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The exceeding liveliness of Hong Kong can at times be a little overwhelming. With an unbelievable amount of delightful things to do this little city is definitely going to keep visitors on their toes, especially if one heads down to the packed streets in search of first hand Hong Kong experiences. Every little nook, and at every turn, a treasure is in store for the Hong Kong tourist, and the best part is that everybody is assured of a piece of paradise.

Most visit Hong Kong to just explore its lively streets, but for those seeking relaxation this destination also features beaches, mountains and most importantly a nature reserve. Known as the Tai Po Kau Forest Reserve, this reserve is a result of Hong Kong's proud reforestation efforts.

Head away from the bustle of the city, digress from the road between Kowloon and Tai Po, and move into the valley which approaches the eastern climb of Tai Mo Shan. It is a bit of a climb but visitors are assured of being greeted with creepers, shrubs, trees, wild orchids and butterflies, all making an interesting spectrum of colour.

This extensive 460 hectares of woodland are home to a range of plants, birds, butterflies and other animals making a walk through it quiet, relaxing and enjoyable. The endless canopy of green speckled with the colours of the various butterflies, birds and flowers is definitely an exciting encounter with nature which assures a trip worth the effort, especially so if one is lucky enough to glimpse of one of the elusive mammals residing in the reserve.

A special feature for the nature buff, the Kerry Lake Egret Nature Park is only about a kilometre away from the entrance of the Tai Po Kau Forest Reserve and the Museum of Ethnology is also close by.

Tourists to this Southeast Asian city are assured of hospitality and comfort; hotels in Hong Kong range from easy on the purse comfortable lodgings to extremely luxurious accommodations. The Eaton Hotel Hong Kong affords comfort as well as luxury and its superb location close to the city centre provides its guests with easy access to Hong Kong bars, restaurants, exotic nightlife and other attractions.

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Numerous experiments show, pure and traditional Chinese party "drug" prime Beauty is the real formula for our beautiful oriental. Those from the Chinese herbal plant extracts, natural essential for its trust in its skin nourished, to the United States, to the net, so fine, so pure, exudes a mysterious oriental charm. Component in many high-tech beauty

fierce competition eroded, the Chinese side still has a solid beauty of plants of an invincible position. Because it is convinced that a beautiful skin will be transparent from the inside out of pure, traditional Chinese medicine beauty method to purify the skin, the skin can be safely and effectively restore the original pure soft. When the mysterious ingredients and the Western Han Fang Meirong combine superb technology, our skin is concerned, can not but be regarded as a kind of lucky.

"Drug" hot new ingredient TOP7 prime skin beauty

Ginseng: valuable in Yanling Dan

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Hot reason: we all know, ancient ginseng has been an expensive medicine, food can enhance human immunity, slow aging. Divided into many types of ginseng have ginseng, red ginseng, wild ginseng, Codonopsis, the principal functions of Bu Zhong Yi Qi, lungs and body fluid and promote blood circulation. In recent years, ginseng has been used in skin care, by its strong antioxidant capacity and concern. Moreover, ginseng extract also has to mend the wrinkles, promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism and other multi-effect, can effectively conditioning the skin and restore its youthful state of health.

Angelica: healthy color to the skin

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Hot reason: Chinese medicine, Angelica Sweet, acrid, warm in nature; the liver, heart, spleen, blood with blood, the effect of the new Stasis students for poor complexion due to deficiency of blood due to better efficacy. Angelica long-term use, can reproduce the red facial skin color. Han Fang Meirong boom in the beauty and excellent results of Angelica naturally join.

Gentian: Plateau Whitening Nobility

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Top reasons: the herbs in the early books have documented, gentian is gourmet Chinese cosmetic medicine, with soothing, calm and moisturize the skin effect, whether internal or external use, is precious beauty Need. It is said that this valuable plant has a strange name to go through a 5 to 10 years to mature. Because of its high tolerance, resistant to all kinds of harsh environments, by fine gentian extract after extract is used in skin care products, skin resistance to natural increase, while both white and Moisturizing Effect.

Barley: Chinese prescription of "Lizzie McGuire"

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Top reasons: expensive and rare in many Chinese herbal medicines, the APF can be called "Lizzie McGuire." Because of its low price, making more people can benefit from it. The barley itself is moist and the skin, whitening moisturizing, line qi and activating blood circulation, relieving pain and other effects are very remarkable, applied to the skin also has natural whitening effect, can increase the skin metabolism and function of moisture, which can effectively prevent the phenomenon of dry skin .

Ginkgo: highly respected anti-oxidant

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Top reasons: in traditional Chinese medicine, the ginkgo tree is a hardy plant resistant in harsh environments can thrive, vitality is very strong. Ginkgo biloba extract fluid from the export of services, or painting can be used in essence, herbal medicine has long been respected family. In recent years, European skin care specialists have found that Ginkgo biloba is an antioxidant, can promote blood circulation to the skin and reduce the production of free radicals and prevent free radical damage to the skin, can prevent sensitive skin reactions, especially light-sensitive reaction .

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