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Boosting Bone Marrow and Immune Function During Cancer Treatment
Patients being treated for cancer in Western medicine hospitals in China are routinely encouraged to combine chemotherapy or radiation with Chinese herbs to minimize bone marrow damage and to mitigate other side effects. The best herbal therapy is ...
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TCM herbs won't thrive via modern farming
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is big business, and American farmers are interested in getting a taste. Advocates say that growing Chinese herbs such as mentha haplocalyx, a mint used for stomach disorders, and angelica dahurica, ...
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Patriotic fizz around return of China's favorite '80s cola
After 12 years of losses, debt-ridden Tianfu sold its remaining shares in the joint venture to Pepsi, then successfully sued the U.S. giant in a Chinese court for the right to its own recipe. Tianfu Cola includes herbs drawn from traditional Chinese ...
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