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Checking out various exercise modalities for relief of symptoms due to Parkinson's disease.

One of the best exercises to embark on is Tai Chi, however as a prelude to tai chi practice it is very important to learn how to do standing meditation. This practice should be done for at least six months before starting to learn the tai chi form. Here is what standing meditation will do for you.

Develop and strengthen your legs
Start the practice of full body relaxation
Open up the pathways thru which your energy flows
Develop calmness in an uncomfortable situation
Cultivate inner awareness of your center of gravity
Invigorate your glands and organs

Stand with your feet parallel and hip with apart. Do not wear sneakers. Go barefoot or wear flat bottom shoes (you want a stable stance). Slightly bend your knees, but don't let your knee go over your toe. Slightly rotate your pelvis up a little to straighten your lower back. Rotate your shoulders forward to slightly round them and imagine that you were balancing a book on your head. Don't close your eyes while practicing. If you feel lightheaded or nausea stop doing the exercise. This practice can also be done from a seated position.

Now that you are in the right position, start to mentally go thru your muscles and joints and relax them. As an example Say to yourself while using your imagination" I am relaxing my shoulders" Work your way down your body slowly relaxing your arms wrists and hands. Then go thru your chest, back lower abdominal region and legs. Now focus your attention in your lower abdominal region and just stand. When you feel ache, go to that body part and relax it as before, then go back to focusing on your lower abdominal region. Set a timer for 5 minutes to start and start working your way up to 15 minutes. Listed below are some more pointers on the practice of standing meditation.

The palm of the hands should face back when you round your shoulders and you should hold on to a walker if need be.

The whole body should be as relaxed as possible.

This is a very powerful practice, which can be done twice a day. You will feel results in a couple of weeks of standing practice.

Do not worry if your tremors increase, if you get gas or hear strange noises from your stomach. These are normal reactions to the practice.

Try not to move from your position and do challenge yourself to hold the posture for the duration of the time set.

Breath thru your nose unless you have congestion and keep the tip of the tongue pressed up against the roof of your mouth.

When your time is up slowly shift your weight from foot to foot and start to move around little by little. Then resume your normal activities.

I will try to cover more modalities in the weeks to come. My background as a teacher of Tai Chi, Meditation, I Gong and yoga as well as having Parkinson's disease and not taking any meds gives us something in common to build on.