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In 2009, Zhu Zhu Pets were the hottest toy on the market for little girls. Fast forward to 2010 and Cepia has introduced a new version of Zhu Zhu Pets called Kung Zhu Battle Hamsters. Made exclusively for boys, Kung Zhu Battle Hamsters are going to be just as big this holiday season and it’s easy to see why. Unlike the cute and cuddly Zhu Zhu Hamsters, Kung Zhu hamsters are fierce fighting machines. These hamsters have an edgier appearance along with battle gear and combat armor. There are two different kinds of Kung Zhu Battle Hamsters, the Special Forces group and the Ninja Warrior group. Only one group will be victorious as they fight to the bitter end.

The elite team of battle hamsters known as the Special Forces is equipped with high tech weapons and is ready for battle. Lead by a headstrong leader known as Stonewall, they are a feisty group of hamsters whose only goal is to defeat the evil Ninja Warriors. The Special Forces team is made up of Rock-O, Sergeant Serge and Duke.

Skilled in the ancient art of martial arts, the Ninja Warriors are a fierce group of fighting machines. Lead by the powerful Drayko, this team is a force like no other. Other Ninja Warrior team members are Azer, Thorn, and Yama. Together, they make a powerful team in search of the ultimate victory over the Special Forces team.

The Kung Zhu Battle Arena is where these warriors will fight to the end. Each group of hamsters can be outfitted with custom battle armor to protect themselves during battle. Other add-on features include battle gears, training camps and warrior bases. Just like the original Zhu Zhu Pets, Kung Zhu has add-on toys that connect together to form a battle hamster city all your own. Each hamster is battery operated and comes with its own battery. Cleaning and care of the hamsters is simple with just a damp cloth.

Over all this is a great toy for boys ages 4 and up. There are some small pieces in this set and you will want to make sure that you keep it out of the reach of children 3 and under. Supplies of the original Zhu Zhu Pet toys were very low during the 2009 holiday season and many retailers were completely out of stock. As with most popular holiday toys it is always a good idea to purchase in advance of the holiday rush to avoid disappointment.

In the end, Boys will love the fact that they can connect and build different layouts with the add-on toys and unleash their creative spirit. The hamster battle armor is interchangeable with the other battle hamster characters and will provide hours of fun for your little warrior.

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The best-known and most researched western immune stimulant herb is Echinacea. Modern research demonstrates that Echinacea works more effectively when combined with other immune stimulating herbs that also help manage fever, drain the lymphatics and resolve mucous congestion. For example, the Chinese herbs Andrographis leaf, Forsythia green fruit, Lonicera flowers, Platycodon root, Magnolia buds, Isatis root and Glycyrrhiza root (Liquorice) combine well with Echinacea to enhance its therapeutic effects. This combination can activate immunity to overcome a number of conditions including cold, flu, fever, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, middle ear infection and mucous congestion especially in the ears, nose and throat.

Taking this Echinacea-Chinese herb formula to activate the immune system at the earliest signs of a cold, flu or cough will not only increase the body's resistance to infection but also reduce the risk of needing antibiotics and minimise the chance of repeat infection. Of course antibiotics have their place during certain acute infections but they attack bacteria only. Herbal immune stimulants activate the body's natural defences against all 'bugs' and speed up recovery during the acute phase of infection. This means that if antibiotics are required they can work together with immune stimulating herbal medicine to more quickly and completely overcome an infection.

Recently, a woman relayed her experience using the above integrated Echinacea-Chinese herb combination. "I usually suffer for at least a week whenever I contract a head cold. This time a friend told me about a Chinese herbal medicine containing Echinacea, so I tried some with immediate results. The fever subsided and didn't return, the clear watery mucus stopped running from my nose and the sore throat also disappeared overnight. I continued taking the combination for 2 days after all symptoms disappeared just to make sure the virus didn't come back."

However, sometimes the immune system does not full recover after an acute infection passes. Common symptoms of this stage in convalescence include recurrent low grade fevers, night sweats, sore throats, mucous cough, exhaustion, weakness and aches and pains. These symptoms require treatment for 2-4 week with immune restorative herbs or immune system tonics. The best immune system tonic to take to restore resistance and vitality during convalescence or chronic infection and illness are Astragalus root, Schisandra berries, Codonopsis root, Atractylodes root, Ganoderma (Reishi mushroom), Ligustrum berries and Liquorice root.

