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Ancient healing gets Swiss stamp of approval
Singapore-born Carla Fuhlrott believes in the healing power of alternative medicine, which in her case is traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). In her pristine clinic 20 minutes from downtown Zurich, the TCM practitioner sees about eight patients a day ...
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The Straits Times - Kwong Wai Shiu begins m revamp
By 2017, the Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital community hub will house a bigger nursing home and senior care centre as well as both traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and Western medical clinics. Home care and hospice services will also be offered. The plan is ...
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Cubs to the slaughter: Ian Michler's fight against the lion farms of South Africa
The lions are packed so close together that they're touching. In their enclosure, they "move like snakes", says safari operator and environmental writer Ian Michler, his voice strained with the affront. Territorial by nature, meant for vast open spaces ...
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