Traditional Chinese medicine has always given us different and unique ways of treating a particular disease. These methods are natural, safe, painless and do not include any medication. In Chinese concept body is considered to maintain a fine balance with the environment through the exchange of energy. A positive energy always flow through the body and eliminates the negative one. The whole body system works for this exchange only to maintain balance. One such method is the auricular acupuncture.

Auricular acupuncture is a Chinese concept which focuses on the outer ear for the treatment. Auricle part of ear is considered as a whole system that controls major activities of ear as well as other body organs. Auricle or outer part of ear contains several acupuncture points that are connected to the whole body. Here superfine needles are inserted in these points, insertion causes stimulation of points which generate signals, signals reaches to brain which activates the concerned organ. This activation increases the functioning of that organ by increased muscle movement, blood circulation and release of toxins.

The working of the auricular acupuncture is based on the three theories:

Anatomical model: this states that location of the auricular points on the map can be considered as of inverted fetus. Whatever messages are transferred to the body parts again reaches back to auricle thus making it bidirectional movement.

Delta reflex: this says that stimulation of points in auricle causes stimulation in the concerned body part. This causes an increase in temperature of that part and similarly body part causes increase in temperature of auricle. They both work as lock and key where auricular point acts as key of the lock of body organs.

The meridian concept: this is accepted in the Chinese medication. It believes that energy flows through fixed energy pathways called meridians. Any blockage in this path is the root cause of any disease so stimulation of auricular points has therapeutic effect on the meridians.

The western world adopts the Chinese method and principles and comes up with the same techniques with few modifications in the form of improvements. Auricular acupuncture using needles is a Chinese based concept but now western world have developed it in the form of Auriculotherapy. Here advance technologies are used to stimulate these acupoints in the ear without using needles like laser, magnets, pressure pellets, electricity etc. it was developed by the French neurologist Paul Nogier.

The auricular acupuncture treatment has various therapeutic effects on the whole body as it contains acupoints connected to whole body. It balanced mental and emotional status by reducing anxiety, depression, stress and insomnia. Different types of physical pain like arthritis, back ache, headache, migraine, muscle tension are reduced with this. Its connectivity with the digestive and respiratory organs helps in treating indigestion, colitis, asthma, bronchitis, and constipation etc. besides these; it is very helpful in giving away the habit of smoking and drinking. It maintains a balance in menstrual periods in women.

For auricular acupuncture there is a special class of acupuncturist who are experts for the ear muscles. These acupuncturists have complete knowledge about the two hundred acupoints located in the outer ear. A precaution taken during this treatment is that needle should be inserted into the auditory canal that reaches to the inner ear. It may cause complete hearing damage to the person so one has to be very careful during this process. It is specifically done on the fleshy part of ear also known as ear pinna.


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Our body is a complete unit with so many systems like circulatory, digestive, excretory, nervous and skeleton working in coordination. Although each system has different role but they are so much connected to each other that any impairment in one system can affect the working of the other one. Among all the systems circulation system has very important role as it helps in providing all the nutrients and oxygen to the each cell of the body. This only takes the pure blood to the tissues and carries away harmful toxins and accumulated waster out of the body. If this system is disrupted due to any reason, whole body gets affected.

Acupuncture treatment provides easy and simple way to repair this system. According to its principle, body has a network of channels which carry energy all along the body in the form of chi. This energy channels are termed as meridians. Any imbalance in the chi distribution is the main reason for body illness and disorders. These imbalances can be due to physical imbalances, emotional disturbances and poor diet. With acupuncture, needles are inserted in meridian points to direct the flow of chi to the most required areas of the body. With this, blockages are removed and circulation is also increased which solves all the other problems.

Poor circulation can result in various problems ranging from cold hands and feet to hardening of arteries and hypertension. Various studies have been performed to know the role of acupuncture for circulatory problems. It has been proved that it helps in increasing the efficiency and functional capacity of heart. Studies have shown that 80% of angina patients improved themselves after acupuncture treatment. Sometimes heart undergoes abnormal heartbeats like dropped beats, irregular heart rhythm, palpitations which are also corrected by this treatment. Acupuncture is effective in releasing arterial spasms especially in collateral vessels. It is beneficial in diseases like Reynaud's disease, therapy of ulcers in venous stasis. Some herbal medicines are also used along with this to detoxify certain compounds in the body.

This method of acupuncture treatment is not considered safe as sometimes insertion of infected needles can lead to lethal diseases. And some people move away from it to avoid the pain of pointed needles. But don't worry, there is just a slight tingling sensation felt while injecting but after that you feel pleasure when needles starts working inside. And infection problem occurs due to the lack of experience of your acupuncturist. If one uses sterilized needles or one time usable needles there is no worry about the infection.

