue, dizziness and emotional stress.

3. Diabetes and blood flow
According to traditional Chinese medicine spleen plays an important role in providing our body qi through insulin secretion. Malfunction of spleen causes abnormal secreting of insulin disrupting the qi flow, causing blood stagnation in the liver and spleen and leading to diabetes and obstruction of blood flow to the abdominal region.

4. Luteal phase
The traditional Chinese medicine view spleen as important organ in helping the pituitary gland in secreting hormone after ovulation. In order to support the egg to be fertilized by the sperm, the luteal phase must be at least 10 days long. Deficiency of spleen obstruct the luteal phrase leading to deficiency.

5. Digestion and elimination
Spleen is view as the organ of digestion ( nutrients distribution ) and elimination ( eliminating the body waste ). Deficiency of spleen causes digestive disorder and toxins accumulation in the body, effecting the liver function and obstructing the normal menstrual cycle leading to infertility.

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As we mentioned in previous articles, infertility is defined as inability of a couple to conceive after 12 months of unprotected sexual intercourse or can not carry the pregnancy to term. It effects over 5 millions couple alone in the U. S. and many times more in the world. Because of unawareness of treatments, only 10% seeks help from professional specialist. In this article, we will discuss What is kidney function In traditional Chinese medicine in treating infertility.

I. Definition
The kidneys are paired organs in our body. Besides maintaining the production of urine and urinary secretion, it also responsible for a number of other homoeostatic functions including re-absorption of glucose, amino acids, and production of hormones.

II. How kidney qi effects fertility
A. Kidney jing
Kidney jing is defined as a fluid like base substance which form the material basis for production of kidney qi. Beside helping to control the growth of bones, teeth, hair, brain development and sexual maturation in the childhood, it also plays an important role in regulating the reproductive function such as fertility and normal development into adulthood.
According to traditional Chinese medicine, conception and pregnancy are regulated and controlled by kidney jing. weakening of kidney jing causes infertility, miscarriage and other reproductive problems.

B. Kidney qi deficiency
1. In men
a) Kidney yang deficiency
Kidney yang deficiency is defined as a imbalance of qi with abundant of yin, leading to abnormal function in urinary secretion and problem of reproductive system including erectile dysfunction and sexual libido. Symptoms of kidney yang deficiency also includes feeling cold, fatigue, loss of energy,etc. Since kidney plays an important role in sperm productive, deficiency of kidney yang decreases the quality of sperm.
b) Kidney yin deficiency
Kidney yin is also called primordial yin, true yin or true water. It's function is to keep our body cool and moist. Deficiency of kidney yin causes kidney stone, scanty urinary, dry mouth and loss of body fluid, leading to low quality of sperm production as resulting in increasing heat in the testes,

2. In women
a) Kidney yang deficiency
Since kidney plays an important role in regulating the women reproductive organs. Deficiency of yang may be caused by hormone imbalance or eating habit, thyroid diseases etc. resulting in prolonged menstrual cycle, pale appearance, frequent urine, low back pain, etc. and leading to abnormal hormone production in glands that interferes with normal fertility.

b) Kidney yin deficiency
As opposite to kidney yang deficiency, it is caused by over abundant of heat and fire in the body that red face appearance, dizziness, insomnia and abnormal menstrual cycle including light discharge with red and no clot as resulting of irregular blood flow in the body. It also distorts the reproductive hormone secretion including thick and sticky cervical mucus which is hostile to sperm invasion.

According to Chinese medicine, a couple are required to have a healthy kidney jing and a balance of kidney qi to conceive.

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As we mentioned in previous articles, conventional medicine plays an important role and most of the time, it is the first treatment for a couple who for whatever reason cannot conceive after 1 year of unprotected sexual intercourse. Because of frustration, time and cost consuming, some people may turn to tradition Chinese medicine for treatment. In this article, we will discuss how to treat hormonal imbalance in traditional Chinese medicine perspective.

Unlike conventional medication, traditional Chinese medicine treats the body as a whole and each patient is treated as one unique entity. It is difficult to prescribe one method for all patients, but in general, here are some general methods which have been used for over thousands of years in treating infertility:

I. In general
After taking personal files and past personal medical records, your TCM practitioner usually examines:
1. Your body and facial appearance
Believe it or not, your body and facial appearance will give your herbalist some idea about your conditions. If you have a pale facial appearance, he or she may suspect that you have yang qi deficiency.

