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China Investment Advisory Network News April 14, Zhuxi County, Hubei Province Water Ping, the peak of the two towns to complete the Model 200 acres planted honeysuckle. Currently, the county planned area of 12 mu of medicinal spring, 10.5 acres have been completed, the rest will be completed next month. Zhuxi County, relying on authentic Chinese herbal medicines, medicinal plant diversity patterns of exploration and practice, involving as many as 15 million farmers have emerged out of more than 200 medicinal herbs specialized villages, not only the green hills, is also rich farmers, promote local agriculture economic and rural development. Family income last year, more than 150 million yuan wild Chinese medicinal herbs county farmers 400 yuan per capita income.

 Currently, the county Feng Town, Taoyuan Township, Coptis, bladder, Coltsfoot Flower, Spring Town, Hubei Tsubosato the Scrophulariaceae, Eucommia ulmoides, Atractylodes and other species have formed a certain scale. A dominant species of a township, a few dominant species of a base village is taking shape.

Traditional Chinese medicine base to promote the county building, Zhuxi herbs and Wuhan University School of Medicine Office of the Joint declaration of the diversity of medicinal Zhuxi County Construction and GAP production model demonstration projects, defined as the dominant species Coptis carried out 1,000 acres of native GAP standardized Chinese herbal medicine planting demonstration project has been Provincial Science and Technology Department, the provincial finance into the "library with a competitive edge," to support it. GAP through Demonstration Base of Chinese herbal medicines, Chinese herbal medicine wild native transfer home health tests, experiments and demonstrations to introduce new varieties of Chinese herbal medicine, traditional Chinese medicine base for the county's large-scale construction to provide high-yield seeds and planting operations standardized technical specification.

Among them, E Tsubosato of GAP technology Park, has been fighting for more than 100 million capital investment project, gradually supporting base of water, electricity, road construction, speed up the demonstration plant honeysuckle, Gongju, impatient, Atractylodes, papaya, etc. 5 varieties of 250 acres. According to the structure of different species, sub-regional development five demonstration film, supporting set operation Road, the implementation of semi-mechanized cultivation. This spring and summer, this medicine technology Park priority to the cultivation of Chinese medicinal herbs and Planting seeds for the autumn for the last Takahashi, Albatron, weir blue, Zi Tong Ya, Kowloon Bay Village, 5000 9 acres of herbs to provide good seed-growing areas.

Chinese herbal medicine is Zhuxi modern agro-industry, planting a long history, very rich in resources. According to "Zhuxi Flora," recorded more than 1200 kinds of Chinese herbal medicine within the territory, and therefore, "Zhuxi vegetation half drug," said. Coptis Zhuxi of bergamot is the county treasures and the famous Chinese herbal medicine exports, "Compendium of Materia Medica", called "Our Lady of drugs in" territorial Road, herbs, high yield, good quality, best-selling domestic and international market.

Currently, Bamboo Creek to Forest land-based ecosystem modeling Coptis cultivation acreage has reached more than 6,000 acres, the other more than 100 kinds of medicinal spring has reached 10 million mu of small, homologous Houttuynia food and medicine, ginger, Chinese yam, cinnamon acreage than in previous years, etc..

Zhuxi as early as the fifties of last century was the State Department awarded the "Hometown of Chinese Coptis" title. In recent years, returning farmland to forests and natural forest protection, planting Zhuxi stop the tree felling "pile down shed," Coptis, so fewer and fewer Coptis, market demand and supply shortages, high prices. To meet the market demand and resources to the advantage of the transfer of goods, Zhuxi county government and industry associations to guide Yaonong medicine to carry out ecological cultivation of Coptis chinensis Rehmannia successful imitation, the quality of its varieties has not changed, the output doubled, from 6 years to shorten the growth cycle to 5 years to address the forest with contradictions.

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