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Stage de tai-chi qi gong
Un après-midi autour du tai-chi «la beauté du geste» aura lieu le samedi 28 novembre. Rendez-vous de 14 heures à 17 heures, à la Maison bleue. Contenu : Nourrir le «tan tien», «centre vital ou champ de cinabre» ; chercher la détente à travers le ...
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Class in Session
Mitya Schoppe, of Wilder, left, and Skip Cady, of Lyme, right, move through a progression of arm and leg movements during a Qigong class taught by Gerry Sandweiss, of Woodstock, at the Norman Williams Public Library in Woodstock, Vt. Tuesday, ...
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Teaching Qi Gong to Children
Many of us have come to embrace Qi Gong or Tai Chi practice as a regular part of our lives. Qi Gong has been a stabilizing factor in my life for the last twenty years. My desire is for children to experience the benefit of this amazing system all their ...
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