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Many patients who are suffering from long-term illness or pain seek aid from an acupuncturist in order to find a solution to their condition. The process of acupuncture has been disputed for many years; while some people fully endorse this medical procedure, others claim that the relief caused by acupuncture treatments is purely a placebo effect, and that acupuncture in itself has no real medical value. Scientific researchers continue to study the effects of acupuncture today to try to determine the true effects of this procedure.

During acupuncture treatment, extremely thin needles are used to create multiple insertions in the patient's skin. The location of these insertions varies depending on the acupuncture session's specific purpose. For instance, a patient who is suffering from leg pain would likely receive the bulk of his or her treatment in the afflicted area, while a patient who has a serious respiratory infection would receive most of his or her treatment around the chest and lungs. These insertions are so minute that they cannot even be seen with the naked eye. Furthermore, the insertions themselves tend to cause no pain unless they interfere with a preexisting injury. Supporters of acupuncture claim that the injection of needles into specially diagnosed areas helps to relieve pressure in several key points, giving the body a more balanced and relaxed system. These theories are derived from traditional Chinese culture, which has used acupuncture treatment for several thousand years.

Because so many people endorse the treatment procedure of acupuncture, scientific researchers have performed innumerable studies regarding the subject's effectiveness. As of today, most experiments have found no definite connection between acupuncture and pain relief, although new hypotheses are still being tested. Some researchers suspect that acupuncture may be connected with the body's release of pain-reducing hormones such an serotonin and endorphins. Other scientists believe that acupuncture treatments may facilitate the loosening of stiff or sore muscle tissue, yielding a relaxing effect in the patient.

While the benefits of acupuncture are largely disputed, most professionals agree that the procedure has no adverse effects so long as sterilized equipment is used. Acupuncture has been gaining popularity in recent years, and most people can find a trained acupuncturist in his or her area. The city of Richmond, Virginia possesses several different acupuncture specialists and clinics. All of these acupuncture practices have received extensive training and education in the field of acupuncture medicinal treatment. In order to locate an acupuncturist in Richmond, one should consult his or her health care provider or perform a simple Internet search on the subject.

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