2. Pulse reading
There are 2 types of pulses:
a) Heart pulse
Your heart pulse will tell your herbalist how your heart works. The different reading of irregular fast or slow pulses may contribute to different types of deficiency
b) Kidney pulse
Kidney pulse is especially important for treatment of infertility, as Chinese traditional medicine views the kidney as a reproductive system regulator. Any deficiency may distort the menstrual cycle in women and lower sperm quality in men.

3. Reading your tongue
Any deficiency or stagnation of qi and blood will be seen in the tongue color, taste buds, etc.

II. Necessary
After diagnosing your problem through initial examination, reading your personal medical files and assuming that your infertility problem is not caused by structure problems:
1. Weight
You may be asked to gain or lose some weight. The traditional Chinese medicine views the best weight for conception is 5-10 over the BMI normal range.

2. Exercise
It is hard to believe that some women engaging in running or playing some kind of sport which seem to be healthy, but they may contribute to infertility as a result of the brain's primitive reaction to certain environments.

3. Life style change
a) Alcohol
You may need to stop alcohol drinking completely, if your herbalist suspects that alcohol has certain effects in your liver function.
b) Smoking

if smoking interferes with your persistent condition, you will be asked to quit smoking. Don't worry, they have very good stopping smoking techniques as long as you are cooperative.
c) Exercise
You may be asked to do some very moderate exercising to improve blood flow to your body and reduce stress to your nervous system, including walking, tai chi, and yoga

4. Acupuncture
It is one of the oldest traditional Chinese medicine treatments. If your herbalist suspects that blood or qi stagnation, or imbalance of chi have interfered with the normal function of your body, leading to the underline disease then you may be required for a few sessions of acupuncture. By applying the needle in the exact meridian point, it helps to relieve the causes.

5. Acupressure
If the underline cause is pain related, then acupressure may be needed to stop pain or release muscle tension.

6. Breathing techniques
It helps to relieve symptoms of nervous tension including emotional and physical stress, anxiety, and depression. It is especially useful for stress causes of infertility, such as working in the stress occupation and women who are under constant stress.

7. Food
In Chinese medicine, foods are classified into five groups:
a) Cool
b) Cold
c) Neutral
d) Warm
e) Hot
You may be ask to add some specific types of food into your diet and reduce the other if your herbalist suspects that your diet has interfered with the normal function in your body or other specific organs. Women with kidney yang deficiency is required to add more warm and hot food into their diet.

8. Vitamins and minerals
When it is necessary, you will be asked to take certain vitamin and mineral supplements to improve your body deficiency.

9. Herbs
If medicine is necessary, herbs will be given to restore the overall health.

There are many other types of method which traditional Chinese medicine uses to treat underline causes of infertility and they believe each individual is unique, there are no one types of treatment for all.

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Vaginitis mainly to increased vaginal discharge, the typical grayish yellow foam, thin quality, fish smell, sometimes bloody, or were purulent. This disease belongs to Chinese medicine, "taken down" aspects of etiology, pathology, mainly spleen and kidney dysfunctions of two dirty, not the Water Valley, subtle, anti-poly and the wet, wet cloud bet to hedge any non-solid, with a pulse due to missed appointments. Bianzheng side, and Notional. Yellow vaginal discharge actual patients, quality thick, smelly as heat (toxic) bet. Xu Zheng vaginal discharge is white, thin quality, odorless for spleen; A thin quality, quantity of the kidney. The total treatment with spleen Sun, desiccant-based. See clinical disease, combined with the Traditional Gushen Qingrejiedu of goods. Nearly 8 years, by adopting one Traditional Chinese medicine Prescription treatment of gynecological disorders in 31 cases, results are obvious. These are as follows.