Western medical practitioners have made certain modification in this acupuncture technique. Although the principle lays the same of the meridian system but they do not use needles to activate points. Several methods like electric impulses, heat, magnetic radiations, and laser beam are used specifically on the part to be treated.

You can also consult about this treatment while surfing on internet. There is a no. of health clinics which provide their services online. You can tell them about your problems and they will suggest you suitable acupuncture treatment according to your body symptoms. After that you can also find acupuncturists near by your areas so that it is easy for you to understand everything. Give this technique a chance to cure you and you will see how beneficial it is without any side effects and being so natural and healthy.


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Finding a better place and trained Acupuncture Specialist could become a difficult task if you are really looking for sustainable solution to your needs. Acupuncture Wellness, llc can provide you the best solutions. You can have treatment that is specifically used to treat you and to meet your needs. What is unique is the ability find a trained professional who already have dedicated her life to Acupuncture. Her specialty is based on hundreds of hours of ready and every method is based on customization theory. This means that every customer may be or essentially requiring different treatment methods. So each method designed is to fulfill your treatment needs.

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You may receive Deep Tissues Massage, Cupping, EFT tapping, Myofascial rlease, Herbs, supplements and more. Specialists and trained in providing treatment and to get your problems simply disappeared, visit the place in Portland where the only reliable clinic is available to get your body relaxed and well treated with care and herbs. The clinical specialties include advanced training in pain relief and all kinds of emotional and balancing techniques.

To get your body relaxed and to get your emotions streamlined, you have to find a good specialist who knows the body functioning and its responsive behavior. Human nature and bodily functioning knowledge is a must and no all specialists are having the abilities to deal with you according to your specific need. There would be many specialists who often treat many people with same technique and same type of facilitation without keeping in view that people might need different techniques to treat them because there are different reasons.

The success of any bodily and physical clinic could be ascertained by finding the returning satisfied people who were finding treatments that are commonly not available. Important is the history of every patient, who indeed is looking to find a good specialist to make him or her mainstream individual in the society. Bodily massage is a technical way to relief muscles.

It is not possible to effectively work in daily routine unless you have got a quality massage in a week time to make your body healthy and feeling light weighted. Treating with different herbs can also left a progressive impression on bodily actions and thinking process that can be more optimistic and more creative. Being in calm is to find a treatment center that sells calm.

The best specialist is that who know the needs of every individual patient. Patients are always important as they are already sensitive. The need to make them calm is more than telling them what is problem with them and what will be the steps to remove their health issues. The health solutions through natural ways are hardly available with trained specialists even these solutions are less counteracting as is the case in Allopathic and other treatment methods.

Sami Jack is one of the renowned specialists in acupuncture portland and many people are already his customers. Its not the case that only people from Portland are his patients but also people coming from Portland vicinities are part of his daily checkups.

Have you considered seeing an acupuncturist in San Diego but aren't sure what to look for or if your ailments are even treatable via acupuncture?

Luckily, the holistic health practice of acupuncture can treat a broad range of problems, and finding a qualified acupuncture professional in San Diego can be easy if you know what you are looking for. With treatment options ranging from acupuncture and acupressure to Chinese herbs, you are likely to find solutions to your health and wellness complaints that go far beyond what traditional Western medical treatment can offer.

San Diego Acupuncture: Available Treatments

In today's society, we often think of treatment of our health problems as a simple item to check off our daily to-do list. Many people want a quick solution that requires little time or effort. Others may be willing to spend time correcting their health problems, but their doctor simply hands them a prescription and sends them on their way.

Treatment at an acupuncture clinic goes beyond the symptoms; it aims for comprehensive health and wellness care. Many times, seemingly unrelated symptoms that Western medicine may overlook can serve as clues to deeper health problems. A qualified acupuncturist can help you piece together the puzzle pieces using traditional Chinese Medicine and other related treatment modalities.

