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Weight loss and management - a Chinese medicine approach
It's February, yet some of us are still feeling the evidence of the joys and bellyful of the Christmas season. Weight management isn't rocket science, but it sure feels that way. In many cases, the key to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is ...
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Pentothal, Postcards and the Journey of a Drug from Life to Death
What comes through, however, is the fascinating use of (oriental) visual and textual tropes to deliver a glowing recommendation to Pentothal that by the 1950s had become a popular anaesthetic for short procedures. The fact that 'doctors there (in the ...
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Different health condition causes hand numbness
Rather than simply attributing it to simple bad circulation, it is recommended to seek professional advice to properly diagnose the underlying cause and be treated for it. The writer practices oriental medicine at the UN Oriental Medical Clinic in ...
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