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How often should I use my chi machine?

Daily use will provide the most benefit. The easiest way to remember to use your chi machine each day is to establish a routine. For example, use it right before your bed or shortly after you get up. Setting aside a time and place to use your chi exerciser will help you be consistent. 

How fast can I increase my chi exercise time?

Your first session should be no longer than 5 minutes. Gradually increase the exercise time over a period of several weeks as you feel comfortable. If you experience discomfort, reduce the exercise time until your body adjusts.

Which speed setting provides the most benefits?

No one speed is more beneficial than another. A faster speed does not necessarily provide greater benefits. The most important thing is to choose the speed that is most comfortable for you.

How long should I wait to use the chi machine after eating?

Wait a half hour after a light meal and an hour after a full meal before using your chi exerciser.

Can I watch TV or read while using the chi machine?

In order to get the most benefit from chi exercise, you should eliminate all distractions and focus on relaxing your mind and body. Find a quiet spot for your exercise session where you can let yourself relax without any interruptions.

How long will it take to see results?

Since every individual responds at a different pace and to a different extent, it's hard to say just how soon you will see improvement in your overall health. Most likely you will experience an immediate relief from stress and boost in energy after each chi session. Other results, such as weight loss, pain relief, and long-term stress relief, may occur gradually over time. Don't get discouraged if you don't see immediate results! Continue using your chi machine on a regular basis to experience the greatest benefit.

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For those who don't trust the pharmaceutical companies, herbal medicine plants serve as safe and healthy alternatives for treating many kinds of ailments and diseases. However, there are several things that you have to consider first before buying any of these herbs for usage. These plants, like other pharmaceutical treatments, are products that should be treated with both caution and respect. As natural as these herbs are, they still share many of the components that can also be found in those non-prescription medicines. A lot of plants (such as thyme and oregano) are just easy to take care of, and they can be utilized for cooking and home remedies as well. As a herb garden information, this will be able to transform your own garden into a multi-purpose project which will allow you to make the most out of your plants.

In choosing the herbal medicine plants to grow, there are several things that you should consider. First, you should label each of the plants, so you won't make any mistakes in identifying what that plant is in your garden. If the plants have some poisonous components, then these should be labeled and kept out of the reach of children. Keep in mind that there are a lot of useful herbs that have poisonous components, so this is very important.

You should also keep a detailed information on how these plants should be prepared for use. Most of these plants can't simply have their leaves just taken out and then digested to get their benefits. You have to dry the leaves or saturate them as teas first before you will be able to release the medicinal properties of the plant.

With some of these plants, the flowers and berries are the ones that are going to be preserved and used for medicinal purposes. It's also quite important to handle these kinds of plants with utmost care, as these tend to have poisonous components of their own.

There are several illnesses and diseases that these plants can help cure. This range from treating the common cold, to negating the symptoms of pregnancy and also heal dangerous diseases such as cancer. These plants can also be used in promoting healthier weights and boosting up your body's digestive capabilities.

If you have further questions or concerns regarding the use of herbal medicine plants and other herb garden information, just consult your doctor or your local herbalist.

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Beijing on November 3, "Business Week" article points out that Google Android2.0 has been recognized by the market, Motorola The Droid Mobile Will be very competitive.

Google in the 14 months before the announced Smartphones Operating system Android, Android phone, but since the early flat, plus most of the operators unwilling to accept the Android system, leading to the initial development of Android system is greatly affected.

But now, there are two events may promote the development of Android system, first, the software upgrade to the new version, the second is the Droid VerizonWireless released Motorola cell phone.

Droid phone was officially listed on November 6, comes after two years of service contract discount price of 199 U.S. dollars. The phone is the first mobile phone with Android2.0, it is also re-launch of Motorola's best products. In addition to containing earlier versions of the various features, the new version of the software adds e-mail, contacts and calendar functions. Android2.0 not mandatory to use Google's Gmail service itself, users can e-mail account multiple data sets displayed in a single page. The new version of the software adds synchronization from the corporate Exchange server Electronic E-mail, contacts and calendar data. But most enterprises and technology policy may not allow this to happen, because the stored data in the Droid phone can not be encrypted.

