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Health Matters for week of Nov. 16
He will give an introduction to traditional Chinese healing arts including acupuncture, herbs and tai chi and offer a framework of how Chinese medicine works and the nature of health, disease and healing. After the talk, sample acupuncture treatments ...
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Nobel Renews Debate on Chinese Medicine
In fact, in its award, the Nobel committee specifically said it was not honoring Chinese medicine, even though Artemisia has been in continuous use for centuries to fight malaria and other fevers, and even though Dr. Tu said she figured out the ...
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Gone to Jungle For Healing, Holistic Plants & Spiritual Work: WATCH What Happens
“If you ask a shaman or a medicine woman which plant cures cancer, there's no one answer. You can't sit in a hotel room and drink herbs,” he said. “If you look into ancient folk medicine from indigenous cultures, all the way to ancient Chinese medicine ...
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