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Nausea and vomiting are symptom of an underlying disease and not a specific illness. Nausea is the sensation that the belly wants to empty itself, while vomiting (emesis) or throwing up, is the act of forcible emptying of the stomach.

Vomiting is a violent act in which the stomach has to overcome the pressures that are normally in place to keep food and secretion within the stomach.


The stomach almost turns itself inside out - forcing itself into the lower portion of the esophagus (the tube that connects the mouth to the stomach) during a vomiting episode.

Nausea: Nausea is the urge to vomit. It can be brought by many causes including, systemic illnesses, such as influenza, medications, pain, and inner ear disease. When nausea and/or vomiting are persistent, or when they are accompany by other severe symptom such as abdominal pain, jaundice, fever, or bleeding, a medical doctor should be consulted.

Nausea Treatment

Drinking non-carbonated syrup. Non-carbonated syrup contains carbohydrates. One to two tablespoons of this help calm down upset stomach and is a very good natural remedies for nausea.
Ginger - Ginger is a very good home Remedies for Nausea and by mixing this to your favorite tea, you'd get quick relief to your dizziness.

Ginger root - Two capsules of gingerroot supply instant relief and serves as great nausea home remedies.

Tea. Some teas like peppermint or chamomile have the soothing effect in our body. This is one of the good nausea treatments.

Home Remedies for Nausea

Nausea is the sensation of unease and discomfort in the stomach with an urge to vomit. Nausea by itself is not an illness, but is usually a symptom of various other conditions. Indigestion, the intake of certain medicines, and pregnancy, are all widespread situations that can induce nausea. However, nausea can be improved using a number of home remedies.

One of the easiest methods to avoid nausea is to identify the food types that cause nausea and avoid them. You should also try eating lesser meals rather than three large meals in the day as this does not put pressure on the digestive system.

Make sure you do not keep large gaps between meals as this encourages gas and belching, which can result in a sick feeling and nausea.

One of the best and oldest home remedies for nausea is to consume ginger. Ginger is known to aid the digestion process and is therefore efficient in reducing vomiting and the feeling of nausea. You can consume raw ginger or add it to tea, curries, or sauces.

Another home remedy is the use of mint. Mint is a soothing herb which is useful in helping to calm and settle the stomach. You can also use peppermint oil as an aroma-therapeutic cure.

Try drinking apple cider vinegar or honey mixed with water before every meal. Apple cider vinegar aids the metabolism of food, which can help avoid nausea.

Honey, too, contains enzymes that help stimulate digestion. Another natural remedy for nausea is lemon. It has often been well-known that by simply smelling a freshly cut piece of lemon, the feeling of nausea can be avoided. If that does not work for you, squeeze a bit of lemon into water and drink it.

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Frozen accept analysis contest abide of specific rotational movements and addition to strengthen the rotator belt and advice get rid of the adhesions, the basis could cause of this disorder. A Arctic Accept is medically accepted as Adhesive Capsulitis in advertence to the adhesions of the abridged film attention the rotator cuff, thickened and base aching tissues that physically block arm movements by interfering with the accustomed accept collective mechanics.



An alarming abrasion to the clavicle, humerus or accept brand can aftereffect in a abundant accord of accept pain. If you acquaintance a abatement or added assault to the area, you will wish to accept your accept thoroughly arrested out by a medical professional. For beneath austere injuries blow and alleviation may be all the analysis you need, about some situations may alarm for a brace or added medical intervention.

Herbal Medicine


Transcutaneous electrical assumption dispatch will animate the body's own accustomed painkillers.


Hot and algid compresses should be alternated.

Physical Therapy

Instead, it is a acceptable abstraction to apparatus a affairs of concrete analysis for arctic accept appropriate from the alpha as the foundation of a analysis for Arctic Shoulder, bypassing abetment altogether. Further allowances cover a abundant faster accretion from affliction and bound ambit of motion, as the concrete analysis is advised to ambition the four anatomy of the rotator belt and the adhesions of the belt abridged causing the disorder, deepening the above and alleviation the latter.

