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China Investment Advisory Network News April 14, Zhuxi County, Hubei Province Water Ping, the peak of the two towns to complete the Model 200 acres planted honeysuckle. Currently, the county planned area of 12 mu of medicinal spring, 10.5 acres have been completed, the rest will be completed next month. Zhuxi County, relying on authentic Chinese herbal medicines, medicinal plant diversity patterns of exploration and practice, involving as many as 15 million farmers have emerged out of more than 200 medicinal herbs specialized villages, not only the green hills, is also rich farmers, promote local agriculture economic and rural development. Family income last year, more than 150 million yuan wild Chinese medicinal herbs county farmers 400 yuan per capita income.

 Currently, the county Feng Town, Taoyuan Township, Coptis, bladder, Coltsfoot Flower, Spring Town, Hubei Tsubosato the Scrophulariaceae, Eucommia ulmoides, Atractylodes and other species have formed a certain scale. A dominant species of a township, a few dominant species of a base village is taking shape.

Traditional Chinese medicine base to promote the county building, Zhuxi herbs and Wuhan University School of Medicine Office of the Joint declaration of the diversity of medicinal Zhuxi County Construction and GAP production model demonstration projects, defined as the dominant species Coptis carried out 1,000 acres of native GAP standardized Chinese herbal medicine planting demonstration project has been Provincial Science and Technology Department, the provincial finance into the "library with a competitive edge," to support it. GAP through Demonstration Base of Chinese herbal medicines, Chinese herbal medicine wild native transfer home health tests, experiments and demonstrations to introduce new varieties of Chinese herbal medicine, traditional Chinese medicine base for the county's large-scale construction to provide high-yield seeds and planting operations standardized technical specification.

Among them, E Tsubosato of GAP technology Park, has been fighting for more than 100 million capital investment project, gradually supporting base of water, electricity, road construction, speed up the demonstration plant honeysuckle, Gongju, impatient, Atractylodes, papaya, etc. 5 varieties of 250 acres. According to the structure of different species, sub-regional development five demonstration film, supporting set operation Road, the implementation of semi-mechanized cultivation. This spring and summer, this medicine technology Park priority to the cultivation of Chinese medicinal herbs and Planting seeds for the autumn for the last Takahashi, Albatron, weir blue, Zi Tong Ya, Kowloon Bay Village, 5000 9 acres of herbs to provide good seed-growing areas.

Chinese herbal medicine is Zhuxi modern agro-industry, planting a long history, very rich in resources. According to "Zhuxi Flora," recorded more than 1200 kinds of Chinese herbal medicine within the territory, and therefore, "Zhuxi vegetation half drug," said. Coptis Zhuxi of bergamot is the county treasures and the famous Chinese herbal medicine exports, "Compendium of Materia Medica", called "Our Lady of drugs in" territorial Road, herbs, high yield, good quality, best-selling domestic and international market.

Currently, Bamboo Creek to Forest land-based ecosystem modeling Coptis cultivation acreage has reached more than 6,000 acres, the other more than 100 kinds of medicinal spring has reached 10 million mu of small, homologous Houttuynia food and medicine, ginger, Chinese yam, cinnamon acreage than in previous years, etc..

Zhuxi as early as the fifties of last century was the State Department awarded the "Hometown of Chinese Coptis" title. In recent years, returning farmland to forests and natural forest protection, planting Zhuxi stop the tree felling "pile down shed," Coptis, so fewer and fewer Coptis, market demand and supply shortages, high prices. To meet the market demand and resources to the advantage of the transfer of goods, Zhuxi county government and industry associations to guide Yaonong medicine to carry out ecological cultivation of Coptis chinensis Rehmannia successful imitation, the quality of its varieties has not changed, the output doubled, from 6 years to shorten the growth cycle to 5 years to address the forest with contradictions.

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Clematis in the north of the important species of wild medicinal one, is mainly produced in northeast China and North Korea. The product has Qufeng pain and other effects dehumidification collaterals, Strong Sales for the winter and spring varieties.

Price movements from the perspective of 10 years clematis, clematis long-term trend remains bullish, this stems from the limited nature of their wild resources, scarcity. Species in the absence of a market at home before the mainstream, the scarcity of resources Clematis will always lead the trend, bullish trend is inevitable.

