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Insomnia is a disease in which a patient suffers from lack of sleep. Insomnia can occur at any age but it is becoming wide spread problem in adults. The symptoms of insomnia are; sleeplessness, sleeping for short spans during the night, waking up in the middle of night or early hours of the morning and not being able to fall asleep again. At times you fall asleep for several hours but your body and mind still feels unrest and tired. This is very painful when you do not get complete rest and it may lead to other serious diseases and medical conditions. You feel restless tired and irritable and you are not able to focus on your work properly. It also affects your appetite which can adversely affect your health.

You can find its treatment in modern medicine which may not be the best solution for this problem. Many people try to cure insomnia by taking sleeping pills, but it is not the right solution and may lead to drug dependency and other problems in the longer run.

The best way to get out of this problem and get back your natural sleep is through acupuncture. As acupuncture is a complete body treatment which corrects all functions including sleep disorder. Acupuncture is actually practiced by inserting fine needles in the body to balance the energy in your body. It stimulates or relaxes certain nerves and muscles in your body to attain a number of effects.

Acupuncture works remarkably for insomnia because it brings back your natural sleep through natural remedies without drugs which might become a form of addiction later on. While you are receiving acupuncture treatment, your nervous system begins to calm you down as the acupuncture needles work by taking out your stresses and balancing your body energy and eliminate the causes of your insomnia. Patient may even fall asleep on the treatment table.

After first treatment of acupuncture you will get a much satisfactory sleep (sleep like a baby) but after several days the symptoms of insomnia may occur again and that would be the indication for having your insomnia treatment more frequently. Your problem of insomnia might take several acupuncture treatments per week for several weeks to fully get rid of.

Many people who get their treatment for pain relief through acupuncture, get their natural and comfortable sleep with this treatment so why not treating insomnia with this soothing therapy? Therefore avoid being addicted to sleeping pills and go for acupuncture for your insomnia as it is a reliable and healthy way to resolve chronic insomnia.

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About acupuncture

Acupuncture is one of the oldest treatment methods, incorporated from the ethnic Japan, China and Korea; in which very fine needles are inserted into some parts of the body, known as pressure points, to eliminate or reduce all types of disease and pains from the body. Acupuncture therapy mainly is based on balancing the body's inner strength or Chi or life energy by enhancing the spiritual, emotional and physical harmony.

Acupuncture practices

Acupuncture centers use a series of fantastic techniques to cure all diseases in the body. The techniques used are like acupuncture therapy with or without needles. For patients who are scared of needles, the advanced needle less acupuncture techniques have proven to be very helpful. These methods include Cupping Therapy, Ultrasonopuncture, Moxibustion, and Soft Laser Therapy, T.E.N.S and Acutron, etc.

Conventional Chinese acupuncture

This is the most common form of acupuncture used, recently, in the United States. Chinese acupuncture used for nose, eye, ear, and throat problems, respiratory problems, circulatory problems, addiction, gastrointestinal disorders, genitor urinary disorders, immune system disorders, emotional and psychological disorders, musculoskeletal and neurological disorders and weight loss.
Japanese style acupuncture

Japanese style acupuncture use thinner and tiny needles with less stimulation in the body and generally work a bit slowly than the other methods.

Korean hand acupuncture

Most of Korean acupuncturists focus on hand therapy; this technique can be used individually or with other manual healing techniques as well.

4. Auricular acupuncture

Ear acupuncture, also called auricular therapy, is based on the ideology of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Auricular therapy is broadly used for many conditions, including addiction treatment, obesity, pain control, mood disorders, and other conditions.

Insomnia and depression

Insomnia is a disorder which prevents people from getting proper amount of sleep throughout 27/7 span. Anxiety and depression lead to several mental and physical diseases in people, causing problems in living a harmonious and healthy life.

Acupuncture as a treatment for insomnia, depression and anxiety

Acupuncture for poor blood circulation is a helpful method. Normally, poor blood circulation leads to chronic headache, migraine and nausea. In acupuncture therapy needles are inserted on various points of the meridian and thereby reduce all types of illness. With improved blood circulation improved by acupuncture, one is also benefited with sharper cognition, better concentration, enriched sleep, positive and vibrant feelings about life and also develops a healthy appetite.

Acupuncture is very essential for treating insomnia, depression, and anxiety. Acupuncture reduces energy blocked in the capillaries and veins. This improves the complex signaling to the brain, which results in a relaxed and proper sleep as the smooth flow of energy cures all types of depression and anxiety very quickly.

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Chinese Herbs For Insomnia

How many times have you complained of not sleeping well? Sleep is a very crucial part of one's health. Sleep relaxes your body and makes it ready for the stress the following day. Without a restful sleep, it becomes very impossible for you to do your chores and your day-to-day routines. Chinese Herbs For Insomnia

Insomnia is the disease characterized by the lack of sleep. And this can be treated easily with Chinese traditional medicine. If you have sleeping problems, acupressure and acupuncture can help you. These two are the most effective ways to treat diseases as far as the Chinese way of curing health concerns is concerned.

However, there are also Chinese herbs that can be used against insomnia. The most popular one is the Suan Zao Ren. This herb looks like a small red date growing in the wild and mountainous areas of China. It is a small shrubby plant with thorns. It has a relatively sweet and sour taste that makes it a good fruit to eat. Aside from treating insomnia, this herb can also calm the spirit and address the effects of stress. With regular use, this herb is best for insomnia caused by anxiety and everyday pressure.

Gui Pi Wan is another Chinese herb that can be used to fight insomnia. This one is recommended for people with heart and spleen disorders. It is the herbal formula for students who tend to work their mental processes out.

For those who suffer from kidney and heart imbalances, the Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan is suggested. This is also the herb of choice for women on their peri-menopausal stages, as well as the elderly. It can help these people sleep well during the night longer. It would also make them feel more energetic and refreshed as they wake up in the morning. This Chinese medicine for insomnia is also best for people suffering from depression and nervous exhaustion.

The combination of Chinese bitters and coptis are also helpful against insomnia. Chinese bitters are usually taken during the morning. The coptis, on the other hand, is the herb for use during the night. If the Chinese herb coptis is not available, curcuma can be taken alternately. These herbs can detoxify and cleanse the liver for better body processes. They can also treat depression by unblocking the liver energy. Curcuma stimulates the circulation of energy and resolves issues with bruises and blood clots. Chinese Herbs For Insomnia

Other ideas to treat insomnia with Chinese medicine:

Cure Insomnia With An Shen Bu Xin Wan

This formula has the ability of treating a person's sleep disorder fast and easy.
Mother of pearl shells is the chief ingredient of this formula as it can settle the heart and calm the spirit. Take An Shen Bu Xin Wan pills three times a day for you to have enough sleep every time you want to relax. You can discontinue taking the pill if stomach irritation or indigestion occurs.

Emperor's Tea remedies For Insomnia

Emperor's tea can remove the toxins in the heart blood and the yin. It can also clear out heat deficiencies. The emperor's tea contains an ingredient called schizandra berries that is capable of increasing your body's resistance to diseases. It also improves the body's capacity in handling stress.
Emperor's tea should be taken for as long as one month to have long-last effect. Take 8 pills 3 times a day.

An Mien Pien For Insomnia Treatment

This Chinese medicinal pill contains two chief ingredients - the ziziphus seed and the polygala root. These two ingredients have a sedative, hypnotic, and nourishing effect to the body, while calming the heart. It can help address anxiety, restlessness and insomnia. Take 4 tablets three times a day. Chinese Herbs For Insomnia

Stop suffering from Sleeping Disorder again.

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