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Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that helps handle the circulation of energy or qi into a home. Energy flows with the yin or peaceful and yang or loud of a variety of structures. Your baby may benefit from including some Feng Shui into the Davinci Furniture nursery set up.

Very first and foremost there are no hard and fast guidelines to incorporating Feng Shui into your home. That being said one critical rule of thumb to keep in mind is that qi flows by way of home windows and doorways, so do not stick your DaVinci furniture directly in the route of the qi or you could decrease the circulation or expose yourself and your child to too much energy and disrupt your natural life rhythms.

Stick your Divinci crib so that the headboard is on a wall and that child can see who is arriving via the doorway without hindering any qi. If there is a low table in the room it should be placed on the right side considering that the “get prepared” energy is close to the ground. Higher items like a lamp or coat rack can be positioned on the right, but remember to keep it out of baby’s reach to prevent injuries.

Mirrors bounce energy back to its level of origin. Do not stick mirrors directly across from home windows or doors or arriving energy can be pushed right out. Putting a mirror directly across from the crib is a bad strategy as well since qi from there is merely bounced back, and not giving it the natural release it should have.

A huge component of Feng Shui is to get and keep areas organized and clutter free. To help you do that, get Divinci furniture like the dresser with 4 drawers. This DaVinci dresser has extra large drawers to store infant’s clothes and games organized and out of sight until needed. For changing baby, the Parker collection has the 2 door changer with shelves and drawers inside to keep all of baby’s changing supplies organized for one hand reaching and use. Either dresser or changer or other DaVinci furniture storage options should have a great deal of space left over for linens and bedding to be stored in as well.

If you arrange your DaVinci Furniture around the room with fully aware intent to develop a positive energy flow then baby is certain to benefit.  You’ll also take pleasure in the space much better if things are exactly where they should be.

Feng Shui Wealth Area Of Home

What do you understand about Feng Shui? With the translation of the Words Feng & Shui means Wind & Water in terms of Mandarin Words. Basically, the concept of Feng Shui is to be able to control the flow of Qi similar to the practise of Qi gong in martial arts.

So, you have to do basic requirements of arrangement in your house for the objects like the furniture, table, chairs, etc to allow the smooth flowing of Qi to settle down in your Wealth corner. When you are thinking of renovating your house, always remember about Yin and Yang. It has to be balanced since it is the principle of Heaven and Earth for family harmony. Once you are able to create the best orientation of your house to receive the good Qi or auspicious Qi, this is what people are doing for Feng Shui.

Before you get deeper in Feng Shui, the first basic information you must get to know first is knowing your own Personal Kua. This is very important as it will affect your career, business and family harmony. The reason is simply as your Kua Number will actually determines the 4 Best Directions you need to be facing at all times depending on what your intention is about as well as the 4 Bad Directions that you must NEVER be facing at all times since it will cause bad luck or worst will be death.

In Mandarin, Kua Number is known as 'Pa Kua and how you can find out your own personal Kua? Kua is being calculated from your birthdate relating to the Lunar Calendar. You can actually finding out your personal Kua by using the standard 12 years cycle of Calendar Chart that will indicate your Kua Number or you can simply use the Kua Calculator that can help to determine your personal Kua with just inputting your birthdate. Another advantage of using the Kua Calculator is not only it will show your Kua Number but determine whether you are East or West Group plus the 4 Good & Bad Directions.

One thing you will need to take note that there is a difference between Male & Female for Kua 5 in terms of the 4 Good & Bad Directions.

East Group is defined under Kua 3 for Chen (Wood), Kua 4 for Sun (Wood), Kua 1 for Kan (Water) and Kua 9 for Li (Fire). And the West Group is defined under Kua 6 for Chien (Metal), Kua 2 for Kun (Earth), Kua 8 for Ken (Earth) and lastly Kua 7 for Tui (Metal).

The Good Lo Shu Numbers and their directions are as follows: Feng Shui Wealth Area Of Home

- Kua Number 1

Sheng Chi (Success Area) - 4 (South East Corner)

Tien Yi (Health Area) - 3 (East Corner)

Nien Yen (Relationship Area) - 9 (South)

Fu Wei (Wealth Area) - 1 (North)

- Kua Number 2

Sheng Chi (Success Area) - 8 (North East Corner)

Tien Yi (Health Area) - 7 (West Corner)

Nien Yen (Relationship Area) - 6 (North West)

Fu Wei (Wealth Area) - 2 (South West)

- Kua Number 3

Sheng Chi (Success Area) - 9 (South Corner)

Tien Yi (Health Area) - 1 (North Corner)

Nien Yen (Relationship Area) - 4 (South East)

Fu Wei (Wealth Area) - 3 (East)

- Kua Number 4

Sheng Chi (Success Area) - 1 (North Corner)

Tien Yi (Health Area) - 9 (South Corner)

Nien Yen (Relationship Area) - 3 (East)

Fu Wei (Wealth Area) - 4 (South East)

- Kua Number 5

For Male

Sheng Chi (Success Area) - 8 (North East Corner)

Tien Yi (Health Area) - 7 (West Corner)

Nien Yen (Relationship Area) - 6 (North West)

Fu Wei (Wealth Area) - 2 (South West)

For Female

Sheng Chi (Success Area) - 2 (South West Corner)

Tien Yi (Health Area) - 6 (North West Corner)

Nien Yen (Relationship Area) - 7 (West)

Fu Wei (Wealth Area) - 8 (North East)

- Kua Number 6

Sheng Chi (Success Area) - 7 (West Corner)

Tien Yi (Health Area) - 8 (North East Corner)

Nien Yen (Relationship Area) - 2 (South West)

Fu Wei (Wealth Area) - 6 (North West)

- Kua Number 7

Sheng Chi (Success Area) - 6 (North West Corner)

Tien Yi (Health Area) - 2 (South West Corner)

Nien Yen (Relationship Area) - 8 (North East)

Fu Wei (Wealth Area) - 7 (West)

- Kua Number 8

Sheng Chi (Success Area) - 2 (South West Corner)

Tien Yi (Health Area) - 6 (North West Corner)

Nien Yen (Relationship Area) - 7 (West)

Fu Wei (Wealth Area) - 8 (North East)

- Kua Number 9

Sheng Chi (Success Area) - 2 (East Corner)

Tien Yi (Health Area) - 4 (South East Corner)

Nien Yen (Relationship Area) - 1 (North)

Fu Wei (Wealth Area) - 9 (South)

For the 4 Bad Directions, please refers to this Link on bad directions for Kua Numbers

Once you have determined your personal Kua Number and the 4 Good & Bad Directions, you should start immediately to practise yourself by choosing one of the 4 good directions. Within the next few days, you will start noticing the effect of Feng Shui as that is what I have done and it changes my life. Hope you too can actually benefits after learning about your own personal Kua Number. Feng Shui Wealth Area Of Home

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