If you want the best holistic health care in San Diego, you need to find an acupuncture clinic that offers multiple treatment options. Some available treatments at reputable San Diego acupuncture and wellness centers include:

-Acupuncture: Insertion of needles into specific parts of the body to bring about therapeutic responses

-Traditional Chinese Medicine evaluation: A variety of assessment tools, including pulse and tongue diagnosis, as well as observation and collection of the patient's symptoms

-Chinese herbs: Natural herbal treatments that aim to balance the body

-Acupressure: Physical pressure applied to acupuncture points

-Chinese Medical Massage (Tui Na)/Soft Tissue Restoration: Hands-on tissue manipulation

-Qi(Chee) Gung/Meditative Longevity Exercises: Physical and mental training methods

-Diagnostic lab tests

-Nutritional therapy

San Diego Acupuncture: Treatable Conditions

As mentioned, qualified San Diego acupuncturists do not simply treat a single problem; they treat the body as a whole. However, certain physical ailments may be the catalyst to seeking treatment at a San Diego acupuncture or wellness center. Common treatable conditions include:

-Pain: Sciatic nerve, low back pain, neck pain, knee pain, torn ACL, headaches


-Digestive problems






This list represents only a fraction of what can be treated by San Diego acupuncturists. To find out if your particular condition or conditions are treatable, you will need to do some simple research before making your first visit.

San Diego Acupuncture: Finding the Right Acupuncturist

Finding the right acupuncturist for you is not as simple as pulling out the phone book and visiting the first place you find. You want to be sure that you find a true holistic health professional who is passionate about what they do and can offer treatment that is customized to your needs. You can start the process by visiting the acupuncturist's website and getting a feel for what they offer, including any specialties, as well as their education and experience level.

To start your search for San Diego acupuncturists right now, visit Alex Shpigel, L.Ac. has over nine years of clinical experience with acupuncture, herbs, and tui na (Chinese medical
massage), and is constantly upgrading his skills to bring the best and most efficient holistic health care for his patients.

Insomnia is a disease in which a patient suffers from lack of sleep. Insomnia can occur at any age but it is becoming wide spread problem in adults. The symptoms of insomnia are; sleeplessness, sleeping for short spans during the night, waking up in the middle of night or early hours of the morning and not being able to fall asleep again. At times you fall asleep for several hours but your body and mind still feels unrest and tired. This is very painful when you do not get complete rest and it may lead to other serious diseases and medical conditions. You feel restless tired and irritable and you are not able to focus on your work properly. It also affects your appetite which can adversely affect your health.

You can find its treatment in modern medicine which may not be the best solution for this problem. Many people try to cure insomnia by taking sleeping pills, but it is not the right solution and may lead to drug dependency and other problems in the longer run.

The best way to get out of this problem and get back your natural sleep is through acupuncture. As acupuncture is a complete body treatment which corrects all functions including sleep disorder. Acupuncture is actually practiced by inserting fine needles in the body to balance the energy in your body. It stimulates or relaxes certain nerves and muscles in your body to attain a number of effects.

Acupuncture works remarkably for insomnia because it brings back your natural sleep through natural remedies without drugs which might become a form of addiction later on. While you are receiving acupuncture treatment, your nervous system begins to calm you down as the acupuncture needles work by taking out your stresses and balancing your body energy and eliminate the causes of your insomnia. Patient may even fall asleep on the treatment table.

After first treatment of acupuncture you will get a much satisfactory sleep (sleep like a baby) but after several days the symptoms of insomnia may occur again and that would be the indication for having your insomnia treatment more frequently. Your problem of insomnia might take several acupuncture treatments per week for several weeks to fully get rid of.

Many people who get their treatment for pain relief through acupuncture, get their natural and comfortable sleep with this treatment so why not treating insomnia with this soothing therapy? Therefore avoid being addicted to sleeping pills and go for acupuncture for your insomnia as it is a reliable and healthy way to resolve chronic insomnia.

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If you are interested in learning how acupuncture can help with IVF, you are probably already aware of the potential benefits of alternative therapies. This ancient Chinese practice can bring a number of positive effects on both the male and female reproductive systems and can increase the chance of a successful implantation and decrease the chance of miscarriage.


One of the simple ways in which acupuncture can help is by inducing relaxation. One German study indicated a success rate of 42% compared with a pregnancy rate of 26% in those not having acupuncture. According to this paper, this was partly attributable to a lowering of stress hormone levels following the treatment.

Regulates Hormones and Improves Egg Quality

Another way in which acupuncture can help with IVF is by treating problems in the pituitary gland and hypothalmus, the areas within the brain which are responsible for hormone production. The needles used can stimulate the release of endorphins which, in turn can influence the production of reproductive hormones which help to control the menstrual cycle. This can regulate the ovarian function and produce a normal cycle with healthier eggs.

Reduces Side Effects Of Fertility Drugs

The fertility drugs used in IVF can actually have side effects which can inhibit fertility, such as Clomid, which can produce a thin womb lining which is detrimental to sustaining an embryo. The increase in blood supply brought about by acupuncture can help to produce a thick, healthy uterine lining. One survey showed that women who received 2 acupuncture treatments - one 25 minute before embryo transfer and another 25 minutes afterwards had a higher pregnancy rate than women not having the procedure.

