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Scalp acupuncture has the closest acu-points to the brain. By using these points, the energy circulation of the body can be directed and stimulated most efficiently and most effectively. In ancient Chinese medicine, the brain is called "the sea of marrow". Let's imagine this sea of marrow is held on top of each person like a dam on top of a high mountain. Instead of water, it is energy contained in the dam. Imagine this dam have numerous gates. By opening the intended gate, the energy can go to whichever areas or organs purposefully. The passageway of the energy is like rivers, which are called meridians.

In Chinese medicine, obstructed meridians or rivers cause the pain or illnesses. There are numerous pathogenic differences, so there are many types of obstructions along the rivers. Those obstructions include: wood, lava, mud, minerals, iceberg, drought, flood, and typhoon.

When obstructions occurred, the energy flow is blocked partially. Depending on what types of obstruction or obstructions, different methods of clearing acupuncture techniques can be used.

Wood Obstruction:We can use metals to cut out those stiff lumbers
-Stiff neck, tight lower back, frozen shoulder etc

Lava Obstruction:We can use cold water to cool down those heated and enlarged rocks
-Inflammation of the knee, twisted ankle etc 

Mud Obstruction:We can use fresh water to clear out the sticky and polluted dirt
-Cough, diarrhea, dermatitis etc

Minerals Obstruction:We can use boiled water to melts those ores away
-Asthma, allergy etc

In 1989, a WHO Scientific Group proposed a standard acupuncture nomenclature for international use. The experts standardized for the scalp acupuncture lines and areas. By understanding the functions of the areas of the brain, we use acupuncture to stimulate intended areas or acu-lines to increase the blood and energy flow. Scalp acupuncture can be beneficiaries for people who have neurological problems such as: Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, Injury-Induced, Paraplegia, Multiple Sclerosis, Post-Stroke Syndromes.

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