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Recently, the network Red "oil Tai Mei" has become the focus of the civilian hero, a great uproar in the network. With another network Red "Xifeng" different is that the "oil Tai Mei" silence to thousands of users into a deep thought.

Why thousands of users of silence? "Oil Tai Mei" into a new type of white-collar killers

"Yau Tai Mei" Who are they?

"Oil Tai Mei" is a private company Shanghai white-collar, just graduated, was born near the body she was checking the oil too much blood, which led to blood banks do not accept her love.

Myriad friends why silent? According to information from a medical center of the country's largest data: almost one in five medical examination of young people who have an excessive blood lipids, blood is also the phenomenon of too much oil. But also from national epidemiological statistics show that the current rapid growth in hyperlipidemia population, age distribution and further areas of a younger age.

This regard, China Medical University, professor of cardiovascular medicine specialist PANG Wen-Yue said: "The fast pace of life in urban white-collar workers, work pressure, Diet Irregular, lack of exercise, about 40% of people are high blood cholesterol. Many young people do not know high blood lipids, usually in units of physical, medical, or look at other diseases recruitment process will be found in dyslipidemia. "It is reported that more than 40% of the young blood lipids exceeded, and this proportion continues to rise.

National director of cardiovascular clinical trials, Chun-Yan Zhu, Zhongshan Hospital, Professor of Medicine, in large and medium cities, each of the three deaths for every one person in die of cardiovascular disease, cardiovascular-related deaths accounted for by the the proportion of the total death toll has reached 35.8%, with male mortality of 37% of total mortality, more than cancer to become the first big man "killer." Leading to cardiovascular disease in the various risk factors, high blood cholesterol has risen to be the "number one killer."

How to avoid "too much blood oil" on the health hazards?

Study shows that younger hyperlipidemia, in addition to genetic factors, unhealthy ways of working with young people (work pressure, long-term meditation, stress, anxiety, etc.), unhealthy lifestyles (less action, long-term stay up late, etc.) and poor eating habits (excessive consumption of foods high in fat, drunk Wine , Smoking, etc.) and other factors. Nutrition imbalances such as excessive intake of saturated fatty acids, trace elements and vitamins inadequate intake coupled with smoking, drinking and other bad eating and living habits cause blood viscosity, blood fat high; busy, making physical activity increasingly less physical decline; and spirit of the high degree of tension or excessive anxiety, often lead to or aggravate the development of hyperlipidemia.

Should therefore be tackled from the roots. Professor Zhu Jun Ren call the office for each family as far as possible to stand up after sitting for an hour, and as many as possible to participate in sports.

Experts pointed out that "oil Tai Mei" phenomenon is not the case, but "too much blood oil" flashpoints were younger, to resolve and contain the problem, food is basic but the more important solutions. First of all, should be eating high cholesterol and high fat foods such as organ meats, red Meat And so on. Also will have to eat more fruits and vegetables, grains Cereal , In particular, Beans Products.

Reporter learned that, Bean products Can regulate blood lipid balance. Because soy contains large amounts of soy protein, and linoleic acid, linolenic acid, soy isoflavones, soy lecithin, saponins glycosides and other components, through a number of scientific research that they lower cholesterol, prevent atherosclerosis has some effect. We know that cardiovascular disease is the first modern urban people with severe, and the Ministry of Health data show that 77% of the root causes of cardiovascular disease comes from dyslipidemia, or blood is too oil. U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in 1999 issued a health statement, suggested that the U.S. people "to eat 25 grams of soy protein a day may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease," because soy has some effect on lowering blood lipids. Since then, soy products quickly became popular in the United States in 2008 reached 4.1 billion dollars in sales, sales of soy milk the largest of which, even more than selling Milk Also expensive, this is because Americans fully to recognize that the health value of soy products, and soy milk to drink up the most convenient.

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Last year, the soybean milk hot, attracting many companies have introduced the soybean milk, but most companies are not short-term professional production line, just select out OEM.



Sell crazy once in 2008, the United States was once again heavily involved in the choice. Compared with the last time the United States in the high-profile intervention Soymilk markets, because many, not only showed a specific sales goal, also launched a large-scale production base and marketing teams to expand.

The face of a train on his own, and support for its market, nine of beauty into the soybean milk Yang market is not unexpected. In fact, as early as 2001, the United States of the cut into the soybean milk industry, but because the overall market was small, the United States in this area and space available to return smaller, after entering the action is not, once mistaken for the outside world out.

Recently, a

Small appliances

Dealers told reporters the United States in the selection re-enter the soybean milk market is fancy short-term rate of return of this product. Once the situation is lower, will choose not rule out another exit. After all, compared with nine sun only do Soymilk, beauty and many other industries to choose from.

Toxic milk beauty trap

An industry told reporters that many people selling products last year Soymilk and enlarge the market size, due to "toxic milk" incident leveraging. Indeed, this is Soymilk misreading the market. The source told reporters, even if not toxic milk incident, China's soybean milk market after 10 years of development, to focus on the time blowout.

The source said, in recent years as people's living standard rising, spending power has increased substantially. Meanwhile, China has to drink soy milk for thousands of years the number of traditional customs, but also for the popularity of this product provides a good cultural background. Furthermore, soybean milk machine inventors and promoters can not ignore the role played by the Kowloon-yang.

Group General Manager Wang Xuning

9 Yang also believes that the sun in the soybean milk market, nine achieved, is obtained after long-term investment returns. Watch Soymilk market from scratch, from small to large, comprehensive strength of nine sun has also been significantly improved.

One in Shanghai 5 years in sales of small home appliances business told journalists last year, the United States, the DF-30 enterprises and so suddenly into the soybean milk market in the market and optional. However, consumers to the stores and supermarkets to buy soybean milk, the sun will be named to 9, other brands have become the 9 yang supporting roles. The business also revealed that consumers recognized nine Yang is 10 years of their professional and only do Soymilk investment trust.

Last year, the soybean milk hot, attracting many companies have introduced the soybean milk, but most companies are not short-term professional production line, just select out OEM. Some dealers have admitted to reporters that they are not chosen to enter these new brands, if they are for short-term profit, to the time and then quit, products


Who controls?


Money can buy.

Beauty staged Jigong dilatation

At least the next 3? 5 years to the United States in the existing network structure, competitive strengths, can not start the most direct sun on the nine contest and Competition. It is to see this situation, the United States of soybean milk to a strong promotional strategy. 1


Merchant said the market last year after the intervention Soymilk, the United States launched a short-term upgrade of the market share, grabbing promotions end consumer demand and large price war. Meanwhile, sales of network construction, the beauty is not routinely play, advance the interests of the temptation to attract businesses to purchase, do not test qualification and the strength of business, requires short-term rapid Distribution Sales. Industry experts believe that the price war with the United States of brand image is very negative, in

Air conditioning



Are in the U.S. market high-end brands.

R & D in the product features and America also played the "concept card" to Europe and the United States "fast food culture" to introduce innovative features Soymilk, launched the "bubble-free" Soymilk. This production of milk products save time, meet the white-collar workers in the fast paced life to take, but by nutritionists generally questioned, criticized the destruction of the traditional milk product production process, resulting in the loss of nutrients.

Reporter noted, and the United States to play in the concept of big brand soybean milk machine is different for the industry with the launch of a new army Dong Ling is more practical fruit Soymilk, creatively soybean milk, juice machine,

Electric kettle

Three machines into one, opened up a completely different with the nine sun products competitive strategy.

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