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Tai Chi and Qigong classes to be offered in Hebo, beginning Jan. 4
HEBO, Ore – South Tillamook County residents can participate in a Tai Chi class to be held for 12 weeks beginning Jan. 4. The class, Tai Chi: Moving for Better Balance, will be offered 10 to 11 a.m., Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at the Nestucca Fire ...
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Tai Chi en Qi Gong lessen Heinkenszand
Marjolein Houben geeft op 19 januari haar eerste van een reeks less in Tai Chi en Qi Gong in Heinkenszand. Deze bewegingstechnieken bestaan uit een reeks helende oefeningen om alle pezen en bindweefsels in het lichaam open te maken, zodat de ...
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Community Calendar
Tai Chi & Qigong for Beginners: 6-7 p.m. Tuesdays, starting Jan. 19, at Newmarket Recreation, 1 Terrace Drive, Newmarket. Come and learn the easy gentle movements of tai chi and qigong, based on the simplified 24 form and will feature balance, deep ...
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Tai Chi, Qigong Classes Return To Great Lawn At Southport's Pequot Library
SOUTHPORT, Conn. --Tai chi and qigong classes will return to the Great Lawn at Pequot Library, starting on Friday, April 24, from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.. Participants actively bring harmony and balance to their lives by practicing these soothing ...
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World T'ai Chi & Qigong Day - save the date
Saturday, April 25th is World Tai Chi & Qigong Day and we are celebrating in a BIG WAY! Join us in New Egypt, NJ at 10am as we all move as one in a Tai Chi Chih practice and then welcome Dr. Chang-Shin Jih, who will offer a workshop on Tai Chi and ...
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Feature: Chinese health Qigong, Taiji attract more fans in Scotland
EDINBURGH, April 28 (Xinhua) -- For 65-year-old John Cowwelly, a Scot who came from highland in northern Scotland, Chinese health Qigong gives him fitness and meditation after over 20 years of practising martial arts and Taiji. "I first practised ...
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Tai chi, qigong celebrated
Hosted by the Ohlone College Health and Wellness Department, the third annual World Tai Chi and Qigong Day on Saturday at Ohlone College Newark Center featured tai chi and qigong demonstrations with attendees encouraged to participate in practice ...
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World Tai Chi, Qi Ging Day Celebrated In Falmouth
The Cape Cod Guang Ping Tai Ji Quan Club celebrated World Tai Chi and Qi Gong Day at the Gus Canty Community Center on Saturday, April 25. They were joined by members of the Yulong Tai Chi Chuan School of Dartmouth, the Cape Cod Tai Chi ...
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Qigong Day Celebration at the SoNo Library!
The SoNo Branch Library will celebrate Qigong Day on Saturday, April 25th from 9-10 a.m. with Magaly Blakz. Blakz will teach Qigong, known as the mother of martial arts, and offer instruction in its technique of subtle movements, deep breathing, mental ...
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Sharing life-affirming joy of Qigong
She began to dabble in Qigong (pronounced CHEE-gung), which blossomed into a life-changing pursuit in Western New York, after her husband was offered a job 16 years ago in the earthquake research center at the University at Buffalo. She has since ...
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Exploring Qigong and the Infinite Rhythms Consciousness Dance
The first portion of the evening was an exploration through Qigong instructed by Bonnie Lee who stood in the front of the room. Qigong is an ancient Chinese system of exercise. Particular attention is placed on the breath as people move through both ...
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The history of Chi Kung can be traced back to about five thousand years ago in China. Since there were emperors ruling over the country claiming to be the "Son of the Sky" (a traditional concept that was used to fool the common people, "Sky" in ancient time in China sometimes is equivalent to "God", the emperors wanted the people to believe that they were authorized by "God" to rule over, so listen and obey at all time, no question asked) who loved the power, glory, position and privilege so much that they wanted immortality.

People of knowledge tried very hard to satisfy their emperor. Roughly speaking, there were two groups of people studying this, the first group tended to use medicine, it ended up that eleven emperors in Chinese history have been poisoned to death by this so called "Immortality Medicine". The second group found that the best medicine had been existing in our bodies already, which were born with. Our job is to cultivate it, make it stronger and accumulate it to a certain part of the body and make use of it. People practice this tends to live longer according to statistics but not yet be immortal. This kind of exercises is called "Chi Kung" to-day.

What is Chi Kung?

In China, it is called "Chi", in Japan it is called "Ki", have you ever heard of Aikido? In India, it is called "Purana", ask the Yoka people, In Philippine, it is called "Mana", in Europe, it is called "Aura". There are about 30 names for about the same thing. You see, in human history, not only Chinese struggled to find out the secret of "Chi". Around the world in the past, people sensed that there was something you couldn't see, didn't know what color, how heavy, what smell, closely related to our bodies and lives did exist.

In the Chi-Kung eBook, everything is explained from the point of view of a scientist, so you can understand and handle it easily. Not at all those abstract, fancy, classic, difficult Chinese terminologies. There is a term which is more substantial in the Western World to describe it. You can temporarily put it equal to "bio-electricity" for the time being (actually it is more than that). Our bodies are conductors, electricity can pass through. You know some eel can produce electricity, so do our bodies. But why we don't feel it, the reason is that the electricity we produce is too weak to be detected. But, in some special situation, the famous Chinese scientist, the father of missile of China ---Dr. Chin Hoc Sum called it "The Chi Kung Situation", we can feel it. This e-book teaches us how to practice to set up this Chi Kung Situation so that we can feel this bio-electricity and accumulate it to become stronger and stronger, finally it circulate along the meridians driven by or led by our "Intent ". Kungin Chinese means "exercise" or "function" or "work' sometimes. This means that we have to work for it. We reap what we sow.

Sifu Tommy Cheng is a legendary man who was an actor and action choreographer in Kung Fu movies for about 20 years where he became a close friend of Bruce Lee. Check this: http://www.chi-kung.us/ to know more about Chi-Kung!