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A less toxic approach to beating cancer
Professor Wen Jiang, from Cardiff's School of Medicine, said: “Traditional Chinese Medicines are an interesting avenue for novel cancer therapies, representing relatively low-toxicity and inexpensive formulations that have been in use for centuries.
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Acupuncture and Chiropractic Neurology May Help People Heal Faster After ...
Practitioners at the Redwood City clinic, who provide a combination of a specialized form of chiropractic care focused on the treatment of neurological disorders and Traditional Chinese Medicine, report a faster recovery process and better outcomes ...
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Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica Honored by Waters Centers of Innovation ...
Waters Corporation has welcomed the Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica's (SIMM) Research Center for Modernization of Traditional Chinese Medicine under the direction of Dr. De-an Guo into the Waters Centers of Innovation (COI) Program.
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Weight loss and management - a Chinese medicine approach
It's February, yet some of us are still feeling the evidence of the joys and bellyful of the Christmas season. Weight management isn't rocket science, but it sure feels that way. In many cases, the key to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is ...
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Pentothal, Postcards and the Journey of a Drug from Life to Death
What comes through, however, is the fascinating use of (oriental) visual and textual tropes to deliver a glowing recommendation to Pentothal that by the 1950s had become a popular anaesthetic for short procedures. The fact that 'doctors there (in the ...
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Different health condition causes hand numbness
Rather than simply attributing it to simple bad circulation, it is recommended to seek professional advice to properly diagnose the underlying cause and be treated for it. The writer practices oriental medicine at the UN Oriental Medical Clinic in ...
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Oriental medicine is a form of alternative curative approach that claim to heal any sort of malady, irrespective of severity and acuteness. The therapy has been in use since 3000 years and people have started rely on it to get rid of both chronic and bacterial and viral infections. Adopted holistic approach in treating diseases, a therapist of oriental medicine diagnoses the root cause of a malady and corrects it with a therapeutic approach. Today, oriental medicine is studied at various schools and medical colleges in order to create awareness about its benefits on health and advance the science of holistic medicine. It is believed that when the state of equilibrium within the body gets disturbed, it indicates that the body is susceptible to any disease. Oriental medicine finds the reasons of disturbance occurred within the body and cures them to keep people healthy.

Oriental medicine is a vast concept that hosts a diverse disciplines of holistic systems of medicines right from infrared devices, diet therapy to cupping. When looking for holistic medicine, therapies like Acupuncture, Moxibustion and Chinese herbal medicine have drawn your attention because of their effectiveness and approaches towards healing procedures. However, oriental medicine cures the root cause of the disease, but the approach of the treatment differs from therapy to therapy. In reality, oriental medicine proves to be highly beneficial for the treatment of insomnia, emotional issues, addictions, respiratory disorders, muscle and nervous system disorders, etc.

At present, colleges and universities affiliated to the government of India and in abroad have started imparting researched-based education on oriental medicine so that people get aware of its health benefits and know how it improves the healing ability. Basically, educational institutions offer diploma, bachelor degree and post graduation programmes on alternative systems of medicines with the perspective to let students learn the pros and cons of holistic medicine and get training on how to diagnose and treat diseases. In fact, students willing to make a carccer in oriental medicine are ensured to handsome remuneration and bright professional life ahead. So, what are you then waiting for! Enrol in an accrediated institution to study oriental medicine with an aim to keep everyone health and fit with a therapy outside the mainstream of scientific medicine.

Doctor of Oriental Medicine College offers various professional acupuncture program in fields of alternative medicine. The Oriental Medicine School are include studies in naturopathy, herbal studies, natural health and aromatherapy.