Alpha Mind Power – How to Succeed Through Meditation

Alpha mind power is essential where people live fast-paced lives in a stress-inducing world. Unfortunately, we rarely have time to harness the power of the mind to improve our lives. With too many bills to pay, too many noisy kids to put through school, and too many deadlines to meet, who has time to sit around and focus on the mind?

It isn't too difficult to take hold of a few moments in your busy schedule to set some time off for yourself. Take, for example, half an hour at daybreak, when the children are still asleep and you can enjoy the warm morning sunshine by yourself. It is during your private time that you can let your mind and body relax and allow room for meditation to take advantage of the powers of your subconscious.
Common knowledge already has it that meditation helps us get rid of stress as we put up with life's daily hassles. This technique, which allows the body to ease into a more peaceful state of mind, can occur in many ways. Closing your eyes and shutting out everything else, walking through the woods to simply admire its beauty, and yes, sitting cross-legged atop a high mountain - all these are forms of meditation you can perform. However it is done, meditation paves the way for a mind of clarity, serenity, and calmness.

It is also a means of using your alpha mind power to control your life. This particular brand of mind power is achieved only when your brain reaches the alpha state. Scientifically speaking, this is when the energy activity in your brain occurs on a scale of 7 to 14 cycles per second, slower than beta waves but faster than delta and theta waves. You are in your alpha state of mind when you find yourself halfway between normal consciousness and being asleep. You are very relaxed and will often find yourself daydreaming.

With a relaxed state of mind, you can more easily focus on visualizing the things you want to happen in your life. Alpha waves, as scientists believe, allow you to tap into your subconscious creativity and transfer it into your conscious mind. The brain, they say, is more receptive to new instructions and the mind is more open to new ideas during the alpha state of mind. It is, thus, through meditation that you are set free from your worries to see the outcomes that you would like to happen.

Whether the outcomes you desire are as simple as finding your keys or serve as the fulfillment of your life's long-term goals, using your alpha mind power intensely increases your chances to succeed. A popular method of reaching the alpha state is Jose Silva's Mind Control Method. This involves closing your eyes and slowly and silently counting backwards from 100 to zero. By the time you get to zero, your mind will enter a more relaxed state, the alpha state of mind, and you will ease into a higher level of consciousness where you have full control of your mind, instead of the other way around.

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