New version of the software comes as the most attractive software features Google Maps Navigation (GoogleMapsNavigation), which can provide free real-time navigation. However, due to its less-friendly user interface makes it very difficult from a large number of Google Maps features stand out. But you can use voice search for Google to use this feature, you can say, "navigate to ......" to use navigation. If the software identifies the destination you want to go, so that you can provide navigation services. Navigation services, including the prompt where you should turn a street intersection, and many mobile phone navigation software do not have this feature. I found it in the process of using the prompt given timely and accurate. Because the software is likely to become more as time goes perfect with this feature that Google will quickly gain a firm foothold in the navigation industry.

Currently, Google map navigation can only be used in the United States, this may be because Google has not finished outside the United States map production. But as a free navigation software for the cost of third-party data may be very high. However, another new version of the Droid mobile phone will soon appear in other countries. International Edition Droid phone with HSPA 3G Technology replaces the U.S. version of Droid phone VerizonEV-DO technology. O2 and Vodafone from the November 9 release in Germany from the international version of Droid phone, then re-released in Italy and Argentina. International Edition Droid phone also replaced with Motorola's own Motonav U.S. version Googlenav.

Droid pre-installed software is very simple, such as YouTube in addition to application software, it has not built any video player software. On the other hand, Droid nor any copyright pre-installed software, such as Vcast video service software. Ago, Verizon announced that all mobile phones will come preloaded with software that section. If you feel that too few applications are not enough, you can access AndroidMarket. It is not iTunes application store, but it is very similar to iTunes. It is puzzling, AndroidMarket the bid application fees some confusion, some are dollar-denominated currency, and some are sterling denominated currency. Although users can buy music from Amazon, but it does not like that kind of movie or iTunes TV Show download service.

Droid hardware configuration very attractive. The phone and the iPhone in appearance similar size, only 1 mm thicker than the iPhone, weighs a little bit heavier than the iPhone. It comes with detachable Battery And slide-out keyboard. 3.7-inch color display clear, sharp images, high induction. Although battery life is not very long, but enough to use all day. Users must pay special attention is not in the background long running navigation software is very power-hungry applications. Once an application is started, the user must remember to run out after it shut down.

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China Investment Advisory Network News April 14, Zhuxi County, Hubei Province Water Ping, the peak of the two towns to complete the Model 200 acres planted honeysuckle. Currently, the county planned area of 12 mu of medicinal spring, 10.5 acres have been completed, the rest will be completed next month. Zhuxi County, relying on authentic Chinese herbal medicines, medicinal plant diversity patterns of exploration and practice, involving as many as 15 million farmers have emerged out of more than 200 medicinal herbs specialized villages, not only the green hills, is also rich farmers, promote local agriculture economic and rural development. Family income last year, more than 150 million yuan wild Chinese medicinal herbs county farmers 400 yuan per capita income.

 Currently, the county Feng Town, Taoyuan Township, Coptis, bladder, Coltsfoot Flower, Spring Town, Hubei Tsubosato the Scrophulariaceae, Eucommia ulmoides, Atractylodes and other species have formed a certain scale. A dominant species of a township, a few dominant species of a base village is taking shape.

Traditional Chinese medicine base to promote the county building, Zhuxi herbs and Wuhan University School of Medicine Office of the Joint declaration of the diversity of medicinal Zhuxi County Construction and GAP production model demonstration projects, defined as the dominant species Coptis carried out 1,000 acres of native GAP standardized Chinese herbal medicine planting demonstration project has been Provincial Science and Technology Department, the provincial finance into the "library with a competitive edge," to support it. GAP through Demonstration Base of Chinese herbal medicines, Chinese herbal medicine wild native transfer home health tests, experiments and demonstrations to introduce new varieties of Chinese herbal medicine, traditional Chinese medicine base for the county's large-scale construction to provide high-yield seeds and planting operations standardized technical specification.

