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Ancient treatments are till date considered to as a more reliable and long lasting in comparison to the new findings in medicine. Chinese art of acupuncture treatment is till date considered as best alternative for healing. From the unique observation ancient Chinese healers developed its own form of language that relates to body and diseases. In the early 70's people considered acupuncture as prejudiced and unreliable, but with time the notions have changed because of the various researches and studies done on them. Now, it is proved that this ancient treatment offers an efficient method of curing several illnesses, diseases and pains. This style of treatment is thus considered as a part of conventional medicine.


The believers and followers of acupuncture talk wildly and enthusiastically about its health benefits and usefulness of sessions in the treatment from acupuncture form of medicinal art. From several researches and studies it is found that this art of treatment has proved to have a positive effect on patients. This form of treatment activates as well as releases the happy hormones of the body and provides a very healthy feeling. These happy hormones are also known as endorphins.


Acupuncture is 3000 year old ancient healing art that is still in practice all over the world. From every part of the world the best is gathered and refined along with combination of old scripts and new generation scientific medical studies. Acupuncture helps in restoring homeostasis in the human body. Problems related to stress and muscular skeletal are treated with this ancient style of treatment efficiently. Acupuncture became a sure shot reliever of pain and thus because of its success in pain management it was introduced in the West with a grand entry.


Acupuncture treatment involves thin long needles positioned on numerous needling points on the body so that balance can be made in the body. Needles are inserted in a body with great care and different techniques. The angles of the needles are fixed so the Acupuncturists have to take great care for angles at which the needles are inserted in a body. There are nine types of needle in which usually only 6 types of needles are used. Various methods of twirling and vibrating the needles are also involved in the treatment of acupuncture. The positioning of needles depends on the patient and the problem he or she is facing. The ancient Chinese healers believe that our body contains different channels of energy that assist you in proper body functioning. When the needles are positioned on the accurate place the energy gets attracted by the needle area and creates its own way for the positive energy to flow. The believers of these treatments swear and confess that they provide great results.


With help of acupuncture any disease or pain can be healed or cured. This ancient treatment help patients with chronic pains, diabetes or cellulite related problems. Patients fighting diseases like cancer can also receive help from this treatment. This art helps the cancer patient to deal calmly with their disease and provide them energy so that they can feel energetic after their regular cancer treatment.


Acupuncture treatment helps those people also who are not suffering from any specific disease. This method has several health benefits so one can opt for this for keeping themselves fit, calm, happy and energized. Acupuncture energizes you and removes or reduces stress, worry or nervousness present in you. This treatment helps people feel strong, alert and emotionally stable. By opting acupuncture you can guarantee a well dignified life, because they will help you stay calm, away from diseases and also maintain your sense of well being.


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While modern medicine has certainly managed to cure and eliminate many diseases, we are starting to see far more medical issues arise. Some of these can be attributed to the changes in our diet, while others are a direct result of stress, the use of pharmaceuticals and poor choices. The Western World is starting to take a much closer look at Chinese herbal medicine as a possible form of treatment.

The culture of Chinese herbal medicine is among the oldest in the world with written records that date back over 2000 years. Of course, pre-historic Chinese herbal medicine treatments, must go back much further. The goal has always been to balance the entire body as a whole, not only treating the symptoms, but curing the source of the illness. This is referred to as treating the branch, but curing the root. In order to restore this balance, traditional Chinese medicine uses any one or more of hundreds of different herbal supplements, acupuncture and massage, along with a variety of meditative and physical exercises to properly restore the person's Qi, balance ones yin and yang, and along with it their health.

In the Western World we have long thought that the practice of Chinese herbal medicine was more charlatan than the real medical practice. Our scientists have invested many years and billions of dollars in proving that herbal cures are folk medicine that does not work. It has only been in recent years that science has begun to take a second look and rethink their position on the use of many of these ancient Chinese herbal remedies. Today all the herbs used in the Chinese herbal Materia Medica, have been chemically analyzed, and we now know the chemical make up of these herbs, showing us from a scientific perspective how they actually help cure diseases. Furthermore, ALL of the Chinese herbal remedies that are used in the West have been documented in various clinical trials, showing positive results.

You only have to look at the longevity of the Chinese to see that much of their knowledge is based on thousands of years of practice and that Chinese herbal medicine does indeed help to relieve the symptoms of many illnesses and diseases. Modern science is no longer turning a blind eye to this history and is beginning to embrace the possibilities, with some amazing results for countless amounts of people.

Confused about safe natural alternative medicine choices for your health? I will help! I'm a California Licensed Acupuncturist & Master Herbalist committed to sharing better health concepts and treatments. To learn more please visit my website at http://www.easternessentials.com

After receiving my Master's Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, I spent over four years in China, studying Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine and learning to speak Chinese. During this time, I traveled to 14 provinces in search of the ultimate healing modalities using herbs and acupuncture.

Jeremy Speiser, L.Ac.
Master Herbalist
California Licensed Acupuncturist
Founder & CEO of Eastern Essentials

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On October 3rd, 2012, Dr. Yung Chi (Tommy) Cheng, Henry Bronson Professor of Pharmacology at Yale University School of Medicine and the former Program Director of Yale Comprehensive Cancer Center, presented "Mining Ancient Chinese Herbs for Cutting-Edge Therapies" at UCLA. He shared his insights on searching for innovative therapies from ancient Chinese herbs.

Professor Cheng is internationally renowned for his significant role in the advancement of pharmacology and exceptional contributions to herbal medicine research. He also founded PhytoCeutica, Inc., a biotech company specializing in the development of traditional Chinese medicine and FDA-approved prescription drugs for the treatment of cancer, and co-founded Achillion Pharmaceuticals, a company striving to further improve the existing antiviral compounds for the treatment of HIV/AIDS and hepatitis B. His extensive training and background in pharmacology has led him to the invention of multiple drugs that are routinely used for the treatment of cancer, hepatitis B, and HIV/AIDS—relieving the suffering of millions of people.

For more, visit www.exploreim.ucla.edu
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