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Meditation - Healing Powers, Benefits, And How To Get Started

There are many forms of meditation and, although it has its origins in the Eastern cultures, the West is quickly learning the benefits of this relaxing practice. A lot of people think of meditation as some guy sitting on a pillow, legs crossed, eyes closed, humming. However, meditation can be done while sitting on a chair, lying down, sitting at your desk, or just about anywhere. While the many different forms of meditation are as diverse as their types, there is one thing that they all have in common: they focus on calming and quietening a chaotic, busy mind. With as chaotic as our lives today can get, no wonder why more and more are finding the health benefits of meditation.

The goal of meditation is not to end or remove the stimulation. It is more a training of the mind to direct focus and concentration to one element. This single element may be a single sound, a single word or thought, a single image or even the person's own breathing. This is designed to bring calm and peace to the mind by making it focus so that stress, worry and depression are pushed outside of the mind. The mind does not have room to dwell on these things if the calm and peace is successfully brought to the forefront of the consciousness, in the present moment.

There are basically two types or styles of meditation. All of the techniques, both Eastern and Western, can be grouped into one or the other. The first of these styles of meditation is concentrative. This means that the attention is focused on the breath, an image or a sound such as a mantra to still the mind and heighten awareness and carity. Certain types of music can do this.

Concentrative meditation is probably the type of meditation that is familiar to most people. The person sits quietly and focuses their attention on the breath, known as "conscious breathing." This type of meditation is very good for relieving anxiety, stress and distraction because it causes the person to focus and relax.

To perform conscious breathing, sit in a chair or on a pillow on the floor. Close your eyes and breath in deeply through your mouth while saying to yourself, "I am breathing in." When you exhale through your nose (or mouth), say to yourself, "I am breathing out." Picture positivity being breathed in with each breath you take and negativity being expelled each time you exhale. Absorb yourself in the act of breathing in and out, think of nothing else.

The other type of meditation is mindfulness meditation. This type of meditation involves raising your awareness of all the sensations, feelings, images, thoughts, sounds and smells that you encounter each day. However, you do not dwell on them or become involved in thinking about them. The person simply sits quietly and observes the activity of the mind without being drawn into reacting to it or becoming involved in negative reactions to it such as depression or worry. Through this exploration, the person gains a clearer, calmer state of mind that is non-reactive as opposed to bogged down in worry and depression.

Benefits of Meditation:

There are numerous physical and psychological benefits to meditation. As the body rests, the heart rate lowers, as does the metabolic rate and stress is dramatically decreased. Many negative physical and physiological reactions related to stress are decreased or eradicated altogether. Concentration is increased and memory is improved. Additionally, anxiety, depression, moodiness and irritability are decreased while feelings of vitality, happiness, rejuvenation and emotional stability are improved.

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At present, although the proportion of wind power generating capacity is small, but the rapid growth of installed capacity, the initial realization of large-scale development. In 2008, in a variety of electricity generation method, only the country's total wind power generating capacity of 0.37%. In 2008 installed capacity of 6.14 million kilowatts new, and in 2007 an increase of 102%. China has basically mastered the 1.5-megawatt wind turbine manufacturing technology.

 China's rapidly growing wind power industry to be the most important reason is the government support. Since 2005, the Chinese government incentives for wind power development policies and measures are: wind power equipment industry of special fund for subsidies, localization rate of 70% of the requirements, the full grid, electricity-sharing, wind power concessions and tax concessions to .

 China Wind Power Industry Chain Market Analysis

 In the wind power industry chain, wind power equipment manufacturing is the most important aspect of the upstream equipment manufacturers to provide raw materials for downstream use of equipment, power generation and electricity transmission to the user. The upstream industrial chain, including: steel, nonferrous metals, composites, electronic components and so on. Upstream and downstream industry chain to large state-owned power generation companies and energy investors, the main group.