Among them, E Tsubosato of GAP technology Park, has been fighting for more than 100 million capital investment project, gradually supporting base of water, electricity, road construction, speed up the demonstration plant honeysuckle, Gongju, impatient, Atractylodes, papaya, etc. 5 varieties of 250 acres. According to the structure of different species, sub-regional development five demonstration film, supporting set operation Road, the implementation of semi-mechanized cultivation. This spring and summer, this medicine technology Park priority to the cultivation of Chinese medicinal herbs and Planting seeds for the autumn for the last Takahashi, Albatron, weir blue, Zi Tong Ya, Kowloon Bay Village, 5000 9 acres of herbs to provide good seed-growing areas.

Chinese herbal medicine is Zhuxi modern agro-industry, planting a long history, very rich in resources. According to "Zhuxi Flora," recorded more than 1200 kinds of Chinese herbal medicine within the territory, and therefore, "Zhuxi vegetation half drug," said. Coptis Zhuxi of bergamot is the county treasures and the famous Chinese herbal medicine exports, "Compendium of Materia Medica", called "Our Lady of drugs in" territorial Road, herbs, high yield, good quality, best-selling domestic and international market.

Currently, Bamboo Creek to Forest land-based ecosystem modeling Coptis cultivation acreage has reached more than 6,000 acres, the other more than 100 kinds of medicinal spring has reached 10 million mu of small, homologous Houttuynia food and medicine, ginger, Chinese yam, cinnamon acreage than in previous years, etc..

Zhuxi as early as the fifties of last century was the State Department awarded the "Hometown of Chinese Coptis" title. In recent years, returning farmland to forests and natural forest protection, planting Zhuxi stop the tree felling "pile down shed," Coptis, so fewer and fewer Coptis, market demand and supply shortages, high prices. To meet the market demand and resources to the advantage of the transfer of goods, Zhuxi county government and industry associations to guide Yaonong medicine to carry out ecological cultivation of Coptis chinensis Rehmannia successful imitation, the quality of its varieties has not changed, the output doubled, from 6 years to shorten the growth cycle to 5 years to address the forest with contradictions.

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At present, although the proportion of wind power generating capacity is small, but the rapid growth of installed capacity, the initial realization of large-scale development. In 2008, in a variety of electricity generation method, only the country's total wind power generating capacity of 0.37%. In 2008 installed capacity of 6.14 million kilowatts new, and in 2007 an increase of 102%. China has basically mastered the 1.5-megawatt wind turbine manufacturing technology.

 China's rapidly growing wind power industry to be the most important reason is the government support. Since 2005, the Chinese government incentives for wind power development policies and measures are: wind power equipment industry of special fund for subsidies, localization rate of 70% of the requirements, the full grid, electricity-sharing, wind power concessions and tax concessions to .

 China Wind Power Industry Chain Market Analysis

 In the wind power industry chain, wind power equipment manufacturing is the most important aspect of the upstream equipment manufacturers to provide raw materials for downstream use of equipment, power generation and electricity transmission to the user. The upstream industrial chain, including: steel, nonferrous metals, composites, electronic components and so on. Upstream and downstream industry chain to large state-owned power generation companies and energy investors, the main group.

 Wind power equipment manufacturers, including wind power machine manufacturers and key components supporting businesses, the wind turbine is a wind power system, the most important part of the cost of wind farm construction investment accounting for about 70%. Present to achieve large-scale production units of the machine manufacturers are mainly Goldwind, Huarui wind power, Dongfang Steam Turbine. At the national policy support, the remarkable progress in wind turbine manufacturing.

 Since 2003, the state has organized wind power concession tenders, wind power equipment manufacturing to "introduction of technology - digestion and absorption - independent research and development, technological upgrading - the scale of development, import substitution" development path to rapid development. Machine manufacturers to license the transfer, with the world wind power vendors to mature, the introduction of technology patents, to quickly form a machine manufacturing capacity, and this rapid introduction of technology, followed the path of China's equipment manufacturing industry tradition. As of the end of 2008, the domestic production of wind turbine within the capital and a total of 56 joint ventures, which produce megawatt class wind turbine technology, the main source of increase for the digestion and absorption of technology licensing, joint design and independent research and development. 1.5 MW wind turbine has been able to mass production, localization rate of more than 70%; unit capacity of up to 3 MW.