Immune restorative herbs are not recommended during the acute infection but can be taken alone or in conjunction with immune stimulating herbs during the pre- and post-acute phases of infection (overlapping areas). Immune stimulants are only recommended during the acute infection phase.

In summary therefore, always take an Echinacea-based (immune stimulant) formula at the earliest signs or symptoms of a bacterial or viral infection. Follow on this treatment with an Astragalus-based (immune restorative) formula during the recovery or convalescent phase of infection and for long-term protection.

Paul Keogh ND, DMH is a qualified Naturopath and medical herbalist with 20 years combined experience in clinical practice and the development of medicinal-grade, integrated Chinese and western herbal medicines. Paul regularly reviews the benefits of vitamins, supplements and vitamin tablets for different goals and conditions.

Financial crisis has resulted in Europe and the United States economy is in danger. Asia's two most important economic power, Japan's industrial structure in the future will be how to adjust? Secretary-General of the Asian Association of Manufacturers, Jun Luo, CEO and that the four trillion yuan driven by strong domestic demand will drive China's manufacturing in the automotive, engineering machinery, high-speed trains, airplanes and other major technology to achieve rapid development. Japanese manufacturing strategic focus will move to China.

 Romanian Army in China news agency reporters Cai Fang and Shi Biaoshi accepted by the international economic downturn, the Japanese yen and European trade barriers, high impact operation, to reduce Japanese manufacturing orders, market share, increased unemployment, loss of intensified international competitiveness are critical challenge. However, the Japanese manufacturing industry in China things are quite different, the Japanese manufacturing industry in the global industrial chain has been the most high-end, limited room for development, facing a transition. China industrialization of the traditional manufacturing industry, in the global industrial chain in the low-end, the technological backwardness of the majority of manufacturing enterprises and the production of mainly low-end products, the development of space is also very large.

 It is worth noting that in many Japanese companies started to focus on the past, U.S. and Europe began to China, India and other emerging economies shift, and increased investment. Sharp Corporation of Japan and China will be the first co-production of LCD TV panels; Nissan this year will increase investment in Wuhan, comprehensively promote the electric vehicle commercialization process in China. Meanwhile, some Japanese companies began to withdraw from the traditional industries, new energy technologies into a comprehensive search for new technological revolution in order to achieve a new breakthrough, a group of new technology, high-tech industry is moved to China. Luo Jun believes that this is because the traditional industry in China faces homogeneous competition, the reasons for sharp decline in profit margins. And new technology industry is still in an absolute advantage in China's vast market and bright future. The current round of Japanese enterprises are not part of the media heat transfer proposed "a large number of Japanese migration from China itself."

 According to reports, there are about 20,000 Japanese companies in China's development, mainly for the manufacturing sector, the overall level of profitability is very good. At the recent industry forum on electric vehicles, Nissan Chief Executive Officer Toshiyuki Shiga said, joint ventures and subsidiaries around the world, the only Chinese company profits, the company now is to save the entire group. Similarly, Toyota, Honda and other large Japanese companies, although the growth rate declined by the global economic turmoil, but Japanese companies are still optimistic about China's level of profitability.

 Romanian military analysts say that while the financial crisis in China is relatively small, but the effect is still an objective. On one hand, Japanese companies continue to increase investment in China to expand market share; the other is to develop new products, adjust the industrial structure, and strive to the financial crisis, relying on new technologies and new products to capture new markets. Economic crisis, the energy saving and new energy industries, electronic information technology, biotechnology, equipment manufacturing and other fields, as Japanese companies have a perfect grasp of advanced technology, financial crisis, Japanese companies will further expand the market space and lead the industry. The Chinese manufacturing industry will further accelerate the pace of structural adjustment and industrial upgrading, and will further promote the industrialization process, to improve international competitiveness.

 Luojun Jiang stressed that because the Japanese manufacturers are highly dependent on exports, the financial crisis was obvious. However, the impact of Japanese manufacturing by the impact of China's manufacturing industry is very limited. As China's manufacturing industry as a whole in the global industrial chain in the low-end, did not have to compete with Japanese manufacturing capacity. Meanwhile, China's manufacturing products mainly for European and American markets in the low-end consumers. In particular, in the context of the financial crisis, the Chinese government introduced a four trillion domestic demand to promote programs aimed at promoting China's manufacturing industry heavily dependent on external demand in the last case, adjusting the industrial structure.