 Wind power equipment manufacturers, including wind power machine manufacturers and key components supporting businesses, the wind turbine is a wind power system, the most important part of the cost of wind farm construction investment accounting for about 70%. Present to achieve large-scale production units of the machine manufacturers are mainly Goldwind, Huarui wind power, Dongfang Steam Turbine. At the national policy support, the remarkable progress in wind turbine manufacturing.

 Since 2003, the state has organized wind power concession tenders, wind power equipment manufacturing to "introduction of technology - digestion and absorption - independent research and development, technological upgrading - the scale of development, import substitution" development path to rapid development. Machine manufacturers to license the transfer, with the world wind power vendors to mature, the introduction of technology patents, to quickly form a machine manufacturing capacity, and this rapid introduction of technology, followed the path of China's equipment manufacturing industry tradition. As of the end of 2008, the domestic production of wind turbine within the capital and a total of 56 joint ventures, which produce megawatt class wind turbine technology, the main source of increase for the digestion and absorption of technology licensing, joint design and independent research and development. 1.5 MW wind turbine has been able to mass production, localization rate of more than 70%; unit capacity of up to 3 MW.

 Independent research and development mainly MW units below the rank of supporting blades, generators, bearings, etc. have been able to mass production. At present, the domestic manufacturers to more than 50 blades, gear box manufacturers to more than 10, bearing more than 15 manufacturers, generator manufacturers to more than 15, variable flow of more than 10 manufacturers.

The help of national policy, local wind power companies have begun to emerge, a substantial increase in market share.

 Wind power development in China, the first 20 years, wind farms use the equipment mostly imported products, equipment prices and maintenance repair costs are higher, ranging from a certain extent, this has hampered the development of wind power industry.

 Countries to encourage the domestic wind power equipment manufacturing industry, clearly put forward the demand for equipment localization rate, domestic enterprises to occupy most of the additional market share. July 4, 2005, NDRC issued a notice to provide wind power equipment localization rate to reach over 70% of domestically produced equipment does not meet the requirements of the building of wind farms do not allow the import of equipment for the Customs to pay taxes. The new provision in 2006 requires operators of wind power equipment manufacturers with binding bids in order to ensure that the project truly achieve the localization rate of 70% of the requirements of operators in the successful tenderer after the tender shall be elected to conduct equipment manufacturers.

 Golden wind, Huarui, East steam already have high-volume production capacity MW units in China, three companies and the market share of over 50%. As of the end of 2008, gold wind, Huarui, East gas enterprises amounted to 3 MW installed in the domestic unit Number of units a total of 2747 units.

 To add a wind power installed capacity point of view, in 2008, first super-payment Huarui wind, in the new wind power installed capacity in the country accounting for 22.5%.

China's wind power industry, obstacles to development

 However, the Chinese power grid planning and construction of the speed was nowhere near the speed of development of wind power installed capacity of large-scale wind power grid access barriers.

 China wind power development in recent years, much faster than expected, a number of wind farm electricity can not be made to achieve a comprehensive transportation. In 2008, China has 12.21 million kilowatts of wind power installed capacity to achieve the grid, only 8.94 million kilowatts. Wind resources are relatively abundant in the west are mostly in remote mountainous areas, power transmission inconvenient.

 Wind power will reduce the power load forecasting accuracy, thus affecting the power grid scheduling and stability. Foreign wind power development will be included in multi-network planning, demand ahead of construction of power grid for wind power to create conditions for access.

 Wind power equipment manufacturing industry faster than strong, mainly influenced by level of technology and professional personnel constraints.

 Domestic fan manufacturers are basically still at the stage of absorption of foreign technology transfer, has not yet formed its own core and key technologies, key components manufacturing and control systems are still controlled by others. China has produced just two megawatts of wind turbine capacity, large-scale wind turbine research and development of self-capability is weak. MW level and above the fan there is a big gap in the supply of core parts, and the local manufacturers is not enough and reliable product quality.

 At present, the wind power industry, the lack of design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and operational management of the personnel training system, R & D and management personnel, the wind power industry service system is not perfect.

