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Financial crisis has resulted in Europe and the United States economy is in danger. Asia's two most important economic power, Japan's industrial structure in the future will be how to adjust? Secretary-General of the Asian Association of Manufacturers, Jun Luo, CEO and that the four trillion yuan driven by strong domestic demand will drive China's manufacturing in the automotive, engineering machinery, high-speed trains, airplanes and other major technology to achieve rapid development. Japanese manufacturing strategic focus will move to China.

 Romanian Army in China news agency reporters Cai Fang and Shi Biaoshi accepted by the international economic downturn, the Japanese yen and European trade barriers, high impact operation, to reduce Japanese manufacturing orders, market share, increased unemployment, loss of intensified international competitiveness are critical challenge. However, the Japanese manufacturing industry in China things are quite different, the Japanese manufacturing industry in the global industrial chain has been the most high-end, limited room for development, facing a transition. China industrialization of the traditional manufacturing industry, in the global industrial chain in the low-end, the technological backwardness of the majority of manufacturing enterprises and the production of mainly low-end products, the development of space is also very large.

 It is worth noting that in many Japanese companies started to focus on the past, U.S. and Europe began to China, India and other emerging economies shift, and increased investment. Sharp Corporation of Japan and China will be the first co-production of LCD TV panels; Nissan this year will increase investment in Wuhan, comprehensively promote the electric vehicle commercialization process in China. Meanwhile, some Japanese companies began to withdraw from the traditional industries, new energy technologies into a comprehensive search for new technological revolution in order to achieve a new breakthrough, a group of new technology, high-tech industry is moved to China. Luo Jun believes that this is because the traditional industry in China faces homogeneous competition, the reasons for sharp decline in profit margins. And new technology industry is still in an absolute advantage in China's vast market and bright future. The current round of Japanese enterprises are not part of the media heat transfer proposed "a large number of Japanese migration from China itself."

 According to reports, there are about 20,000 Japanese companies in China's development, mainly for the manufacturing sector, the overall level of profitability is very good. At the recent industry forum on electric vehicles, Nissan Chief Executive Officer Toshiyuki Shiga said, joint ventures and subsidiaries around the world, the only Chinese company profits, the company now is to save the entire group. Similarly, Toyota, Honda and other large Japanese companies, although the growth rate declined by the global economic turmoil, but Japanese companies are still optimistic about China's level of profitability.

 Romanian military analysts say that while the financial crisis in China is relatively small, but the effect is still an objective. On one hand, Japanese companies continue to increase investment in China to expand market share; the other is to develop new products, adjust the industrial structure, and strive to the financial crisis, relying on new technologies and new products to capture new markets. Economic crisis, the energy saving and new energy industries, electronic information technology, biotechnology, equipment manufacturing and other fields, as Japanese companies have a perfect grasp of advanced technology, financial crisis, Japanese companies will further expand the market space and lead the industry. The Chinese manufacturing industry will further accelerate the pace of structural adjustment and industrial upgrading, and will further promote the industrialization process, to improve international competitiveness.

 Luojun Jiang stressed that because the Japanese manufacturers are highly dependent on exports, the financial crisis was obvious. However, the impact of Japanese manufacturing by the impact of China's manufacturing industry is very limited. As China's manufacturing industry as a whole in the global industrial chain in the low-end, did not have to compete with Japanese manufacturing capacity. Meanwhile, China's manufacturing products mainly for European and American markets in the low-end consumers. In particular, in the context of the financial crisis, the Chinese government introduced a four trillion domestic demand to promote programs aimed at promoting China's manufacturing industry heavily dependent on external demand in the last case, adjusting the industrial structure.

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Qi Gong literally means energy exercise in English but many people don't understand how Qi Gong works with your body's energy.

Energy is not something mysterious. We experience it every day. When we wake up in the morning we either feel energetic or tired. As we continue throughout our day we also experience either states of elevated energy or depleted energy. Judging from the commercials on TV it seems many people experience low-energy in the afternoon.

Qi Gong can help you feel more energetic and less tired. Practicing in the afternoon can give your body the natural energy boost that it needs. While long-term practice of can enhance your body's overall system giving you extra energy and helping you feel more vibrant throughout the day. But how does this work?

The first way that Qi Gong helps your body's energy is that it keeps it flowing freely throughout all your vital systems. The movements of the exercises help to lead and guide the energy. Specific exercise sets have different goals but in general exercises for improving and maintaining good overall health lead and guide the energy throughout the entire body. In addition to circulating the energy throughout the entire system the movements also help to remove stagnation. So by practicing, you remove any stagnation that exists, keep the energy flowing freely, and make sure it reaches every part of the body. This is essential for maintaining the health and becoming healthier because it is this circulation that provides the nourishment that the body needs to function properly and repair itself.

Secondly, if your body is able to more efficiently circulate and use energy then you will experience an increase in your perceived energy level. When energy is flowing freely without stagnation to the entire body, your body is better able to repair itself from the normal wear and tear it experiences everyday. This means that by practicing Qi Gong your body will get healthier overtime.

These are just some general ways that Qi Gong affects your body's energy. By practicing you can enhance the way your body stores, circulates, and utilizes energy. The results you see from practicing Qi Gong can show themselves in many different ways. The best way is to practice and start experiencing the results for yourself.

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Meditation should be incorporated in our life. Our busy schedule and life does not give us time to relax our mind and body. We get rid of the body strain or exertion but it does not relax your body and soul completely. Thus, meditation is necessary for inner relaxation of your body and mind and rejuvenating it for a new tomorrow. This rejuvenation is essential because your mind and body not only needs to relax but also rejuvenate so that it continues functioning effectively even at a later stage in your life. If you too wish to keep your mind and body healthy ‘Energy Meditation’ is the best thing for you. You do not need a meditation retreat for this; you can practice it at your home, office or park.

Yoga is a blend of meditation, postures, therapies, etc. the postures are also varied. In hot yoga and power yoga the poses require you to stretch your body to the limit so that you lose weight, maintain your body, etc. However, when your cross a certain age the type of exercise you choose is very important. This exercise has to be such that your body is relaxed and energized as well. Simple asanas like pranayam, butterfly, etc. are very simple but help your body muscles relax. The muscles at a senior age tend to get brittle. Any careless behaviour might lead to serious muscle injuries, also the flexibility of the muscles decreases. A simple exercise that can help you get back the flexibility as well as relive you of bone and muscle pain is yoga.

If you are a beginner, this meditation is excellent for you as it strengthens the aura when practiced regularly.

· Firstly relax your entire body. The deeper the trance, the more effective. You can meditate at any time and no specific trance is necessary for you.

· For beginners, you should visualize while at the same time, draw in energy from all sides of your body, front, back, top of your head and bottom of brilliant light, like the sun. Working with colors is more advanced and most effective when you are a bit more experienced.

· While exhaling visualizing the aura that is expanding besides you

· Breathe in again and visualize the energy getting brighter and more powerful, radiating from your entire being.

· Exhale again and visualize the energy and expansion of your aura, and feel the center of your body shining brilliantly like the sun.

· Repeat this several times, each time visualizing the energy becoming brighter and brighter as it increases in intensity.

· When working with colors, visualize the color becoming more and more powerful and vibrant. You will notice each color has a different feel to it. Colors can be used to attract according to their nature

Practice this meditation at a meditation retreat or your home and feel the difference in your life.

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