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Herbal medicine makes use of the plant extracts and herbal medicine to achieve its therapeutic value. Most plants contain the chemical elements, and they are helpful to heal of the cut and other physical therapy. Herbal medicine is the oldest form of health care, and plays an important role in the development of modern medicine.7 Grounds That Will Affect the Luster of Your wii remote

Originally the herb medicines were never heard of, but the primitive man made full use of the vast flora around them and their components, herbal medicine finally came into the world. A study by the World Health Organization on the use of herbal medicines, about 80% of the world population still rely on herbs to treat a disease, about 74% of the medicines today will contain one plant ingredient at least.How to Defend the Bruise of your LED Light

Herbs have an overall effect on the human body. The aim is not just for a symptom, but also it helps the body rejuvenate and strengthen themselves. The herbs have some effect on different kinds of diseases, their values have been proved by the clinical test. Although there is no scientific evidence to suggest that all herbal medicines have the healing powers for the diseases. The list includes the St. John's Wort, which is for the treatment of mild depression (without using fluoxetine).ipod Charger Govern of the Day

St. 5 Fabulous Tips for RC Helicopters John's Wort is a wild plant, the whole plant or the whole plant with roots has medicinal value. St. John's Wort is a perennial plant. It grows in Europe, North Africa and Western Asia. Now it's also distributed throughout the United States and Canada.  And it's used as the antidepressant prescription drug for the west medical profession. In ancient Greece the plant was used as diuretics and treatment of neuropathic pain. Since Middle Ages, the St. John's Wort has been the as traditional herbal medicine, which are mainly used for depression, insomnia, also as a diuretic, treatment of gastritis, etc. It's the most common herb medicine in Europe.

St. John's Wort is strongly recommended as the first choice for treatment of depression among the plant medicines. In 1997 it's assessed as the "herbal star" by World Health Organization.

The other herbal medicine like Hawthorne berries can help to alleviate the recovery process of mild heart disease.

Some people think the herbal medicines are 100% safe, because they're natural herbs, which isn't right. They also have the side effects, so use the herb medicines carefully.

The first layer is called the Ethric layer

The name for the first layer is the Etheric layer which can extend out from the body up to two inches .

This layer being the first layer and situated closest to the body acts like a second skin and it is in constant motion.

This layer is the actual blueprint or map of the physical, and within it are all the impressions of the Chakras, Organs, Meridians and Glands.

Blockages in the Chakras can be seen in this layer, People who are psychic and viewing this layer report it being shades of blue or gray close to the skin and report saying it relates to the overall condition and health of the physical body.The Second Layer the Emotional Layer

The second layer of the aura is called the Emotional layer and it extends out from the body approximately two to four inches.

If you could see this layer you would see a mass of swirling energy that reflects the feelings and emotions that we experience .

It is always constantly changing because of the feelings we have the emotions and our circumstances in life and how we perceive them.

Because this layer is not as defined as the previous layer it dose not really resemble the body shape.

Contained within this layer are the emotions of hate, love, anger, happiness; also stored within this layer are the emotions that have not been resolved which include things like loneliness, fear, resentment and so on.

Whatever is happening within this layer whether it be feelings or emotions will affect the Etheric layer and that in turn will also affect the physical body.

Psychics who can see this layer describe the colors as being like the colors of the rainbow, with very bright and vibrant colors when someone is in a state of positive emotions and very dark colors when someone is in a state negative feelings.

The Third Layer the Mental Layer

The third layer of the aura is known as the mental layer of the aura and will extend out from the physical body about eight inches .

Contained within this layer are all our thoughts such as our ideas , and beliefsalso reflecting on what our conscious mind is thinking at any given moment.

Within in this layer our thoughts are understood and processed, issues to do with our mental health are also reflected hear

Psychics reporting back on seeing this layer say that the color is a very bright shade of yellow and becomes even brighter when focusing on a mental process.

The Forth Layer the Astral Layer

The forth layer of the aura is known as the astral layer and extends out from the physical body eight to twelve inches.

The astral layer is the layer that separates the first three layers from the upper or outer layers, it is said that it is the bridge that is between the physical and the spiritual world.

If you want to know what your connection is to the physical world it is through the first three layers of the aura and the remaining layers are your connection to the spiritual world.Psychics who can view this layer say that it is a brightly colored rainbow.

The Fifth Layer the Etheric Template LayerThe fifth layer of the aura is known as the etheric template layer and extends about one to two feet away from the body.

If we look at the purpose of this layer we will find that it is to keep the first layer the etheric layer in place and also contains a copy or template of the physical body on a much higher spiritual level.

Psychics who can see this layer say that it is a dark blue or a cobalt blue.

The Sixth Layer the Celestial Layer

We are now at the sixth layer of the aura which is known as the celestial layer and this layer extends out to about two to three feet away from the physical body. This layer will reflect the subconscious mindit is the layer where we can experience love and spiritual ecstasy.

Psychics who can sense this layer see it as a bright shimmering light, which is composed mainly of pastel colors..

The Seventh Layer the Ketheric Layer

The seventh layer of the aura is known as the ketheric layer and it extends out three to five feet away from the body but this is only a guideline as it can expand as your spiritual awareness increases.

Individuals who are very spiritually developed it is said that they can become one with the source or to put it another way enlightened

Psychics who say that they can see and sense this layer say that it is an extremely bright golden light that is rapidly pulsating with tiny golden silver threads throughout the layers.

Trevor Shaw is a developer of mind sessions including things like meditation for altered states of consciousness that help people to experience different levels of the conscious mind meditation

and has helped people all over the world achieve their dreams.

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As we mentioned in previous article, premenstrual syndrome effects over 70% to 90% of women before menopause in US and less for women in Southeast Asia because of their diet. It is defined as faulty function of ovaries related to women menstrual cycle, it effects the women's physical and emotional state and sometimes interference with daily activities as resulting of hormone fluctuation. The syndrome happens in one or two weeks before menstruation and then declining when the period starts. It is said the symptoms can be so severe that between 10-15% of women have to take time off work, costing businesses millions of dollars a year. In this article, we will discuss How Chinese herbs - yellow dock root effects women with PMS.

I. Definition
Yellow dock is a perennial flowering herb, native to Europe. It has been used in traditional Chinese medicine in whole body toxins elimination and increasing liver over all functions.

II. How Chinese herbs - yellow dock root effects women with PMS.
1. Vitamins
Yellow dock roots contains vitamin A and C which are antioxidants and not only necessary for immune function in protecting our body against any foreign virus invasion but also fighting against any infection and inflammation of the reproductive organs for some women with PMS.

2.Pre menstrual pain and cramps
It not only helps to increase the digestive system in vitamins and minerals absorption, but also stimulates the production of bile of liver in breaking down of fatty acids, resulting in balancing the of prostaglandins hormone and lessening the risk of premenstrual pain and cramps

3. Kidney function
Since yellow dock root helps to remove toxins through kidney function in urinary secretion, it helps to reduce the risk of water retention and weight gain.

4. Laxative
Beside helping to reduce bowel inflammation and irritation, it also act as laxative in moving stool in the large intestine resulting in decreasing the risk of constipation.

5. Phosphorus
It also contains the vital mineral phosphorus which is not only essential in aiding the production of energy but also binds to hemoglobins in red blood cells thereby increasing oxygen delivery to the tissues of the body resulting in lessening the risk of fatigue and tiredness.

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Gaining an accredited education in acupuncture will give students the opportunity to pursue the career they dream of. Acupuncture career training will teach student how to provide services to their clients while using a natural healing approach. Accredited schools and colleges give stundets the education they need to pursue an exciting career. Training is available at various levels of study and students can choose to specialize in a number of areas of the field. Licensing requirements also exist for this profession so students should look into this prior to enrollment.

Training in this field will prepare stundets to become professional acupuncturists. These professionals use various techniques of inserting needles into the skin in order to provide a type of healing therapy for a number of ailments. Treatment can be used for stress, pain, illness, and much more. Stundets who are looking to enter the natural healing field can do so with an education in acupuncture. Accredited learning gives students the chance to obtain a variety of degrees. Students can enroll in an educational training program to obtain a:

Bachelor Degree - When looking to pursue a bachelor level degree in acupuncture students will need to complete four years of accredited study.
Master Degree - Master level education programs take an additional two years of training to complete.
Doctoral Degree – A doctoral degree can require an additional four years of accredited schooling.