A stronger rotator belt is added acquisitive to alleviate than a anemic one riddled with anti inflammatories, while the adhesions are helped into breaking away. This is accomplished by implementing specific alien and centralized rotational contest for the belt and accelerating addition for the adhesions so as to acceleration up the ache accustomed accretion times.

An Arctic Accept have to be one of the best abiding accept disorders, if not the longest. It will eventually boldness naturally, but it can be even 3 continued years afore it does, during which time the dead has to argue with a bargain superior of activity induced by affliction and disability, as circadian activities become difficult at best, or absurd at worst.

All accept movements are afflicted by this disorder, decidedly over arch ones. The ache affects added women than men in a arrangement of two to one, and is as well affiliated to diabetes or getting over weight, but by no any beggarly always. Affliction is beneath astringent as affliction grows worse, but it is the continued accretion times that accomplish this ataxia about a abiding one.

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We know now that for a lasting loss of weight, the slimming treatment must result in a modest but steady decline in weight, not more than 2 kg per month. A rapid and massive loss of weight leads to a metabolic adaptation that makes more difficult the further conduct of the diet and is, when we drastically abandon this plan, a phenomenon that bounces back much of the lost weight.

The diet does not fall below 1200-1500 cal per day, depending on the size of the person and his or her daily activity and must include vitamins and essential fatty acids.
Things we must be wary of and think about:

• Excess in fat foods (foods containing a lot or only fats): These are the first that we must drastically limit, they are full of calories and do not cut the appetite.

• Excessive intake of rapidly assimilable sugar (sugars), including those hidden inside artificially sweetened drinks, fruit juices and sodas (these drinks are a leading cause of weight gain in children).

• Excess in alcohol (high in calories).

• Do not reduce the intake of protein but be wary of hidden lipids in fat meat and some fishes.

• The lack of a substantial breakfast and a dinner with a lot of calories: eating well the night thickens (the chrono-obesity or how Muslims gain weight on the occasion of Ramadan).

• Combat snacks (chips or peanuts in front of the TV), but split the meals (the body secretes less insulin at small meals and stores less fat).

• Addressing the impulse to eat outside the hours of meals (especially at night).

We must expend calories by exercise: walking, gymnastics, gardening, sports etc. A regular and "moderate" exercise gives a better result that a short but intense exercise. A regular exercise with some more intense moments allows to increase muscle mass which in turn increases the energy dissipation which results in storing more glycogen in the muscles. Osteoarthritis caused by the increase in weight can be a limiting factor for resumption of physical activity.

Treatment of Obesity and Overweight by Medicinal Plants

Background: The medicinal plants or plant extracts alone are not capable to make lose weight permanently. It is essential to involve those phytomedicines in a low calorie diet and increased physical activity. We give below a simplified classification of medicinal plants useful in the treatment of obesity or its complications. Some herbs can act in several ways on several levels.

Treatment of obesity and overweight: anorectics medicinal plants to cut appetite or hunger: Hoodia, eucalyptus, laurel sauce, coca, Catharanthus, phyllantus niruri, Orthosiphon, algae, gum, Konjac .

Treatment of obesity and overweight: herbs that increase thermogenesis (fat-burning) and fucus seaweed, green tea, maté, guarana, coleus, Garcinia, ephedra (ma huang).

Treatment of obesity and overweight: inulin plants that limit intestinal absorption of carbohydrates: yacon, Jerusalem.

Treatment of obesity and overweight: plants without sugars but sweetening: sweet herb Stevia or Paraguay, or bramble Rubus suavissimus sweet China.

Treatment of obesity and overweight: plants that increase the liver function, purifying plants: dandelion, artichoke, rosemary, Mary thistle, turmeric, hercampuri (gentianella).

Treatment of obesity complications by medicinal plants: plants and diabetes, disorders of plants and cholesterol: Lagerstroemia (Banaba).

Treatment of obesity and overweight: medicinal "calming" plants adjuvant of hypo-caloric diet: Saint John's wort (Hypericum), the California poppy (Eschscholtzia), valerian.

This is a little listing of medicinal plants and herbs that can help to get rid of obesity, so many others exist in nature which can be exploited in curing overweight.

Ines Khalsi is a fitness professor, she has acquired a significant experience in weight loss therapies, having weight problems herself; she went across different medicines and discovered that herbal medicine is the safer way to lose superfluous kilos. She also discovered that herbal medicine can be used to fix many physical deficiencies. She has gained a significant knowledge in the field and now she wants to share it with other people. If you are interested in herbal products please visit:

Acupressure is a branch of ‘Traditional Chinese Medicine’ (TCM) and it is believed to predate Acupuncture by several millenniums. Like Acupuncture, the precise date of its origin is not known.

The concept of "Qi” forms the basis of this therapy. According to TCM, “Qi” is the energy force that flows throughout the body along the “Meridians” i.e. special pathways. When any of these pathways is obstructed, it causes abundance of “Qi” at one end of the blockage and lack of it at another. This imbalance in the body energy results in an illness and in order to bring it back to its homeostasis, the blockage needs to be eased out.

The theory behind Acupressure maintains that it can be done by applying varying degrees of physical pressure by hand, elbow, or with the aid of various devices on specific points. It helps release muscular tension, promotes the circulation of blood and the body energy to aid healing. These points are same as the acupuncture points which are specific locations where the meridians come to the surface of the skin. There are 14 main meridians running vertically up and down the body. Out of these, there are 6 pairs of meridians that are connected to individual organs. There are also two unpaired midline Meridians.

The techniques of acupressure differ not only from country to country, but also from city to city in a same country and in a same state. For example, the practitioners of “Zen shiatsu” use their whole bodies as leverage to apply strong pressure, while those of the Chinese acupressure variation known as “Tui Na” use their hands for massage like kneading motions.

The therapy is found to be especially helpful for easing back pain and for certain types of headaches, including migraine. The acupressure specialists have developed a wristband that is said to relieve the symptoms of motion sickness and other forms of nausea.

The acupressure practitioners also claim to have cured Breast Cancer , Asthma , Diabetes, Renal (Kidney) Failures , Intestinal Problems ,Gouts/Stones in Kidney & Bladder, Paralysis ,PMS, Infertility, Menopause, Pregnancy Problems, Backaches, Spondalitis, Slipped Disks, Fractures, and Dislocations ,Arthritis and Rheumatism.

This therapy is also used by the experts in East Asian martial arts in order to keep oneself physically fit and thus less vulnerable to an attack. The same technique can be used to manipulate or incapacitate an opponent.

No wonder, this multi-purpose therapy has gained wide acceptance all over the world.


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According to the International Obesity Task Force, around 2006, the world approximately comprises 300 million obese and perhaps 800 million people overweight. Other epidemiological studies estimate that there are 1 billion 500 million overweight people in the world. It is therefore estimated that 1/4 to 1/5 of the world population is too large! In the United States, where obesity is more studied than anywhere else, health authorities estimate that on average 33% of men, 36% women, 12% of adolescents and 14% of children are suffering from a serious overweight. In France about 25% of women and 18% of men are overweight.

But the distribution of overweight or obese in the country and across age groups is very uneven. Some examples in France: there would be 16.5% of overweight people in Lower Normandy against 32.7% in Alsace. If we look at age, on average, 1.7% of 6 years children would be too big, 6.5% at 14 years and 20% of adults should lose weight.

If a French person in ten is actually obese, in Polynesia (Tahiti, Wallis and Futuna) 70% of people have an important overweight.

The increase in childhood obesity is a concern especially when you know that an obese child is likely to become an obese adult. In France, a recent study of children aged 10 months and 8 years showed that instead of the expected percentage of 3% of obese it was 10%! An increase in the number of obese children, similar if not more important, is observed in most developed countries. Only Finland has succeeded, it seems, to stop this epidemic of childhood obesity.