Wind power equipment manufacturing industry overcapacity

 The rapid development of wind power industry, the huge market expectations, low market entry thresholds for wind power equipment manufacturing industry led to the explosive growth in the short term. As long as the wind power companies to buy production licenses and parts, will soon be able to produce products and a lower threshold. Wind power equipment manufacturers from 2004 to 2008, the development of six more than 70, only took 4 years.

 It is estimated that over the next decade, China's average annual increase of installed capacity of about 800 million kilowatts. In addition to several leading enterprises, most enterprises only have a small batch production capacity, and some still in the prototype development or testing phase, the production of plant operation was not stable. More than 70 enterprises in the machine, there are 60 or so annual output of less than 10 units.

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Real Chi Power Training

Hello and welcome to my Chi Power Training book review. Of all the different books that have attempted to "train" people in the art of Chi Power manipulation -there has only been one that is frequently spoken of and recommended on a regular basis. This book has been an international best seller, and it hit the book shelves back in the 1980's.

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The rules I speak of are physical ones that seem to just disappear like a vapor along the way while we take the ultimate journey through the NEW life that is realized once we understand the TRUE power of Chi.

Read this Chi Power Training book and you will SEE for the first time that the only limits in life are the ones that we place on ourselves. When you see someone that can levitate or that can somehow bend a spoon without touching it (this has been documented and filmed) you will actually understand why it happens -and how we REALLY CAN manipulate energy in ways that "normal" people will never find possible.

YOU can learn these techniques and YOU can realize the Power of Chi simply by reading the "Advanced Chi Power Training" book. And here is some of what you will learn when you commit to strengthening your inner power:


Chi Breathing : Learn the 3 very most powerful ways to breath in order to create maximum power and energy.

Organ Balancing : The Organ Balancing as taught in this book is designed for you to physically feel it. More powerful than any other method available.

Lying Down Meditation : Get your body and mind to relax. Find out how much more productivity you'll have when you can relax down anytime or anywhere.

Seeing through the 3rd eye: Find out how the profits of old and psychics of today harness the power of "stilling the mind" to see visions and outer body experiences.

How to control animals with chi : Control animals by using your chi energy to calm them down or bring them over to you. Fishermen love this technique to bring in boat loads of fish! How to move objects with chi : Utilize your breath and chi energy to move objects without touching them. Easier than you might think, using the right technology will amaze your family and friends.

Gain speed faster than a cat : Increase your overall natural and create a new velocity for sports, martial arts or general use.

Controlling Time : Learn how to manipulate your chi energy to control time for your benefit and others.

Select Breaking: Focus your energy to pick a board or brick to break and break that one only. When you truly learn the art of focus you will be able to do many wondrous thing including this most sought after technique.

Put out a candle with your eyes only: Take your focus to a new level and learn this ancient technique taught by masters of Wudang mountain. Extinguish the candle with your chi energy from as far away as 25 feet!


Increased Health: By putting your internal body in proper working condition, you are increasing the blood flow, energy flow and using proper breathing methods to clean the toxins out of the body.

Increased Focus: By learning this practice, you will learn the great art of focus. Now you can gain the advantage in business, relationships or sports with your new found ability to focus. This one area can pay dividends for years to come.

Increased Sensitivity and Awareness: Now you will be able to increase the sensitivity in your body so you can be more aware of everything going on around you better. Just like a radio station receives radio waves, you will now be able to tune into more of the energy around you. This skill is .......Priceless.

Plus............Many, many more interesting techniques, concepts and exercises that will allow you to supercharge your energy like a dynamo.....

There is so much more, for you to find out. YOU already know what is possible when you learn how to Increase and manipulate Chi Power -

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Your signature brain wave activity is distinctive for you. It has a unique rhythm and pattern which has created over time and by means of routine. Acoustic Brainwave Activation systems can help you build new patterns and increase frequencies that you might be missing or needing additional of. For instance for those who have difficulty focusing, have a look at Beta and Gamma centered applications. Or if you have difficulty soothing, explore theta, alpha or even delta programs

Investigation from the human brain also as measurements of brain waves conclude that there are 4 simple active and passive circumstances from the brain, that are in immediate correlation using the physical reactions.

