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Five Questions To Ask When Considering Health Supplements
For a deeper dive into the science behind a specific supplement, explore the Library of Medicine's PubMed Dietary Supplement Subset. The database includes scientific literature on vitamin, mineral, phytochemical, ergogenic, botanical, traditional ...
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TCM calls for feet soaks
Foot baths were once a daily habit for many in China. Today though, this tradition has been largely washed down the drain. However, adherents of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) still recommend this particular tradition to promote blood circulation ...
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Shuang Shuang: restaurant review
Shuang Shuang occupies a corner site on London's Shaftesbury Avenue, within the capital's Chinatown, and is indeed a Chinese restaurant, albeit one brought here by Thai entrepreneurs. At its heart is the hot pot, a bubbling cauldron of augmented stock ...
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The First Emperor of China (Qin Shihuang) famously consumed mercury because it was thought to preserve his youth. The search for eternal youth leads us to myriad modern-day creams, balms, tonics, lifts, and tucks--but can they really help us age gracefully? Join Bay Area Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner Amy Petrarca, MS, RN, Lac. in an exploration of the fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine.