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Traditional Chinese medicine New process plant extracts
Recent decades, the production of Chinese herbal medicine to achieve a certain degree of mechanization and semi-mechanization. Traditional Chinese medicine is often considered low content of active ingredients, impurities, unstable and therefore more established drugs based on the experience, not integration with modern medicine. To address this problem, traditional Chinese medicine must take the road of extraction and purification. Chinese medicine extraction, including extraction, clarification, filtration and evaporation, and many of the unit operation. Leaching is a very important unit operation, is the starting point for the majority of traditional Chinese medicine production.

Extraction technology is good or bad, is directly related to Chinese herbal medicines Utilization and ease of subsequent processing. Leaching can be seen as an important part of modern Chinese medicine production, and therefore the study and optimize the leaching process of Chinese medicine is necessary.

1 gene principles, and factors Chinese medicine is the solvent leaching into the medicine, the active ingredients to the liquid phase transfer from the group process. Is generally believed that active ingredients in herbal medicines is to determine the leaching rate of the spread of the main steps. The main factors affecting extraction solvent, temperature, pressure, size of material of solid and liquid flow status.

Solvent polarity, viscosity and other properties of plant tissues affected the leaching rate of different substances and dissolution. Water and ethanol are the most commonly used solvent, the two solutions to mix a great influence on the leaching of Chinese herbal medicines.

Temperature and pressure rise, spread faster and also speed up the leaching rate. But the temperature is too high may damage heat-sensitive components. Decoction used in traditional Chinese medicine production is carried out under atmospheric pressure boiling point. But there are also reports that the decompression operation will help improve water herbs to eat, to loose tissue and is conducive to leaching.

The smaller size of material, BET surface area, the faster leaching. But the size is too small will increase the leaching of impurities, separation and purification difficult. The higher rate of relative motion of solid to liquid, the solution the more intense turbulence will lead to boundary layer thinning, update to speed up and improve the leaching rate. Research and results

2 2.1 Optimization of the traditional process and equipment innovations
For Chinese extract Process energy consumption large, impurities and low efficiency of state in recent years, many scholars from different angles on the Chinese extracting process was trial and error and optimization, while maintaining "Chinese characteristics" under the premise of the progressive realization of proprietary Chinese medicines manufactured scientific, standardized, and standardization.

Traditional process is through mass production and testing of clinical practice, and theory of very close contact. Optimization of the traditional benefits available to the most direct, the work has been mostly concentrated in this area. When experts to extract pH, extraction time, when the pH is variable acidification, alkaline extraction of the CSC has been optimized. Found that when the pH value of extracting the effect on the maximum extraction, extraction time and the impact of acidification when the pH value was not significant. Coarse-grained experts glycyrrhizin preparation conditions were optimized, given the juice volume and acidity in acid than the old process of new high technology, while the impregnation time of the original process only 1 / 12, to close slaughter also improved significantly.

Expert on water extraction, water extraction and alcohol precipitation, diluted alcohol extract and water extract of lime precipitation was prepared Honeysuckle Extract A comparative study, found that dilute aqueous alcohol extraction efficiency compared with nearly 40%, both of which consume 18 times the volume of solvent, time-consuming 4h. Alcohol precipitation: France recyclable chlorogenic acid 90%, far better than the yield of milk of lime precipitation, mainly due to the alkaline hydrolysis of chlorogenic acid, and precipitation at the same time not completely, precipitating agent on the product have adsorption also has a relationship.

Zhang Yonghong, etc. of different extraction conditions in the anthraquinone of rhubarb extract the content. Different concentrations of ethanol extract of total anthraquinone, free anthraquinone, anthraquinone, the contents of combining alcohol concentration on a linear regression. Combined with the percentage found in anthraquinone content and concentration of alcohol has some correlation with the increase of ethanol concentration are slightly increasing trend, while anthraquinones with little change in ethanol concentration. Ethanol is better than water extraction. As long heating some anthraquinone will be destroyed, boiling time can not be too long.

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