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Phil Power: On the summer solstice, a meditation on gardens and life
My wife, Kathy and I regularly enjoy sitting in our garden at the end of the day as the long light of summer gradually fades and the shadows of twilight spread. We sit together on a bench, our Black Lab, HomeTown, seated between us, nose up, reading ...
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'My art is my meditation'
Since International Yoga Day was marked on June 21, yoga hasn't remained restricted to the avenues of Rajpath and the grounds of India Gate. Instead, it's promise of serenity and disciple has found its way into Delhi's cultural fabric, which is echoing ...
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Do One Thing: Mastering the Mind Through Meditation
“I lead people through a guided mediation or guided visualization.” Being afflicted with the chronic skin diseases psoriasis and eczema is what Dogra says eventually led him to try meditation, which has helped not only to keep the diseases under ...
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