 Independent research and development mainly MW units below the rank of supporting blades, generators, bearings, etc. have been able to mass production. At present, the domestic manufacturers to more than 50 blades, gear box manufacturers to more than 10, bearing more than 15 manufacturers, generator manufacturers to more than 15, variable flow of more than 10 manufacturers.

The help of national policy, local wind power companies have begun to emerge, a substantial increase in market share.

 Wind power development in China, the first 20 years, wind farms use the equipment mostly imported products, equipment prices and maintenance repair costs are higher, ranging from a certain extent, this has hampered the development of wind power industry.

 Countries to encourage the domestic wind power equipment manufacturing industry, clearly put forward the demand for equipment localization rate, domestic enterprises to occupy most of the additional market share. July 4, 2005, NDRC issued a notice to provide wind power equipment localization rate to reach over 70% of domestically produced equipment does not meet the requirements of the building of wind farms do not allow the import of equipment for the Customs to pay taxes. The new provision in 2006 requires operators of wind power equipment manufacturers with binding bids in order to ensure that the project truly achieve the localization rate of 70% of the requirements of operators in the successful tenderer after the tender shall be elected to conduct equipment manufacturers.

 Golden wind, Huarui, East steam already have high-volume production capacity MW units in China, three companies and the market share of over 50%. As of the end of 2008, gold wind, Huarui, East gas enterprises amounted to 3 MW installed in the domestic unit Number of units a total of 2747 units.

 To add a wind power installed capacity point of view, in 2008, first super-payment Huarui wind, in the new wind power installed capacity in the country accounting for 22.5%.

China's wind power industry, obstacles to development

 However, the Chinese power grid planning and construction of the speed was nowhere near the speed of development of wind power installed capacity of large-scale wind power grid access barriers.

 China wind power development in recent years, much faster than expected, a number of wind farm electricity can not be made to achieve a comprehensive transportation. In 2008, China has 12.21 million kilowatts of wind power installed capacity to achieve the grid, only 8.94 million kilowatts. Wind resources are relatively abundant in the west are mostly in remote mountainous areas, power transmission inconvenient.

 Wind power will reduce the power load forecasting accuracy, thus affecting the power grid scheduling and stability. Foreign wind power development will be included in multi-network planning, demand ahead of construction of power grid for wind power to create conditions for access.

 Wind power equipment manufacturing industry faster than strong, mainly influenced by level of technology and professional personnel constraints.

 Domestic fan manufacturers are basically still at the stage of absorption of foreign technology transfer, has not yet formed its own core and key technologies, key components manufacturing and control systems are still controlled by others. China has produced just two megawatts of wind turbine capacity, large-scale wind turbine research and development of self-capability is weak. MW level and above the fan there is a big gap in the supply of core parts, and the local manufacturers is not enough and reliable product quality.

 At present, the wind power industry, the lack of design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and operational management of the personnel training system, R & D and management personnel, the wind power industry service system is not perfect.

Wind power equipment manufacturing industry overcapacity

 The rapid development of wind power industry, the huge market expectations, low market entry thresholds for wind power equipment manufacturing industry led to the explosive growth in the short term. As long as the wind power companies to buy production licenses and parts, will soon be able to produce products and a lower threshold. Wind power equipment manufacturers from 2004 to 2008, the development of six more than 70, only took 4 years.

 It is estimated that over the next decade, China's average annual increase of installed capacity of about 800 million kilowatts. In addition to several leading enterprises, most enterprises only have a small batch production capacity, and some still in the prototype development or testing phase, the production of plant operation was not stable. More than 70 enterprises in the machine, there are 60 or so annual output of less than 10 units.

