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11 11, Bayer HealthCare announced that its hemophilia therapy Baike Qi has been the State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) approval in China market. Baike Qi is the first listing in the domestic recombinant human coagulation factor VIII, as used in the production process without human serum albumin, which greatly reduces the user's risk of infection of blood-borne viruses.

"Hemophilia is an inherited blood coagulation disorders, almost all male patients, according to the incidence rate of about 40 million patients worldwide, our patients should have 60,000 to 100,000, but most has not been diagnosed, patients currently receiving treatment is estimated at about 8,000 people. "director of Beijing Union Medical College Hospital Department of Hematology, Hemophilia Cooperative Group in Beijing, said team leader Professor Zhao Yongqiang," the most common because of clotting factor VIII deficiency or functional defects caused of Hemophilia, articular, muscular trauma or spontaneous bleeding after bleeding, if untreated, will lead to extreme pain, joint damage, disability. also visceral bleeding, severe bleeding can cause death. However, if appropriate treatment, including supplementary factor VIII, care and rehabilitation therapy, hemophiliacs like a normal person can live, learn and work to create value for society, so aggressive treatment of hemophilia patients and the community have very important significance. "

Professor Zhao Yongqiang said: Over the years, the treatment of hemophilia and more use of lyophilized human plasma derived factor VIII concentrate, although with the inactivated virus technology, the safety of such blood products has been very greatly improved, but the implementation of routine HIV screening of blood donors plasma limited number of projects, not for investigation of all known viruses and newly discovered virus, so even after patients with the risk of virus infection. Bai Keqi recombinant DNA technology using high-tech, and with sucrose instead of human albumin as a stabilizer, and the sources of human plasma factor VIII in the treatment of the same, but greatly reduced by the risk of infection of blood products.

"30 years, Bayer hemophilia treatment, has been recognized as a world leader. Bayer attaches great importance to research in the field of hemophilia, especially in the biological product safety research and applications, is walking in the forefront of the industry. "Bayer Schering Pharma anti-tumor / special treatment of the cause, said Mr. Zhang Wenjie, Director," As a company with a high degree of social responsibility of business, Bayer also strive to support a variety of hemophilia research, education and patient assistance programs. Bayer Hemophilia Awards (BHAP) is one of the largest in the industry-funded projects, 5 years, the world's hemophilia research and education provided 99 grants totaling more than 1,100 million. In addition, thanks ear also has 2005 and 2007, hemophilia treatment centers to donate to the China market value of more than 1,500 million RMB Baike Qi. "

Baike Qi in 2000, the U.S. FDA and EMEA approval of the European Union, currently in over 54 countries are approved for use. Bai Keqi the effectiveness and safety of clinical trials and in a number of long-term clinical applications are fully verified. In 19 years of clinical use (up to May 2007), were used in more than seven billion units of drugs, does not appear confirmed cases of transmission of pathogens. [Keyword Search]: Hemophilia Bayer Large In Small

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