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The use of baths as a means of relaxation has been used since the olden days. The word 'spa' is colloquial in nature and it refers to an establishment that deals in the improvement of health. It is also refers to a resort that has a mineral spring or a whirlpool bath in it. The whole concept is of wellness through bathing.

The simple bath is a very effective means of stress removal as well as rejuvenation. The choice of water may be hot or cold. There are various therapeutic benefits to a good bath and research has shown that a good bath can actually help in healing various ailments.

Today there has been a steady increase in the ailments related to stress and the pressures of a fast paced life. This has become a problem and to tackle this various methods have been used. Bathing is one such technique wherein it has evolved from just a hygiene thing to an indulgence that uses various add-ons. Taking a bath has undergone a paradigm shift to a complete healing process. Bath oils, salts, herbs and cosmetics are used now to enhance the bath experience and sooth frayed nerves. The revolution has gone to such extents using milk or even champagne as a substitute.

A spa is where one goes to rejuvenate, relax and get all the stress out of the system. Previously it used to be only for the rich and the powerful, but now things have changed a lot. The spa treatment has become economical and hence available to the middle class also. There are different types of spas that deal in various treatments. A few examples are the health spa, the medical and the rehab spa. These specialize in various aspects of the spa treatment and we can go to the one that suits us the most. Even though we need to spend money on a spa visit, the personal care and the type of treatment that we will get is well worth it all.

The art of meditation has taken a back seat over the years to the bath. Though they co-existed previously. Meditation got entangled with religion and hence was frowned upon. In the recent years that has changed and meditation has found its rightful place in the hierarchy of stress busting tools. Meditation is very effective in uncluttering the mind, bringing back focus and helping in concentrating. Meditation has to be included in the regular cycle of life. It helps greatly to relax and get the mind free and detoxified.

There are various techniques for meditation but the most famous ones are as follows.

1) Watching ones own breath-this dwells on the need to bring the mind to concentrate on one thing, thus relaxing it and helping to focus better. This technique helps in lowering blood pressure and pulse rate.
2) Clearing your thoughts-this requires a little more skill and practice and it involves making the thought process clear and clutter free. It has a soothing effect on the mind.

Group meditation is largely recommended as the energies are united leading to a faster healing process.

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Did you know that tense muscles can affect all of the systems of your body, including blood circulation, posture and movement? Practicing this active meditation can help you to relax and reduce stress and muscle tension.

Remove shoes and loosen restrictive clothing.

Find a quiet place where you can lie on a firm surface for fifteen minutes.

Close your eyes. Quiet your mind. Breathe deeply, slowly and smoothly. Think of breathing out slightly longer than breathing in.

Allow yourself to become aware of your body. Do you feel tension, pressure or discomfort? Note where these feelings are.

Continue the slow, deliberate breath.

Tense you right foot. Hold for a few seconds and let it relax. Tense your calf. Hold. And then release. Tense your thigh. Release. Repeat with your left foot and leg.

Form a tight fist with your right hand. Hold a few seconds. As your release, feel your whole arm become limp. Repeat with left arm.

Tense and release each buttock.

Tighten your stomach muscles and, as you release, feel your stomach and chest become soft and warm.

Bring your shoulders up toward your ears. Hold, and then gently allow them to relax down. Slowly roll your head from side to side as you consciously release neck tension.

Become aware of any stress or tension you are holding in your face and head. Relax as you continue breathing slowly and smoothly.

If there are other areas of discomfort or you become aware of any returning tension, repeat the tense and relax method.

Continue with the relaxing breath for a few minutes. Gently roll to your side and get up.

This method of active meditation allows you let go of your stressors, removes tension from your body and provides an inner calm and quiet in our busy lives. Once you create this easy fifteen minute habit, you will be amazed that you didn't start a relaxation program sooner.

Joan Gilbert, Physical Therapist Assistant, Rehabilitation Specialist, Myofascial Release and CranioSacral Therapist, Healing Touch Therapy