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Creativity and art are definitely some of the main values of Japanese products from electronic gadgets to fashion. However one of the most popular products that Japan can claim credit for are their cars. Until recently Japan held the title for being the largest car producing country in the world. Although the title is now claimed by China, Japan still is home to one of the most popular car brands in the world; Toyota. The 1960s contributed greatly to Japans fame as a popular car producing nation. It was during this time period that they came out with cars for the general public which created a revolution in the automotive industry. A decade after the introduction of their kei cars Japan ventured out into the foreign market and gained instant popularity due to their affordable and durable automotives. By the year 2000 Japan was the largest car manufacturer in the world and 8 years later Japans Toyota surpassed USAs General Motors to become the largest automotive brand.

No article on Japanese cars will be complete without going into detail about the leading car giant: Toyota. The first time Toyota entered the American market it was unsuitable for foreign lands with an underpowered Land Cruiser. However, they immediately revamped and came out with an upgrade to the Land Cruiser and Corona along with a few pickups. Today users looking for used trucks for sale prefer a Japanese vehicle like the Isuzu due to their superior class and sleek looks along with high end performance. At point Isuzu sold a range of cars, however they eventually ventured solely into the truck segment. Like other car manufacturers, Japanese cars have gained more popularity in Europe as compared to the US.

Another popular Japanese automotive brand is Mitsubishi which is the 6th largest car brand in Japan and 7th largest in the world. Mitsubishis history of car making dates far back to 1917 where they first came out with a prototype car called the Model A. Post the 2nd World War, Mitsubishi went back dedicatedly in their car manufacturing business. Today they make some of the most popular cars in the world like the Mitsubishi Lancer, Pajero and the Galant.

Buyers who are on the lookout for a used car will definitely be wise to go for a Japanese vehicle like the Toyota or the Mitsubishi due to their dedication towards providing high end quality and cutting edge features.

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Hong Kong's renowned Wong Tai Sin Temple is highly esteemed by many Chinese people. A Taoist shrine inaugurated in 1921, the temple is dedicated to a famed Taoist immortal. The legend says that Wong Chuping began the practice of Taoism at the age of 15. Forty years afterwards, he attained enlightenment and achieved the status of an immortal. From this time onwards he was known as Wong Tai Sin. He is said to punish evildoers, save the dying and restore the health of the wounded.

The legend of Wong Tai Sin reached the area of Hong Kong from Guangdong Province during the first quarter of the 20th century. As a result of his great power and mercy, he is considered to be able to grant any wish made at the temple. The Wong Tai Sin Temple is famed for fortune-telling and the predictions made are considered to be very accurate. Typically a devotee will request to know what is in store for him or her in the coming year. Worshippers light incense, kneel in front of the principal shrine, think of a desired wish and shake a cylinder of bamboo holding fortune telling sticks in anticipation of one coming out. The fortune stick is then used to identify a slip of paper with the same numerals after which the soothsayer elaborates on the fortune present on the slip to the devotee.

Many residents of Hong Kong revere Wong Tai Sin and therefore lit candles and joss sticks can be seen throughout the year, but the temple is particularly busy at the time of the Chinese New Year and the birthday of Wong Tai Sin which falls on the eighth lunar month's 23rd day.

The temple's architecture may be considered to be of the customary Chinese style featuring a majestic golden roof decorated with lovely blue friezes, exquisite colourful carvings and yellow latticework. Apart from the temple's Grand Hall other highlights include the Good Wish Garden and Sansheng Hall. The visitor will also admire the three memorial archways which are typical Chinese architectural elements.

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As we mentioned in previous articles, infertility is defined as inability of a couple to conceive after 12 months of unprotected sexual intercourse or can not carry the pregnancy to term. It effects over 5 millions couple alone in the U. S. and many times more in the world. Because of unawareness of treatments, only 10% seeks help from professional specialist. In this article, we will discuss What is spleen function in traditional Chinese medicine in treating infertility

I. Definition

The humans' spleen also known as pancreas in western medicine is defined as an organ located in the abdomen of the body. It helps to
1. Remove and destroy the old, aged red blood cells.
2. Synthesize antibodies in the white pulp, and
3. Remove antibody-coated bacteria and blood cells from the circulation system.