HC Pharmacy Industrial network with map

Into 2000, the clematis because of long-term price and neglect of acquisition, price from 4 yuan (kg price, the same below) soaring 6 ~ 6.5. But its resources are abundant and large cargo after the 2000 annual listing of the new, tight-like ease, price dropped to 4 yuan. 2002 annual output of new, as previous price and the initial production of new people are not actively harvesting, large goods to market, the more operators to purchase and the price at 6 yuan. Into the 2003 annual output of new, good prices, people actively harvesting, delivery of goods, opening of part of businesses, market steep drop, leading to production of new mid-and late into the market is greatly reduced, the price rise, price stable at 5.5 yuan. 2004 annual new production areas offer price is too low, producing Yaonong harvest, and acquisition of non-profit business, excluding shipping costs, margins are thin. Yield little new capacity will rise again later, after the fall at the same time, with the coming quarter, with the end of the year rose from 5.5 to 6 yuan. This price is moderate, Yaonong more enthusiasm, combined with fresh produce Northern supplement to the overall trend from 2005 to 2007 remained stable, the price remained at around 6 to 6.5, stock market gradually digested. Annual output of new early 2007, prices remained stable, into October, the Northern fresh produce to market less, market heard this sky, the price rose to 7 to 7.5 yuan, entered in February 2008, due to goods not a rich northeast, weak stock market, prices surging again, broke through to 10 yuan mark. High stimulation producing detailed excavation, new products, the market has improved slightly, raise the cost of business support delivery. Into 2009, producing goods market are small, less North Korean sources still to city, has stimulated use of quarter, producing lean, prices soared again, the market system for the price rise in March to 15 yuan. In April, started producing new products, high prices stimulate the production area excavation, the price plunge.

Still constrained by the current trend Clematis resources and funds, reflected in the market, is price. Clematis triumph this year, up 10 yuan from the system loading to 15 yuan, or 50%. Can be said that the new products this year, before the goods market and the less common origin, while the price rose too fast early, part of the business success of profit, choose to produce a new proactive shipping profits. 4 per month into the new, Yaonong stimulated by high prices, new goods become available, some businesses in producing positive purchases, up and down the market in short supply, drive prices down, On unification commodity price drop to 11 yuan. Although the short-term market decline, it should be noted down in the early production of new excavation will lead to producing a chain reaction down the enthusiasm. Two years ago, last year's cost of goods was steadily pushed up the market will bring stability.

Over the years, the domestic market mainly depend on the supply of Clematis Northeast and North Korea, with the consumption of resources, although the decline every year, but not depleted, prices rose by early clematis Northern reduce the impact of fresh produce to market the last two years by the Northern fresh produce all kinds of factors, reduced access to markets, directly driving the price higher Clematis, once these factors ruled out, the Northern fresh produce available, would constitute a domestic supply shock. Therefore, management must pay close attention to the varieties of the movements of the Northern fresh produce.

In addition, high prices by clematis, a large number of counterfeit goods of inferior quality flooding the market, constitute a trend for some of its adverse effects. But we should see that these factors can not change to reduce long-term resource Clematis facts and trends of wild species become home to change their fate inevitable depletion of ways.

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How would you like, if you could use the benefits of a deep tissue massage without applying any deep pressure? Cupping massage offers just the right kind of alternative. A cupping massage uses suctions and negative pressure instead of deep pressure, which breaks up the scar tissues from the prior injuries. Cupping massage comes from the traditional Chinese herbal medicine. During a cupping massage, the practitioner will place a flame inside a glass. This flame draws oxygen from the glass cup, thereby creating a vacuum. The practitioner then immediately places the open end of the cup onto a body part. This vacuum creates a suction-like, and a negative pressure than cures the underlying tissues from the deep injuries. This stimulation increases the blood flow in that area.

Chinese herbal medicine is one of the oldest cultures of medicine in the world. It is almost 2,000 years old. The goal of Chinese herbal medicine has always been to balance the body as a whole and not just to treat the symptoms. In order to cure the root of the illness, traditional Chinese medicines use a variety of methods like Acupuncture, massage and herbal supplement for the body along with other meditative exercises.

In the present western world, the scientists have devoted much of their time and energy to find out the reason behind the success of the Chinese herbal medicine. This recently has come into notice, that all the herbs that are used have been chemically analyzed as well. The reason behind the success of these Chinese herbal medicines is thousands of years of practice mainly. The modern science has begun embracing the immense possibilities of power for traditional Chinese herbal medicine to help numerous people with some great results.

Acupuncture is another form of traditional Chinese medicine. Acupuncture with the help of a healthy diet, exercise and meditation therapy helps the cure of almost any disease. It releases the toxins within the body and also helps in the decompressions of the muscles within the body.

It is commonly believed that acupuncture can not only help in nausea but back pains and some other minor problems as well. However, this therapy can also treat cancer patients. Acupuncture gives strength back to the body and also improves the stamina to fight off diseases.

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The Chinese traditional herbal medicines have been used for over 2000 years in China. Most of Chinese are still using it now. It is a billions business in China, but the industry doesn't change much since thousands years ago. The Chinese government is trying to modernize this big industry. It will change the way of lots people doing their business.
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