Chi Hair Shampoo – Review

From the maker of the famous and trusted flat iron, CHI shampoos are formulated specifically for use with the CHI line of flat irons. Developed to address the needs of heat-styled hair, CHI shampoos are full of ingredients that contribute to healthy, beautiful hair.

The CHI shampoo line consists of several shampoos each targeted toward different hair types. Now every CHI flat iron user can find a shampoo perfect for their hair type.

Dry / Damaged Hair - Since most heat styles hair falls in this category, CHI has multiple shampoos for this consumer.

CHI Pure Hydration Shampoo: Is made for overworked, dry, and damaged hair. With white truffle and pearl extract, the moisturizing formula provides a rich luxurious lather to nourish dry hair.

CHI Infra Shampoo: Moisture Therapy helps to maintain moisture balance in the scalp and hair making the hair feel smoother and more manageable. The Hydrating Silk Bath is a special cleansing treatment for dry hair that helps to return dry/damaged hair to its soft, smooth condition.

Color Treated Hair

CHI Ionic Color Protector Shampoo: Is sulfate free for gentle cleansing without stripping the hair color or over-drying.

Thin / Fine Hair

Royal Treatment Super Volume: Adds exceptional body and volume to thin, limp hair and builds strength to reduce breakage.

Oily Hair

CHI Clean Start Clarifying Shampoo: Cleanses the hair of dirt, oil and product build-up. This shampoo is great for oilier hair types or to prepare the hair for chemical services.

Curly Hair - Lets not forget about the curly girls. Just because they don"t choose to flat iron doesn"t mean they can"t have a CHI shampoo too!

CHI Curl Preserve Shampoo: Cleanses curly hair while smoothing the cuticle for more polished, frizz free curls.

CHI is well known and trusted for their amazing flat irons and for creating silky smooth lustrous hair. Their shampoos perform just as well and used with the flat irons will create stellar results - shiny, smooth, gorgeous hair!

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