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Today's interest in Eastern remedies has led many to go to acupuncture as a way to heal the wounds and pains of shoulders, back, and body aches. Stress related pains and other kinds of trauma can be relieved by the wonders of acupuncture and other natural and homeopathic remedies.

Developed some time in ancient origins, it spread through the decades and the world until it became part of traditional Chinese medicine. This type of medicine considers your entire body as one whole that has many different component like systems. Sometimes these systems are directly connected, other times not associated, but your health is determined by the balance of these systems. Acupuncture strives to find the fourteen channels through which blood flows and various other points are also touched upon and treated. These channels lead to the lungs, intestines, stomach, spleen, heart, small intestine, bladder, kidney, pericardium, gall bladder, and the intangible.

When an acupuncturist decides what to do, they focus on the face and tongue to determine the size and color and to see if there is any tension or coating or absence or presence of teeth marks. Also they will listen to see if you are wheezing or making any particular sounds or if you are attending to your body odor. Finally, they will see if you have chills or fever, perspiration, a good or bad appetite, thirst and taste, pain, sleep, and whether you are enjoying proper bladder functions. This is sort of like a typical physical, except in this case you will be diagnosed about how much your body is in harmony.

When you go in for an acupuncture treatment, you can expect to be stuck with needle points in the webs between your thumbs and palms in order to target the head and hands. Most likely you will feel a twinge of sensation and then some twitching between your thumb and hand. Some patients experiences some severe pain, others have bad headaches and feelings of nausea, as well as a relief of their headache. Needle points also can be placed on your head in various points that affect and dilate your scalp's blood vessels, which are meant to relieve any headaches you might have.

This natural remedy is often stated as much safer than any other kind of remedy out there. The effects of taking drugs can be much more harmful to the body and when experiencing pain, taking various steroids or pain killers can cause acidity problems and other dysfunctions in the body. But with this natural homeopathic remedy, you will be certain that you will not expose the insides of your body to anything that could be potentially harmful or even toxic to your body.

Certainly there are many dangers, too. You are at a higher risk of getting any kind of intravenously transmitted diseases through any unclean needles. Also, you need to be sure you select a professional acupuncturist because many people set up shop with no experiences or with unclean and shoddy materials. They will most likely damage your nerves and cause you more pain than relief. Doing your research before deciding to get this procedure is a very wise idea and a necessary precaution. But, if you choose wisely and manage to get a good procedure done, you might experience immense pain relief.

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Qigong Zhineng is an old Chinese discipline composed of meditations and exercises which improve the mind and body, allowing you to feel calm and more vigorous in performing daily activities. There are many advantages in this practice so we’ve listed down the top 5 reasons why you should learn qigong exercises.

First: Qigong is pretty economical. Unlike other exercises, you won’t need any costly equipment or tool in order to work with the exercise routines. And if you want to enroll on qigong meditation classes, most of them are relatively affordable and there are no hidden fees. It’s a valuable tiny investment to learn exercises that improve your overall health condition and these can be practiced and mastered as long as you want to.
Second: Qigong doesn’t take up too much space and can be done practically anywhere. Other exercises will require you to go to the gym, or have enough working space for moving around. With qigong exercises, you will only need about 30 sq. meters of space wherever you like to do it, indoors or outdoors. You can even do the routines in a tight space as long as you can stand and bend properly.
Third: Qigong is simple and can be easily learned. There are various stages of Qigong exercises and you can work your way up step by step. The basic meditations can last around five minutes and it keeps getting longer as you move to the higher stages. However, there’s no need to fret because almost all the movements are easy to do and fun. There are even exercises which are repetitive so you can easily remember them.
Fourth: Qigong exercises can accommodate almost any schedule. Only got 5 minutes to spare? No problem! You can still perform the 5-minute exercises and still reap the benefits. Or you can also do it for 30 minutes to 1 hour. A lot of people enjoy doing qigong exercises that they don’t notice the time.
Fifth: Qigong has numerous health benefits. Studies show that qigong exercises can help augment the treatment regimen for sicknesses such as hypertension, heart disease, and cancer. It allows the person to have more physiological control, so one experiences better breathing patterns, blood pressure, hormonal levels, and heart rate. Qigong exercises have a positive impact on all the body systems. It doesn’t only increase your life span; it can also give more life to your years. Unlike other exercises, it also has an effect on the human mind allowing us to feel more relaxed. If people are more relaxed, they are less stressed and can perform better. Finally, practicing qigong will improve intelligence. There are researches that any meditation can improve the way the human mind works. It enhances the neural pathways produced in the left and right brain hemispheres. This allows the brain to function as a whole, which improves a person’s intuition, creativity, and memory. 
There are many more reasons why you should learn qigong exercises, and those mentioned above are only five of them. You will understand more once you learn the art and discipline of qigong zhineng.

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