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A symphony continually plays inside your body. A harmony of rhythms works without interruption to keep you alive, and when one system loses its tempo, the melody -- that is, your health -- begins to suffer. Though we tend to notice the aches and pains of living and the wrinkles of aging more than the miraculous coordination of the body's functioning systems, it is important to acknowledge the phenomenon that is the human body.

The following meditation will give you an opportunity to offer your body the recognition it deserves, while creating a sense of empowerment and an atmosphere of calm.
Body Gratitude Meditation:

Begin by turning your attention inward. Breathe.
Notice your lungs. Your lungs draw-in oxygen and release carbon dioxide over 15,000 times every day. Thank you, Lungs.
Your heart beats about 100,000 times every day of your life. Thank you, Heart, for keeping me alive.
Life-giving oxygen is carried from the lungs and heart through hundreds of miles of blood vessels, nourishing each and every cell. All this occurs without conscious thought or effort. Thank You.
Your bones not only provide your body with a structural framework, but the marrow inside produces your blood cells; talk about a multi-tasker! Thank you, Bones.
The ligaments, muscles, and connective tissues form your personal shape, and make movement possible. Each of these parts conforms depending on how the body is being used. I am thankful for my movement.
The skin is your largest organ and spans about 20 square feet! The skin serves as a layer of defense which protects against the outside world. Thank you, Skin. 
The immune system furthers our protective defenses, fighting disease and cancer on a daily basis. The colds we contract are few compared to the number that have been detected and eliminated already. I appreciate my immune system.
Lymph is the immune system's highway. This silent transportation network reduces inflammation, and maintains health. For this, I am grateful.
Seven glands secrete the hormones that construct the finely-tuned symphony of chemical communication and function. Thank you, Endocrine system.
I am thankful for my liver, my stomach, my intestines, my pancreas, my kidneys and my bladder. My organs work in ways beyond my comprehension, and allow life.
The brain and the billions of nerves in the body combine function with the network responsible for managing the body's other systems. For this, I am thankful.

Try using this meditation to help you express gratitude for your body. Every second of every day, the body works in a concert of precision and artistry while you're busy navigating traffic, surfing the internet, chomping down fast food, or daydreaming. Add this quick, few-minute meditation to your schedule and recognize the many miracles needed to keep you alive.

To learn how to take care of your muscles and regain your vitality, visit http://www.vitalselfinc.com Anita Boser is a Certified Hellerwork Practitioner, Professional Structural Integration Practitioner, yoga teacher, and author of "Undulation Exercises." You can read her weekly blog articles at http://www.undulationexercise.blogspot.com

Acupuncture and Oriental medicine practices have been coming to the forefront of medical treatment options in recent years. With a documented history of 5000 years, this ancient healing art provides us with an alternative to conventional medicine and the side effects that are all too often experienced.

Acupuncture is considered a 'functional medicine' in that it addresses the underlying root causes of disease and is very personalized to each individual. For example, two people may receive acupuncture treatments for headaches, but because their 'root cause' is individual and unique to each person, their treatments may be vastly different. In treating the root cause, the symptoms either disappear completely or are greatly reduced.

Oriental medical practices include four main areas.

Acupuncture. Acupuncture is the stimulation of specific points along the body either by needle, laser, or by pressure. The stimulation of these points causes a chemical cascade in the body that creates an optimal environment for the body to heal itself. There are no side effects as no outside chemicals are introduced. Acupuncture needles are 'hair thin' and are not painful like regular needles.

Qi Gong. Literally translated as 'breath practice', Qi Gong is comprised of breathing exercises that help move and clear the energy pathways of the body. This again creates an optimal environment for regeneration and healing of the body as a whole. Some of the effects of medical Qi Gong include reduction in blood pressure, increased immune function, and hormone regulation.

Nutrition. "Food is the medicine" is the foundation of functional nutrition therapy. What we nourish our bodies with creates who we are at a cellular level. Acupuncturists prescribe food therapy as well as herbal and nutrient supplementation to help their patients achieve optimal health.

Lifestyle. Acupuncturists offer lifestyle counseling to help patients not only achieve optimal health but also to maintain it for a lifetime.

Acupuncture is a holistic medicine and addresses all aspects of existence: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Almost any health issue can be addressed by using acupuncture and nutritional therapies. God created our bodies to heal themselves. It's up to us to provide the environment for the healing to happen!

Kathy Veon, AP, DOM is an Acupuncture Physician and Doctor of Oriental Medicine. She practices acupuncture and functional medicine at Central Florida Preventive Medicine in Lake Mary, Florida.