Several species of Hoodia, lush plants of the family apocynacées, may be poised to revolutionize the treatment of obesity. The Hoodia is traditionally used by the SAN ethnicity in South Africa and other tribes in Namibia and Botswana to cut the appetite and thirst of hunters who go for long walks, and treat various problems. The most interesting are Hoodia gordonii and Hoodia pilifera.

Early studies confirm the power of appetite suppressant of Hoodia extracts and compounds in question have already been determined. Hoodia poses several problems: It is a desert plant that grows very slowly, it soon will be overexploited and its culture is not simple.

It is a plant that logically belongs to the people who discovered its properties. There have already been extracts of Hoodia on the Internet. The extract of Hoodia is for adults and not recommended for pregnant women pending until complete clinical trials.

Eucalyptus and Globulous, radiatus, Laurus nobilis

In many people, the infusion of eucalytus (to cineole) or laurel sauce, cut the appetite. The essential oil is less effective. Eucalyptus is useful in mild cases of diabetes type 2. You can drink these teas (without sugar) at any time of day, but 1 / 2 hour before a meal seems to be most effective, but one should be careful because, on the contrary, in some people, these plants can be appetizing. A teaspoon of dry leaves broken in a cup of very hot water, 10 minutes of infusion, 2 or 3 times a day is recommended.

Herbal therapy is a very safe treatment to lose weight. Plants are a natural treasure that can cure us from a lot of diseases. Herbal treatment, a balanced diet and regular exercises are an excellent weapon to fight obesity!

Ines Khalsi is a fitness professor, she has acquired a significant experience in weight loss therapies, having weight problems herself; she went across different medicines and discovered that herbal medicine is the safer way to lose superfluous kilos. She also discovered that herbal medicine can be used to fix many physical deficiencies. She has gained a significant knowledge in the field and now she wants to share it with other people. If you are interested in herbal products please visit: http://herbal-meds.org
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Body pain is associated with every individual's life in this world. Pain basically indicates that there is some disorder or imbalance in the body due to some external or internal factors. Right from the ancient times to this modern world various medicines and therapies have evolved to treat different pains in different parts of the body. The modern therapies used are some modification of ancient ones only but the basic concept or logic behind them remains the same.

Among so many therapies, one is cupping therapy. This is basically a 3500 years old China based therapy for reducing body pain. Cupping therapy mainly includes use of plastic or glass cups to create a vacuum on the body part which enhances circulation of blood and lymph through tissues. During ancient times, heat was generated among the glass or bamboo cups and then this heat was applied to the painful part of the body. This heat would help in healing that particular area.

Cupping therapy mainly works on the meridians. Meridians are the energy pathways lying all across the body reaching to all tissues and organs. The energy inside our body, also called as chi, flows through these pathways only. Any disorder in our body is caused due to blockage in smooth flow of energy. So this therapy mainly clears the energy pathways through increasing circulation of blood and oxygen and smooth working of lymphatic system. This is mainly carried out on back portion as our back have maximum no of meridians i.e. five. Moreover this helps in releasing body toxins from the tissues and organs. As the vacuum creates the suction, it reaches deep inside the cells and tissues which causes toxins to move out of cells.

This Cupping therapy is performed in two methods. One is Stationary and another is moving. Basically oil is applied on the body for creating smooth movement of suction cups. Sometimes these cups are kept on a particular part for 5-7 minutes without any movement. This comes under stationary method. While when vacuum pumps are continuously moved on body covering a large area then this is called as moving cupping therapy. At times, five to six cups are placed on different parts simultaneously and removed cyclically. This is termed as Flash Cupping.

Once you are over with this therapy, you may feel some sensation and tingling deep in the tissues. This sensation is the indication of fast blood flow after this therapy. It is very beneficial to apply essential oils just after this treatment so that it reaches inside the tissue, nourishes them and makes your skin glow and shine.

