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Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that helps handle the circulation of energy or qi into a home. Energy flows with the yin or peaceful and yang or loud of a variety of structures. Your baby may benefit from including some Feng Shui into the Davinci Furniture nursery set up.

Very first and foremost there are no hard and fast guidelines to incorporating Feng Shui into your home. That being said one critical rule of thumb to keep in mind is that qi flows by way of home windows and doorways, so do not stick your DaVinci furniture directly in the route of the qi or you could decrease the circulation or expose yourself and your child to too much energy and disrupt your natural life rhythms.

Stick your Divinci crib so that the headboard is on a wall and that child can see who is arriving via the doorway without hindering any qi. If there is a low table in the room it should be placed on the right side considering that the “get prepared” energy is close to the ground. Higher items like a lamp or coat rack can be positioned on the right, but remember to keep it out of baby’s reach to prevent injuries.

Mirrors bounce energy back to its level of origin. Do not stick mirrors directly across from home windows or doors or arriving energy can be pushed right out. Putting a mirror directly across from the crib is a bad strategy as well since qi from there is merely bounced back, and not giving it the natural release it should have.

A huge component of Feng Shui is to get and keep areas organized and clutter free. To help you do that, get Divinci furniture like the dresser with 4 drawers. This DaVinci dresser has extra large drawers to store infant’s clothes and games organized and out of sight until needed. For changing baby, the Parker collection has the 2 door changer with shelves and drawers inside to keep all of baby’s changing supplies organized for one hand reaching and use. Either dresser or changer or other DaVinci furniture storage options should have a great deal of space left over for linens and bedding to be stored in as well.

If you arrange your DaVinci Furniture around the room with fully aware intent to develop a positive energy flow then baby is certain to benefit.  You’ll also take pleasure in the space much better if things are exactly where they should be.

Many people who have surgery wish that there were other options in order to help remedy the problems that they are experiencing.  Well if you live in the Portland area, you can look into other methods of healing which are very effective.  One such way is through Oriental medicine in Portland.  If you are interested in this type of alternative approach, there are a few tips that you can follow in order to make sure that you get the best possible treatment, and to save some money while doing it.

The first thing to do is to make sure that you do your due diligence.  This means to use the Internet and maybe word of mouth to find out more about the Oriental medicine in Portland to find out which places have a great reputation, as well as knowing which places have a bad reputation.  Obviously the places with a good reputation is one of the best places to go as you will be able to get a good treatment there and be happy nine times out of ten.  It is also important to get a history of the doctors credentials in order to find out how much experience they really have in the field of Oriental medicine.

Once you have done a little digging around, the next thing to do is to be able to get  some of the products that the Oriental medicine Portland shops are selling. This will help you to start seeing if you are getting results.  Make sure to consult with the doctor as to what types of herbs and supplements you should be taking, as well as making sure to do the acupuncture and message therapies as well.   If you follow the doctor's orders, you should be able to start seeing results for yourself.  Once you start getting this information, the best thing to do is to keep up the regiment.  Just like a diet or exercise program, the more steady you are, the better results you will get, so make sure to stick to the plan you have been given.

As you can see, the formula for success is finding the right Oriental medicine Portland place, and then following the regiment as best you can. If you do that, you will be able to get the most benefit and be able to determine for yourself if the treatments you are receiving are really helping you to feel better and are reducing pain and other ailments that you may be afflicted with.