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It is commonly thought that area rugs are simply any rug that is made in the orient. While that is true to an extent, true oriental rugs must be made in a certain way and out of certain material to be considered a true oriental rug. Many American manufacturers and other manufacturers outside of Asia try to pass off rugs that resemble oriental rugs as real oriental rugs, when they are nowhere close to the real thing. Authentic oriental rugs are made by hand and are made out of sheep’s wool or sometimes cotton.

Real oriental rugs are never made out of synthetic material, as fake oriental rugs are made out of. Authentic oriental rugs are made by hand using a specific weaving process that creates the unique and beautiful patterns that oriental rugs are so well known for. The fakes, on the other hand, are made by machine. Too often, authentic rugs and the machine made rugs are sold together, but no matter how authentic a machine made rug may look, it is not an authentic oriental rug.


Authentic oriental area rugs are mostly made in parts of Asia, including China, Nepal, India, Iran, Tibet, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and some countries in Africa including Egypt and Morocco. Some oriental rugs are even made in Spain. The production of the Oriental rug dates back centuries. It is not known when the first Oriental rug was made, but a carpet that dates as far back as 400 BC was once discovered. A special technique that can only be done by hand is used to make oriental rugs. This technique includes attaching the nap of the rug to the base threads using a special knot, which cannot be replicated by machine. This special hand knotting technique is what makes oriental rugs unique. While machines can replicate the look of oriental rugs, they cannot replicate the special care and attention human hands can give to the creation of an oriental rug.

When shopping for an oriental area rug Louisville, make sure that it is made of sheep’s wool and not synthetic materials like polypropylene or polyolefin. Any rug made in America, Italy or Belgium will most likely not be an authentic rug. Also, price makes a big difference. Oriental rugs made out of synthetic materials are much less expensive than rugs made out of organic materials. Since authentic and machine made rugs are often sold together, it is important to pay special attention to the materials and the appearance of the rug.

Oriental rugs can be found a variety of retailers, so choose wisely when purchasing an oriental rug. The best way to find an authentic oriental rug may be to shop at an ethnic or Asian market. Ordering from overseas retailers is also a good bet. They are very much sought after because they have a deep history and are considered works of art. Many also think of oriental rugs and the “king” of all rugs. Obtaining one of these can add a one-of-a-kind, mesmerizing work of art to your home décor or personal collection. 

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