There are so many health benefits of this Chinese cupping therapy. It mainly reduces back pain, headache and fatigue. This regulates and balances hormones in the body, helps in ovulation in women, solves the constipation problem, eliminates skin problem and makes your skin healthy and reduces weight problems. It also strengthens our immune system thus giving us power to fight with attacking diseases.

If you want to try this therapy for yourself then you may visit any health centre who will offer you complete package. You may also get the instruction from the internet so that you can do it for yourself. For this you will have need of cupping set which can be purchased from any medical supplier or you can also order it through on internet from anywhere in the world. Due to the increasing health benefits of this Chinese cupping therapy, it's becoming popular day by day


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Chinese Reflexology has become a world wide favourite for advocates of alternative therapies and is known must commonly as just Reflexology, although can also be referred to more generically as touch therapy or just foot massage.
In ancient China when the therapy was formed, the Chinese found that by applying pressure or massage stimulation at certain points, the patient would gain benefit in corresponding organs that were thought to be linked to the point where pressure was applied.
This was in line with the Chinese system of meridians, or energy channels. In western medicine it is explained as either a connection via a neural network or multitude of interconnecting nerves, or it is simply not explained at all and rather is put down as an invalid science. 

Although even among western non alternative therapists there is much debate and varying personal opinions as to the validity of the ancient Chinese Reflexology system. Recently I spoke with a podiatrist who personally believed in the value of Chinese Reflexology, although admitted that he was taught in University that it was "shear quackery".
None the less, Reflexology is finding itself in increasingly high demand the world over due to its non invasive nature, drug free and holistic approach, together with the ever growing popularity and acceptance of alternative approaches to healing among the worlds populations.
Foot Reflexology is by far the most well known and popular reflexology therapy in operation. This is largely because many practitioners specialise in it, as well as the fact that most people find it a particularly pleasant experience and will often go for a session of foot reflexology simply as an alternative to a massage, for the pleasure of it rather than purely its therapeutic benefit.
But Chinese Reflexology can in fact be applied to many parts of the body. Commonly it is applied on the feet, hands and ears but has also been used on most other parts of the body as well.
The pressure can be applied using static pressure or with a massaging motion. This is done without creams or oils or instruments, although as with many practices, Chinese Reflexology has been blended with so many other techniques by multi discipline therapists that it is not uncommon to find Reflexology therapists who will use instruments to apply the pressure and lotions to enhance the treatment. Other Reflexology systems such as Thai Reflexology also use implements like wooden instruments to apply pressure.
A popular trend today is to learn Chinese Reflexology techniques and to regularly self administer them, or practice them on your partner or children. If you are more a perfectionist or a purist, you can consult a professional to teach you, or you can learn from many excellent books or even YouTube.
Chinese Reflexology is said to unblock energy channels, stimulate the immune system and assist in elimination of toxins bringing the body back into balance and restored energy.

Arthur Bakeright is a qualified but non practicing massage therapist and avid traveller. He now writes extensively on both massage and travel.

Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) usually used as a herbal therapy to shrink kidney cysts and polycystic kidneys, etc. A detailed introduction is described as below.

TCM also refers to Chinese herbal medicine, and it has been created over 2500 years in ancient China. Based on Chinese herbal medicine, an advanced herbal therapy---Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy came out.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has a good curative effect in shrinking cysts and the enlargement kidneys. Those effective substances can penetrate into the kidney lesions with the help penetrating fluids and osmosis devices.These natural medicine substances, after entering into patients' body, can boost cysts shrink gradually. By promoting the permeability of cyst wall aided by herbal medicines, cyst liquid will be reabsorbed into blood vessels, and then be discharged out of body along with the urine.As for the necrotic cells, stem cell can play roles and differentiate into those cells after they are transplanted. After that, renal tissues can be regenerated and renal function can be recovered.

In fact, through dilating the renal blood vessels, more nutrients in blood will be transferred into kidney lesions, so kidneys will get more nutrients. So the perfusion flow of the blood to the kidneys will be increased, and the kidneys' filtration rate will be improved.