II. How spleen function effects male infertility in traditional Chinese medicine

1. Liver
Liver has directed influentially in spleen function, without strong liver there is no treatment for spleen blockade and deficiency, leading to abnormal implantation of egg in the uterus lining.

2. Nutritional deficiency
Since spleen helps to transform carbohydrate synthesizing from the the liver to energy and distribute the nutrients to our body needs. Malfunction of spleen disrupts these processes, leading to nutrients deficiency and fatigue, dizziness and emotional stress.

3. Diabetes and blood flow
According to traditional Chinese medicine spleen plays an important role in providing our body qi through insulin secretion. Malfunction of spleen causes abnormal secreting of insulin disrupting the qi flow, causing blood stagnation in the liver and spleen and leading to diabetes and obstruction of blood flow to the abdominal region.

4. Luteal phase
The traditional Chinese medicine view spleen as important organ in helping the pituitary gland in secreting hormone after ovulation. In order to support the egg to be fertilized by the sperm, the luteal phase must be at least 10 days long. Deficiency of spleen obstruct the luteal phrase leading to deficiency.

5. Digestion and elimination
Spleen is view as the organ of digestion ( nutrients distribution ) and elimination ( eliminating the body waste ). Deficiency of spleen causes digestive disorder and toxins accumulation in the body, effecting the liver function and obstructing the normal menstrual cycle leading to infertility.

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At the root of all human suffering are our desires and expectations. This wanting causes us to act and react in an almost predictable manner to situations and events. If we can detach from these mental formations, we experience peace. It is the goal of meditation courses in India to teach us how we may begin to free our minds from this state of mind, which does not allow for proper functioning, and consequently, existence. Meditation courses in India are programs in which the art and practice of meditation is taught to willing and sincere seekers of true freedom.

One of the groups which offer meditation courses in India is known as the Z Meditation Center. Z Meditation is based in Dharamsala, in India, and they have a profound and unique type of meditation courses in India available to the seeker. One of the programs which they run is known as Deep Deconditioning Inquiry, a systematic process of getting to the very root of our subconscious programming. It has been observed at their meditation courses in India, that in just a few days of practicing Deep Deconditioning Inquiry, students have shown a remarkable improvement and positive difference.

The source of our mental programming is not far-fetched. When we look at many of our cultural and religious beliefs, we may easily see. These beliefs are further reinforced and amended by family, peer group and other social groupings. We accept these beliefs without question, so much so that they form a part of our very beings. We sometimes cannot accept that some things can be done in a different and even better way. Many of us are marching on through life like robots.

Meditation courses in India are a mutation of the ancient Buddhist religious practice. Meditation is also found to be a part of virtually all traditional religions all over the world. However, established and dedicated teachers have spent the better part of their lives developing this most profound practice into a form that may be embraced from anyone, from anywhere. This is the case with Z Meditations' meditation courses in India, created and developed by Ajay Kapoor, the Founder, and Teacher of Z Meditation.

The most effective way to go about meditation courses in India are via the on-campus location programs. These are held several times a year, in India, as well as in other places where there will be a class and facilities. Otherwise, you may take on-line meditation courses in India which are available over the internet. These online meditation courses in India require just as much, if not more, disciplined practice, as the student will have to regulate herself. There are also meditation books, which provide another alternative to meditation courses in India. These are similar to the online meditation courses in India, but you need not use an internet connection as the material is available in print.

Whatever option of meditation courses in India you choose, or are suitable for you, you can be assured of an affordable expense. An expense which bears no relation whatsoever to the benefits you will derive from partaking in meditation courses in India.

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Real Chi Power Training

Hello and welcome to my Chi Power Training book review. Of all the different books that have attempted to "train" people in the art of Chi Power manipulation -there has only been one that is frequently spoken of and recommended on a regular basis. This book has been an international best seller, and it hit the book shelves back in the 1980's.

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