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Taoist QiGong Internal Alchemy offers the spiritual explorer a time tested array of formulas, teachings, exercises and visualizations to explore this often elusive inner terrain.

Looking Within
For the spiritual seeker, the first step on the path of discovering your true nature is to look within. In Internal Alchemy, these initial steps guide you by forming a body-mind connection that enables you to explore your inner terrain with a strong foundation. As you learn to work with the energy of your organs you are able to transform stored emotions, traumas and injuries that sustain the suffering, which many paths, encounter along the way. The QiGong healinghelps the individual concentrating on the energy of the organs. This simple yet profound approach of directing positive emotions has been proven over centuries to support the emergence and renewal of your essential being!

Activating Human Potential
In the next step, you learn how to activate your human potential through disciplines that increase the capacity of your body to receive and store your vital life force energy. By directing your awareness into your body you are able to develop a new supportive structure which aligns with the natural forces of heaven and earth. This posture benefits you with immovable strength, deep relaxation, and undisturbed stillness. This can be done by proper QiGong exercise. With Taoist QiGong Internal Alchemy you are able to bring a new vitality into all centers of your body, especially the brain which houses the pituitary and pineal glands. Your practice awakens and enlivens your ability to perceive, to act, and to become fully yourself.

Experiencing Spirit
This Taoist system of self-cultivation opens and activates a hidden anatomy of energy lines that pass through your vital organs, heart and brain. The biochemical and glandular changes that occur are linked to the mystical internal alchemy which offers a powerful experience of insight and enlightenment along your journey.

Spiritual Growth Path DVDs from Pacific Tao
For the full development of your body-mind-spirit the entire Taoist QiGong Internal Alchemy Study Series is available from Pacific tao to support your personal path.

Specific sets such as the Inner Transformation QiGong DVDs set are focused on the spiritual benefits of QiGong.

You will learn how the physical body can energetically support the spirit. Learn to develop an integrated structure that is supported by your own internal strength and a powerful alignment with the earth. Be able to keep your strength alive in movement while incorporating deep relaxation and flow. Discover how to heal yourself and others by learning hands on methods which support emotional harmony, physical well being and increase vital life force energy. Experience profound unity with a source founded on holistic participation in Life!

JSTSEO is an internationally recognized all faiths author of spiritual self help articles. Today, spiritual counseling has become quite important and many individuals are resorting to it, to attain heights of spiritual growth. The QiGong healinghelps the individual concentrating on the energy of the organs.