After we know the application mechanism of Micro-Chinese Medicine, now let us review once again how the polycystic kidneys appear.

The enlarged polycystic kidneys are resulted from the constant secretion of cysts. Cyst's swelling up stems from the continue proliferation of cystic lining epithelial cells. These lining cells escape monitoring from immune system so their proliferation is uncontrolled.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can stop the proliferation of cystic lining cells, thus it can restrict the further enlargement of polycystic kidneys. Meantime, it can change the structure of lining cells, and force the fluids in cyst moves to blood vessels. After about 2weeks to 4 weeks, you can expect to feel the shrink of renal cysts in its size and number. Since the numerous cysts can be affected at the same time, you will experience a whole shrinkage of your polycystic kidneys in a very large degree.

Above are the detailed descriptions of herbal therapy in shrinking polycystic kidneys as well as the cysts. Detailed information is available for you.


Varied herbs have anti-inflammatory and expectorant capabilities and are helpful in fighting bronchitis. A handful of common remedies follow.

To assuage a dry bronchial cough, drink a hot mullein-coltsfoot tea several times daily
To create the tea, steep 1 teaspoon each of dried mullein, coltsfoot, and anise seed in 1 cup boiling water for 10 minutes; strain.

For bronchial spasms, drink thyme 3 three times daily. To arrange the tea, steep one teaspoon of thyme leaves in 1 cup of boiling water for five to ten minutes; strain through cheesecloth.

To quiet a cough, strive echinacea tincture. Take 15 to 30 drops two to 5 times daily.

To loosen phlegm and open clogged bronchial tubes, drink coltsfoot tea daily. To create the tea, steep one to 2 teaspoons of the herb in one cup of boiling water for ten minutes; strain.

To assuage inflamed bronchial tubes, sip plain mullein tea. To create the tea, steep one to two teaspoons of the herb in 1 cup of boiling water for ten minutes; strain.

For an expectorant, attempt aniseed and garlic.
Alternative therapeutic herbs embody horehound, goldeneal, and ginseng. Herbal products are offered in health food stores and in some pharmacies and supermarkets. Follow package for specific directions.

Bronchitis might answer homeopathic treatment. However, the choice of a remedy-additional than one is on the market depends on your symptoms and therefore the stage of the Condition. Do not try treating this disorder yourself. See a homeopathic professional.

Use steam inhalation to assist clear congestion. See "Aromatherapy" in "Introduction to Complementary Therapies" section for directions. Adding aromatic oils is optional. A mustard plaster will be applied to the chest to loosen deep congestion.

Ancient Chinese Drugs
Acupuncture Acupuncture is useful in opening up congested bronchial tubes and lessening inflammation, which can ease breathing. and relieve the chronic cough that plagues several bronchitis sufferers.

Using auricular therapy, an acupuncturist targets the bronchi, heart, lung, and adrenal gland points. In performing full-body acupuncture, numerous lung, liver, abdomen, and bronchial points are manipulated. If additional symptoms are gift (coughing, phlegm, or fever) other points are targeted, as necessary.

Acupressure To relieve bronchial spasms, acupressure targets the lung, spleen, stomach, kidney, bladder, conception vessel, and adrenal points on the forearm, front of the calf, back of the neck, chest, ankles, and higher back (between the shoulder blades and therefore the spine).

Chinese Herbal Therapy Chinese doctors blame internal damp-heat conditions for bronchitis, and so can most often treat this condition by using herbs to expel the damp-heat and fortify the lungs and bronchial tubes.

For centuries, apricot seed has been used in formulas to treat the coughs and wheezing associated with bronchitis. Use caution with this herb, as apricot seed alone will be toxic in high doses.

Joint fir, or ephedra, may be a well-known herbal bronchial dilator, but like apricot seed, is best used in combination. Multi-ingredient formulas commonly used to treat bronchitis symptoms are Rehmannia Six, Bronchitis Pills (compound), Ginseng and Astragalus, Fritillaria Extract Pills, and Mahuang and Ginkgo Formula.

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