1 Clinical data 31 patients were married women and the oldest 47 years old and the youngest 26 years old, average age of 35.42 years. The main clinical manifestations in patients with vaginal discharge increased vaginal discharge is white, in 6 cases, quality A thin, no odor; 17 cases of vaginal discharge yellow, foamy, thin quality, fish smell; three cases of vaginal discharge yellowish green, thin quality, there different smell; three cases of vaginal discharge white residue like; two cases of vaginal discharge was water, with milk like membrane. Among them, 19 cases with vaginal itch; six cases of vaginal worms crawling feeling; 2 vulvar itching. 31 patients, 8 patients with vaginal discharge smears, diagnosed with Trichomonas vaginitis, and 3 were vaginal smears diagnosed as fungal vaginitis, other patients did not receive pathogens examination, was diagnosed as vaginitis. Minimum of 1 month duration, the longest 2 years.

2 treatment Recipes: herb 10g, Coix 10g, Chinese yam 15g, Gorgon 12g, Chuan off 10g, Atractylodes 10g, licorice 6g, keel 10g, oyster 10g, Sophora flavescens 10g, Verbena 10g.

Side solution: herb spleen dampness; yi Milligan wet spleen; yam fill the stomach, liver and kidney benefits; Gorgon Jianpizhixie, only with; River off of liver or kidney; Atractylodes Spleen, dampness Diuresis ; licorice Spleen; keel calming liver yang, Guse convergence; oyster Yin and yang, Guse convergence; flavescens heat, dampness, insect diuretic; to Kam clearing away heat. Reconcile with the spleen of various drugs, dampness, Guse, and only with the effect of Shugan Gushen Qingrejiedu.

3 Results 3.1 standard curative standard cure the symptoms disappeared, normal vaginal discharge, 4 months without recurrence. Improved standards significantly reduce symptoms, vaginal discharge decreased. Healed that no significant changes in symptoms before and after treatment.

3.2 treatment outcome in 31 patients, 23 patients were cured, were followed up 4 to 6 months without recurrence. 6 cases improved, 2 cases cured. The total cure rate was 74.19%; the total effective rate was 93.55%.

4 Record example Example 1, female, 36 years old. Increased vaginal discharge yellowish color for 2 months, quality rare, smell, accompanied by mental fatigue, fatigue. Vaginitis was diagnosed as a hospital to give 1/5000PP Bath and metronidazole tablet little effect one week, after serving on the prescription to alleviate symptoms after three, went on to take five after the symptoms disappear, illness recovery, through follow-up 5 months without recurrence.

Case 2, female, 41 years old. Leucorrhea increase a year and a half, pale red, sometimes yellow, with foam, a different smell. Was diagnosed as vaginitis, oral medicines and Traditional Chinese medicine Treatment, when the light condition when the weight, delayed healing. After serving on the prescription to alleviate symptoms after four, vaginal reduction vaginal discharge change after taking 7 A thin, no odor, medication 12, the disease cured, were followed up for 6 months without recurrence.

5 Experience
Vaginitis with vaginal discharge increased as the main feature, is a Chinese medicine "taken down" category, generally divided into spleen, kidney and III Pathogenic Heat and Toxin.

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Traditional Chinese medicine New process plant extracts
Recent decades, the production of Chinese herbal medicine to achieve a certain degree of mechanization and semi-mechanization. Traditional Chinese medicine is often considered low content of active ingredients, impurities, unstable and therefore more established drugs based on the experience, not integration with modern medicine. To address this problem, traditional Chinese medicine must take the road of extraction and purification. Chinese medicine extraction, including extraction, clarification, filtration and evaporation, and many of the unit operation. Leaching is a very important unit operation, is the starting point for the majority of traditional Chinese medicine production.

Extraction technology is good or bad, is directly related to Chinese herbal medicines Utilization and ease of subsequent processing. Leaching can be seen as an important part of modern Chinese medicine production, and therefore the study and optimize the leaching process of Chinese medicine is necessary.

1 gene principles, and factors Chinese medicine is the solvent leaching into the medicine, the active ingredients to the liquid phase transfer from the group process. Is generally believed that active ingredients in herbal medicines is to determine the leaching rate of the spread of the main steps. The main factors affecting extraction solvent, temperature, pressure, size of material of solid and liquid flow status.

Solvent polarity, viscosity and other properties of plant tissues affected the leaching rate of different substances and dissolution. Water and ethanol are the most commonly used solvent, the two solutions to mix a great influence on the leaching of Chinese herbal medicines.