Lower Miscarriage Rates

Another way acupuncture can help with IVF is to lower miscarriage rates. In one study, where successful embryo rates were almost identical, the miscarriage rate amongst those having acupuncture was 8%, compared to 14% in those not having the procedure. Interestingly, the ectopic pregnancy rate was also lower.

More and more experts are recommending acupuncture as a complementary procedure to run alongside IVF. As there is no evidence to suggest that it has any harmful side effects, it would seem like a good idea to give it careful consideration.

For information on how you can increase your chances of IVF success, you might like to take a look at How To Improve The Success Rates Of IVF.

Designed to teach you exactly what to do before in vitro fertilization, this program will help improve your chances of becoming pregnant with just one cycle, using techniques which are scientifically proven to work. A full explanation is given as to how acupuncture can help with IVF.

Acupuncture is a whole alternative medical system that was first developed in ancient China. It uses needles to manipulate the bodys energy flow in order to improve a patients overall health. It is believed that the within the body is a type of energy called chi or qi regulates most of our biological, and spiritual functions. Since this is a field that has not been proven by science, traditional western medicine does not officially endorse the validity or legitimacy of acupuncture.

The earliest known accounts of acupuncture appeared in ancient Chinese texts dating back to 200 BC. While the exact source of the art is unknown, the art still grew in popularity for the next two thousand years and spread to other countries like Japan, Korea and Vietnam. However, the rise of western medicine and its prescription-based methodology slowly took over acupuncture in Imperial China. It began to be increasingly associated with illiterate and lower class citizens. In 1822 the Imperial academy of Medicine was completely banned from teaching the subject by the Chinese Emperor, himself.

Modern Chinas rediscovery of acupuncture started when the communist party chairman Mao Zedong declared the art as a national treasure. Adherents to this particular ideology spread their knowledge of acupuncture throughout many western countries. They are seen as alternative health-providers with a particular affinity for analgesic services. The Internal Revenue Service even accepts acupuncture bills as legal deductions for medical expenses.

Acupuncture is one of the more complete alternative healing methods that still being actively practiced today. In addition to its body manipulation techniques, it is also frequently combined with Chinese herbs and remedies. A typical acupuncture treatment would have the effects of the procedure supported and enhanced by a prescription of various kinds of teas and mixtures that are said to have curative powers.

People seek the help of alternative healing methods in order to find relief from a number of common ailments. Patients who suffer from diseases and sickness that conventional medicine is ineffective against are the usual customers. Infertility, pain management and injury rehabilitation are other frequent complaints.

One of the other alternative healing methods closely related to acupuncture is acupressure. They follow the same exact philosophy, except that it uses application of pressure using the hands, fingers, and elbows, instead of sticking needles to the patient.

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I know I am going to get lambasted for this but I had to write this article because I was so irritated to read an article pitting Acupuncture against Aromatherapy. Well as I see it this really is apples and oranges and I would hope all therapists in each profession would back me on this. I believe the article was written only for exposure not with the author really believing there was anything to compare.

Before I go any farther I have to tell you I am totally in favour of both therapies and think you can draw benefits from both but for different reasons and I think that the same person might and will go to either practitioner but not looking for the same results. When you go to an Acupuncturist you know you will be prodded, stabbed or indeed impaled with the needles, which is a very different experience from Aromatherapy. I have been on numerous occasions to an Acupuncturist and, although I do not like needles and prefer not to look when being stabbed with them, the feeling is not painful I only feel a slight discomfort when they wiggle the needle. I use Acupuncture for Asthma and pain. In fact the condition started off, as being what I thought was Asthma but ended up being a genetic disorder called Alpha 1 Anti-Trypstin, which gives off the appearance of Asthma and Emphysema. It is something I manage as it cant fix it and the pain is managed, whereas if I were to go to an Aromatherapist for help with this I would be in trouble. I say this because people with Asthma signals should be wary of the oils used in Aromatherapy.

My wife on the other hand uses Acupuncture to control pain and Aromatherapy for that feel-good factor it gives her. The feeling she has after coming out of the Aromatherapy session is very different from the Acupuncturist but she get out of each exactly what she wants and needs so they both have a very important place in therapeutic rehabilitation but one could not replace the other.

Therefore my conclusion is the article that pitted them head to head was incorrect and unfair because they exist for different reasons and so are fighting very different wars with different weapons. I know the author was wrote this in the context of helping understand the differences but they should never be fighting in the same ring, in my opinion even the least knowledgeable people with regards therapies would know this.