1. Beta-Waves (over 13Hz, at centre about 14-16 Hz and as much as thirty Hz) These waves decide brain activity throughout awake, tense and lively conditions. At the forefront are the consciousness, influenced by exterior stimuli, the processing of mental impressions and important considering. Within the constructive beta location, a situation of elevated concentration is current. Elevated frequencies past a particular limit trigger harmful circumstances, such as stress, fear as well as panic. Overly elevated beta-wave-shares cause a greater output of stress-hormones.

2. Alpha-Waves (8-13 Hz) They seem inside a peaceful situation when the eyes are closed within the stage among rest and waking hours. Qualities are nice rest, constructive mood and a feeling of physique and spirit integration.

3. Theta-Waves (4-8 Hz) They typically build throughout rest, dreaming and deep meditation. The formation with the sub-consciousness is now lively. This zone is characterized by vivid creativity capability, enhanced learning and recollection ability, fantasy and instinct.

4. Delta-Waves (0.5-4 Hz) They seem mostly during deep-sleep and therefore are rarely experienced during wakening hrs. The accompanying psychological conditions are a dreamless rest, trance and deep-hypnosis. Delta waves are of outstanding importance for healing processes as well as the working of the immune program.

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The history of Chi Kung can be traced back to about five thousand years ago in China. Since there were emperors ruling over the country claiming to be the "Son of the Sky" (a traditional concept that was used to fool the common people, "Sky" in ancient time in China sometimes is equivalent to "God", the emperors wanted the people to believe that they were authorized by "God" to rule over, so listen and obey at all time, no question asked) who loved the power, glory, position and privilege so much that they wanted immortality.

People of knowledge tried very hard to satisfy their emperor. Roughly speaking, there were two groups of people studying this, the first group tended to use medicine, it ended up that eleven emperors in Chinese history have been poisoned to death by this so called "Immortality Medicine". The second group found that the best medicine had been existing in our bodies already, which were born with. Our job is to cultivate it, make it stronger and accumulate it to a certain part of the body and make use of it. People practice this tends to live longer according to statistics but not yet be immortal. This kind of exercises is called "Chi Kung" to-day.

What is Chi Kung?

In China, it is called "Chi", in Japan it is called "Ki", have you ever heard of Aikido? In India, it is called "Purana", ask the Yoka people, In Philippine, it is called "Mana", in Europe, it is called "Aura". There are about 30 names for about the same thing. You see, in human history, not only Chinese struggled to find out the secret of "Chi". Around the world in the past, people sensed that there was something you couldn't see, didn't know what color, how heavy, what smell, closely related to our bodies and lives did exist.

In the Chi-Kung eBook, everything is explained from the point of view of a scientist, so you can understand and handle it easily. Not at all those abstract, fancy, classic, difficult Chinese terminologies. There is a term which is more substantial in the Western World to describe it. You can temporarily put it equal to "bio-electricity" for the time being (actually it is more than that). Our bodies are conductors, electricity can pass through. You know some eel can produce electricity, so do our bodies. But why we don't feel it, the reason is that the electricity we produce is too weak to be detected. But, in some special situation, the famous Chinese scientist, the father of missile of China ---Dr. Chin Hoc Sum called it "The Chi Kung Situation", we can feel it. This e-book teaches us how to practice to set up this Chi Kung Situation so that we can feel this bio-electricity and accumulate it to become stronger and stronger, finally it circulate along the meridians driven by or led by our "Intent ". Kungin Chinese means "exercise" or "function" or "work' sometimes. This means that we have to work for it. We reap what we sow.

Sifu Tommy Cheng is a legendary man who was an actor and action choreographer in Kung Fu movies for about 20 years where he became a close friend of Bruce Lee. Check this: http://www.chi-kung.us/ to know more about Chi-Kung!