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Herbs and spices are amazing. There are no two ways about it. They are spectacular additions to our food and they can be effective medicine for many of our ailments.

I am especially fond of herbs in cooking and cuisine. Just try to imagine how bland our food would be if it did not contain any herbs or spices. Think of how much less rich Italian cuisine would be if there never were any basil. Imagine the cooking of Southern France without herbes du Provence.

And just think of all the things that mint leaves go into. We would not have any chocolate mint ice cream. We would not have any mint juleps. If there were no mint, our breaths would certainly be a lot less fresh.

Just think how less extraordinary Thai food would be without lemon basil. Lemon basil adds such a delightful lightness and succulence to Thai food that I would hate to be without it.

Indian cuisine would be radically different without the spices of cumin and cardamom pods. And I believe it would probably be a whole lot blander. After all, there can be no curry without cumin.

Cinnamon powder is also used widely in Indian cuisine. But it is also employed extensively in Western cuisine, particularly in desserts. How I love to have cinnamon toast in the morning. I enjoy Mexican churros. And cinnamon buns are among my favorite things to eat. If we had no herbs and spices, I shudder to think what we would eat and drink.

Of course, herbs are usde for more than just cooking. We also use them for our health. For instance, neem leaf has been shown to help with a variety of skin conditions. And raspberry leaf has been used to help women who are getting ready to bear children. And goldenseal root has anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties.

In fact, herbs have been used by many of the world's cultures for their medicinal properties. Western doctors are increasingly recognizing the medicinal effects of many herbs and natural substances.

Herbs are of great benefit to humankind. I am very happy that we have them as part of our daily lives.

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