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Pet owners are now demanding more natural methods of treating there family and pets these days. We've seen how alternative treatments work for humans. One such technique is acupuncture. This is a natural pet treatment that works for our pets too.

Acupuncture is a very ancient alternative treatment that originated in China. This technique is used to relieve pain. One common source of pain in pets is that of arthritis.

There are more and more owners of aging dogs and cats making using of acupuncture and for very good reasons. This treatment is completely natural and cannot harm the animal in any way. If the pet owner had to resort to using prescription drugs to treat pain there is a high chance of ill side effects.

Acupuncture for pets leaves no uncomfortable side effects at all. You may be surprised that you pet is actually more comfortable and less anxious during and after an acupuncture treatment. This is reassuring for owners who have no knowledge of acupuncture.

The thought of needles piercing your beloved pet is associated with pain. However, the acupuncturist is a person highly trained to carry out this technique. These needles are thinner than a hair.

A session could be as quick as a few seconds or last up to about thirty minutes. Your pet could find relief from pain after one or two treatments and all because you know a little of natural pet basics.

Other conditions that have been favorably treated with acupuncture are digestive ailments, neurological complaints, allergies, urinary tract complaints and also asthma.

If you want a non invasive alternative to drugs and surgery then acupuncture could bring relief and improve the well-being of your pet. However, it is necessary for you to understand that acupuncture is not a miracle treatment for any kind of animal illness or condition.

Sometimes, your cat or dog's medical condition can't be treated by acupuncture. It could be a condition or illness that is too advanced. It is sensible to have our pet examined by a vet to ascertain whether or not acupuncture is an option.

Your pet doesn't have to get sick or be in pain to use acupuncture. Acupuncture is something you can use as a preventative tool for better pet care too. The concept behind acupuncture is to keep energy flowing through certain channels in the body. Maintaining the energy flow will make your pet feel calm and contented.

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The son asked his mother a question and she answered. Looking at the table nearby, what he saw was somewhat of a miracle.

It was his mother's hearing aid on the table. Not needing any assistance, she was able to hear her son clearly for the first time after using the aid for 15 years.

During this occasion, both of them were in a cubicle of an acupuncture center where the mother was placed under a session where four thin needles were used on her jaw and neck by the ears. The mother was sporting a questioning smile while on the examining table.

I asked her how she felt and she said Fine. Speaking did not involve raising the tone of voice and so the mother was thought to have her aid on but no.

The mother and son arrived in Washington from NY after a local paper ran a story about the center which used the traditional Chinese method of acupuncture to heal nerve deafness, they inserted thin needles into the body as part of the treatment. Aside from its role as a pain reliever, acupuncture also serves to be a cure for deafness issues.

In this case, the term cure is only meant to be used with nerve deafness. Findings from the audiometer are available before and after treatment.

Nerve deafness is the only condition curable with acupuncture and in a population of people with hearing loss 35 to 40 percent develops this. Other causes such as diseases, punctured ear drums, and the like result to hearing loss that his cannot cure.

One doctor responsible for the acupuncture treatments guards his patients against false claims about the procedure, his interest in the method grew when his family was exposed to it during a trip to Argentina. About eight treatments are needed for a 75 to 80 percent scale in improvement. When people grow older, improvement slightly decreases.

Complete hearing was possible for those aged from 7 to 12 years old. He noted that acupuncture sometimes must be repeated eight months to a year after the initial treatments as a booster.

Waiting for other patients to finish their sessions was the US deputy undersecretary of labor for legislative affairs who was waiting outside for his tenth treatment. Aside from providing reports on the mood of Congress, this young Montanan was also tasked to provide the Administration with precise and unemotional reports with regard to the chances for passage of legislation affecting the Labor Department. Because of a virus attack in 1968, he lost hearing in his left ear.

Nerve deafness was the preliminary diagnosis he was given without any chance of recovery. Nothing helped including the hearing aids he kept on using.

Any conversations with people were done by asking the people to talk near his good right ear and this is how he adapted to the situation. Like in hunting, there were occasions when his hearing loss would be a distressing think and he could not get away from the fear of losing ability in his good ear. There was nothing the acupuncture center could do for him or so he thought.

When a cure appears to be that simple then there is room for doubt. Even if he had doubts he still gave acupuncture a try and the initial findings from the audiogram showed complete deafness in his left ear.

Having a phobia for needles did not help as a few of them were inserted in his body causing him to back out completely. He heard some beeps from the audiogram machine. He already underwent nine treatments and he says that he will keep on coming if he notices more changes to his 70 percent recovered hearing.

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