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About acupuncture

Acupuncture is one of the oldest treatment methods, incorporated from the ethnic Japan, China and Korea; in which very fine needles are inserted into some parts of the body, known as pressure points, to eliminate or reduce all types of disease and pains from the body. Acupuncture therapy mainly is based on balancing the body's inner strength or Chi or life energy by enhancing the spiritual, emotional and physical harmony.

Acupuncture practices

Acupuncture centers use a series of fantastic techniques to cure all diseases in the body. The techniques used are like acupuncture therapy with or without needles. For patients who are scared of needles, the advanced needle less acupuncture techniques have proven to be very helpful. These methods include Cupping Therapy, Ultrasonopuncture, Moxibustion, and Soft Laser Therapy, T.E.N.S and Acutron, etc.

Conventional Chinese acupuncture

This is the most common form of acupuncture used, recently, in the United States. Chinese acupuncture used for nose, eye, ear, and throat problems, respiratory problems, circulatory problems, addiction, gastrointestinal disorders, genitor urinary disorders, immune system disorders, emotional and psychological disorders, musculoskeletal and neurological disorders and weight loss.
Japanese style acupuncture

Japanese style acupuncture use thinner and tiny needles with less stimulation in the body and generally work a bit slowly than the other methods.

Korean hand acupuncture

Most of Korean acupuncturists focus on hand therapy; this technique can be used individually or with other manual healing techniques as well.

4. Auricular acupuncture

Ear acupuncture, also called auricular therapy, is based on the ideology of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Auricular therapy is broadly used for many conditions, including addiction treatment, obesity, pain control, mood disorders, and other conditions.

Insomnia and depression

Insomnia is a disorder which prevents people from getting proper amount of sleep throughout 27/7 span. Anxiety and depression lead to several mental and physical diseases in people, causing problems in living a harmonious and healthy life.

Acupuncture as a treatment for insomnia, depression and anxiety

Acupuncture for poor blood circulation is a helpful method. Normally, poor blood circulation leads to chronic headache, migraine and nausea. In acupuncture therapy needles are inserted on various points of the meridian and thereby reduce all types of illness. With improved blood circulation improved by acupuncture, one is also benefited with sharper cognition, better concentration, enriched sleep, positive and vibrant feelings about life and also develops a healthy appetite.

Acupuncture is very essential for treating insomnia, depression, and anxiety. Acupuncture reduces energy blocked in the capillaries and veins. This improves the complex signaling to the brain, which results in a relaxed and proper sleep as the smooth flow of energy cures all types of depression and anxiety very quickly.

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Insomnia Depression

In the early days, people have mistakenly perceived depression to be a sin. But with the help of science, people were able to understand that this is indeed a psychological condition, wherein anyone who develops it must be treated instead of persecuted.

Depression, according to science, is a mental state wherein a person who develops it averts any kind of activity and usually suffers from low mood. This mental state not only affects a person's mood and behavior, but it also affects an individual's thought and body as well.

In further studies, experts were also able to identify the different causes of depression. There are many studies that show that this mental state may be caused by physical disorders like anxiety, schizophrenia and eating disorders.

Some experts were also able to prove that it can be caused by the fluctuation of hormone levels and chemical levels found in the brain. There are also some studies that prove that depression can be hereditary. Several studies were also able to prove that having a negative outlook in life may also lead to such condition. And some have proven that this can be caused by stress.

Now, there are many ways to prevent and overcome depression and one such way is by learning how to meditate. Meditation is among the many types of relaxation techniques which have been around for many centuries. These days, it is practiced by thousands or even millions of people from around the world.

Many studies about it have proven that this relaxation technique is not only effective for dealing with depression, but it is also efficient for preventing various ailments from developing. Meditation can help people attain inner peace and happiness.

In fact, a lot of experts recommend for people to practice while listening to soft music like Holosync meditation music CD can help you get into a state of relaxation easier. You may go to www.meditation-music.com.au if you'd like to get a free copy of Holosync meditation CD. In addition, if you want to find out more about simple meditation technique and how it can help you control your anger, you may visit www.meditate.com.au/members.












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