Temperature and pressure rise, spread faster and also speed up the leaching rate. But the temperature is too high may damage heat-sensitive components. Decoction used in traditional Chinese medicine production is carried out under atmospheric pressure boiling point. But there are also reports that the decompression operation will help improve water herbs to eat, to loose tissue and is conducive to leaching.

The smaller size of material, BET surface area, the faster leaching. But the size is too small will increase the leaching of impurities, separation and purification difficult. The higher rate of relative motion of solid to liquid, the solution the more intense turbulence will lead to boundary layer thinning, update to speed up and improve the leaching rate. Research and results

2 2.1 Optimization of the traditional process and equipment innovations
For Chinese extract Process energy consumption large, impurities and low efficiency of state in recent years, many scholars from different angles on the Chinese extracting process was trial and error and optimization, while maintaining "Chinese characteristics" under the premise of the progressive realization of proprietary Chinese medicines manufactured scientific, standardized, and standardization.

Traditional process is through mass production and testing of clinical practice, and theory of very close contact. Optimization of the traditional benefits available to the most direct, the work has been mostly concentrated in this area. When experts to extract pH, extraction time, when the pH is variable acidification, alkaline extraction of the CSC has been optimized. Found that when the pH value of extracting the effect on the maximum extraction, extraction time and the impact of acidification when the pH value was not significant. Coarse-grained experts glycyrrhizin preparation conditions were optimized, given the juice volume and acidity in acid than the old process of new high technology, while the impregnation time of the original process only 1 / 12, to close slaughter also improved significantly.

Expert on water extraction, water extraction and alcohol precipitation, diluted alcohol extract and water extract of lime precipitation was prepared Honeysuckle Extract A comparative study, found that dilute aqueous alcohol extraction efficiency compared with nearly 40%, both of which consume 18 times the volume of solvent, time-consuming 4h. Alcohol precipitation: France recyclable chlorogenic acid 90%, far better than the yield of milk of lime precipitation, mainly due to the alkaline hydrolysis of chlorogenic acid, and precipitation at the same time not completely, precipitating agent on the product have adsorption also has a relationship.

Zhang Yonghong, etc. of different extraction conditions in the anthraquinone of rhubarb extract the content. Different concentrations of ethanol extract of total anthraquinone, free anthraquinone, anthraquinone, the contents of combining alcohol concentration on a linear regression. Combined with the percentage found in anthraquinone content and concentration of alcohol has some correlation with the increase of ethanol concentration are slightly increasing trend, while anthraquinones with little change in ethanol concentration. Ethanol is better than water extraction. As long heating some anthraquinone will be destroyed, boiling time can not be too long.

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Nowadays, many modern treatments can help you overcome infertility with the aid of high technique and expensive drugs. These methods appeared a couple of decades ago; but do you know that there are some ancient infertility treatments which have been used for hundreds of years? And traditional Chinese Medicine is one of them. The high rate of conception of many couples who used it proves that this treatment really creates a miracle of pregnancy.


The traditional Chinese medicine is the combination of more than 15 ingredients chosen from 150 different herbs which can help you increase the chance of getting pregnant. And the mixture of these natural herbs varies for each person but it still follows with some basic principles which are preserved by our ancestor for many years. The main raw material of these medicine come from roots, barks, flowers, fruits and leaves. These Chinese medicines seem to have been very popular in Orient for long time but in the recent years, this treatment has also attracted the great attention from many countries in Europe and America because of their special effectiveness in raising the chance of having baby.


The Chinese herbs can have effect on the level and operation of hormone in your body to treat infertility. The daily or periodic use of herbs can bring to you the positive result within three to six months. So if you use these medicines regularly, you can shorten the waiting time to get pregnant. A nutritious diet and a suitable exercise program are also very important for your health as a preparation to heighten the result of Chinese medicines.


This traditional method can also be necessary for you during your pregnancy period. These herbs will help you improve your health to overcome some symptoms of pregnancy which can become a great problem for many women, such as morning sickness, fatigue, etc. Moreover, with this treatment, you can decrease the rate of miscarriage which results from the losing balance in the mother's system. And using these herbs will be safer than some other artificial drugs because you can avoid side effects which can cause the defects for your baby.


Through this article, you can see that the traditional Chinese medicine can create the miracle of pregnancy for many women who are facing up with infertility.

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