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Meditation - Healing Powers, Benefits, And How To Get Started

There are many forms of meditation and, although it has its origins in the Eastern cultures, the West is quickly learning the benefits of this relaxing practice. A lot of people think of meditation as some guy sitting on a pillow, legs crossed, eyes closed, humming. However, meditation can be done while sitting on a chair, lying down, sitting at your desk, or just about anywhere. While the many different forms of meditation are as diverse as their types, there is one thing that they all have in common: they focus on calming and quietening a chaotic, busy mind. With as chaotic as our lives today can get, no wonder why more and more are finding the health benefits of meditation.

The goal of meditation is not to end or remove the stimulation. It is more a training of the mind to direct focus and concentration to one element. This single element may be a single sound, a single word or thought, a single image or even the person's own breathing. This is designed to bring calm and peace to the mind by making it focus so that stress, worry and depression are pushed outside of the mind. The mind does not have room to dwell on these things if the calm and peace is successfully brought to the forefront of the consciousness, in the present moment.

There are basically two types or styles of meditation. All of the techniques, both Eastern and Western, can be grouped into one or the other. The first of these styles of meditation is concentrative. This means that the attention is focused on the breath, an image or a sound such as a mantra to still the mind and heighten awareness and carity. Certain types of music can do this.

Concentrative meditation is probably the type of meditation that is familiar to most people. The person sits quietly and focuses their attention on the breath, known as "conscious breathing." This type of meditation is very good for relieving anxiety, stress and distraction because it causes the person to focus and relax.

To perform conscious breathing, sit in a chair or on a pillow on the floor. Close your eyes and breath in deeply through your mouth while saying to yourself, "I am breathing in." When you exhale through your nose (or mouth), say to yourself, "I am breathing out." Picture positivity being breathed in with each breath you take and negativity being expelled each time you exhale. Absorb yourself in the act of breathing in and out, think of nothing else.

The other type of meditation is mindfulness meditation. This type of meditation involves raising your awareness of all the sensations, feelings, images, thoughts, sounds and smells that you encounter each day. However, you do not dwell on them or become involved in thinking about them. The person simply sits quietly and observes the activity of the mind without being drawn into reacting to it or becoming involved in negative reactions to it such as depression or worry. Through this exploration, the person gains a clearer, calmer state of mind that is non-reactive as opposed to bogged down in worry and depression.

Benefits of Meditation:

There are numerous physical and psychological benefits to meditation. As the body rests, the heart rate lowers, as does the metabolic rate and stress is dramatically decreased. Many negative physical and physiological reactions related to stress are decreased or eradicated altogether. Concentration is increased and memory is improved. Additionally, anxiety, depression, moodiness and irritability are decreased while feelings of vitality, happiness, rejuvenation and emotional stability are improved.

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Have you considered seeing an acupuncturist in San Diego but aren't sure what to look for or if your ailments are even treatable via acupuncture?

Luckily, the holistic health practice of acupuncture can treat a broad range of problems, and finding a qualified acupuncture professional in San Diego can be easy if you know what you are looking for. With treatment options ranging from acupuncture and acupressure to Chinese herbs, you are likely to find solutions to your health and wellness complaints that go far beyond what traditional Western medical treatment can offer.

San Diego Acupuncture: Available Treatments

In today's society, we often think of treatment of our health problems as a simple item to check off our daily to-do list. Many people want a quick solution that requires little time or effort. Others may be willing to spend time correcting their health problems, but their doctor simply hands them a prescription and sends them on their way.

Treatment at an acupuncture clinic goes beyond the symptoms; it aims for comprehensive health and wellness care. Many times, seemingly unrelated symptoms that Western medicine may overlook can serve as clues to deeper health problems. A qualified acupuncturist can help you piece together the puzzle pieces using traditional Chinese Medicine and other related treatment modalities.

If you want the best holistic health care in San Diego, you need to find an acupuncture clinic that offers multiple treatment options. Some available treatments at reputable San Diego acupuncture and wellness centers include:

-Acupuncture: Insertion of needles into specific parts of the body to bring about therapeutic responses

-Traditional Chinese Medicine evaluation: A variety of assessment tools, including pulse and tongue diagnosis, as well as observation and collection of the patient's symptoms

-Chinese herbs: Natural herbal treatments that aim to balance the body

-Acupressure: Physical pressure applied to acupuncture points

-Chinese Medical Massage (Tui Na)/Soft Tissue Restoration: Hands-on tissue manipulation

-Qi(Chee) Gung/Meditative Longevity Exercises: Physical and mental training methods

-Diagnostic lab tests

-Nutritional therapy

San Diego Acupuncture: Treatable Conditions

As mentioned, qualified San Diego acupuncturists do not simply treat a single problem; they treat the body as a whole. However, certain physical ailments may be the catalyst to seeking treatment at a San Diego acupuncture or wellness center. Common treatable conditions include:

-Pain: Sciatic nerve, low back pain, neck pain, knee pain, torn ACL, headaches


-Digestive problems






This list represents only a fraction of what can be treated by San Diego acupuncturists. To find out if your particular condition or conditions are treatable, you will need to do some simple research before making your first visit.

San Diego Acupuncture: Finding the Right Acupuncturist

Finding the right acupuncturist for you is not as simple as pulling out the phone book and visiting the first place you find. You want to be sure that you find a true holistic health professional who is passionate about what they do and can offer treatment that is customized to your needs. You can start the process by visiting the acupuncturist's website and getting a feel for what they offer, including any specialties, as well as their education and experience level.

To start your search for San Diego acupuncturists right now, visit http://www.ShpigelAcupuncture.com. Alex Shpigel, L.Ac. has over nine years of clinical experience with acupuncture, herbs, and tui na (Chinese medical
massage), and is constantly upgrading his skills to bring the best and most efficient holistic health care for his patients.

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