When looking to pursue an education in this field student's should make sure they can commit to the requirements prior to enrollment.

Students can choose from a number of specialized areas when looking to enter the field of acupuncture. Accredited schools and colleges provide career training options for:

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
Five Element Acupuncture
Japanese Acupuncture
Auricular Acupuncture
Korean Hand Acupuncture
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

By opting to pursue a specialized career in any of these areas students will need to study a variety of subjects and courses in order to obtain the knowledge and skills to succeed.

Coursework will depend on the level of education and desired career area each individual student chooses to pursue. Subjects will vary by school or college but may consist of studying:

Point Location
Herbal Medicine
Treatment Principles
Clinical Practice
Patterns of Disease

With the opportunity to obtain knowledge in these areas students will be ready to seek employment and pursue the career they dream of in alternative healing. Accredited natural healing programs are available for students to prepare to become a professional acupuncturist.

When looking to obtain an education in this field students should enroll in fully accredited acupuncture training program to ensure they will receive the best quality education possible. There are numerous agencies that provide full accreditation to qualifying programs. The Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (ACAOM) is one that can fully accredit acupuncture education programs. Students can start by requesting more information from the school of their choice to learn more about an acupuncture career.

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The benefits of meditation are numerous and real. Through meditation courses you can learn to improve your life and your health.

The Meditation Courses offered by Sue will teach you many techniques to be able to listen to your body. You will learn to breathe, focus, relax and quieten your mind and find the answers that you are looking for.

Meditation is a way of communicating with your body, and the more you listen the more your body will talk to you. Once you learn the different things that your body is trying to tell you, you will be surprised at how the symptoms make more sense. For instance if you are feeling invisible in the world you may start to gain weight, this is your bodies reaction to your feelings of being small and insignificant. By receiving the messages your body is trying to send you; this can be reversed and you can reach your own highest potential in life. With Sues believe that meditation is a way is the connection with many parts of ones self you will be guided on a journey into your own body.

At Body Brilliance you will be taught through the Meditation Courses to create distance between your thoughts and yourself. This will enable you to connect your soul and your body. You will be able to tap into the passion of your soul, where all your deepest desires reside. By using the Body Brilliance method of Meditation you will be able to be able to connect with the still calm of your body, and this voice will echo making it easier to understand. With the amount of times we get to make choices in our life but often we are not aware enough of whom we truly are to make a choice the right choice. Through meditation the right choice becomes more apparent. It is like tuning a radio onto the right station according to Sue. To find out more about the benefits of meditation and to make a booking at the Sandton centre visit

meditation courses

Taoist QiGong Internal Alchemy offers the spiritual explorer a time tested array of formulas, teachings, exercises and visualizations to explore this often elusive inner terrain.

Looking Within
For the spiritual seeker, the first step on the path of discovering your true nature is to look within. In Internal Alchemy, these initial steps guide you by forming a body-mind connection that enables you to explore your inner terrain with a strong foundation. As you learn to work with the energy of your organs you are able to transform stored emotions, traumas and injuries that sustain the suffering, which many paths, encounter along the way. The QiGong healinghelps the individual concentrating on the energy of the organs. This simple yet profound approach of directing positive emotions has been proven over centuries to support the emergence and renewal of your essential being!

Activating Human Potential
In the next step, you learn how to activate your human potential through disciplines that increase the capacity of your body to receive and store your vital life force energy. By directing your awareness into your body you are able to develop a new supportive structure which aligns with the natural forces of heaven and earth. This posture benefits you with immovable strength, deep relaxation, and undisturbed stillness. This can be done by proper QiGong exercise. With Taoist QiGong Internal Alchemy you are able to bring a new vitality into all centers of your body, especially the brain which houses the pituitary and pineal glands. Your practice awakens and enlivens your ability to perceive, to act, and to become fully yourself.

Experiencing Spirit
This Taoist system of self-cultivation opens and activates a hidden anatomy of energy lines that pass through your vital organs, heart and brain. The biochemical and glandular changes that occur are linked to the mystical internal alchemy which offers a powerful experience of insight and enlightenment along your journey.

Spiritual Growth Path DVDs from Pacific Tao
For the full development of your body-mind-spirit the entire Taoist QiGong Internal Alchemy Study Series is available from Pacific tao to support your personal path.

Specific sets such as the Inner Transformation QiGong DVDs set are focused on the spiritual benefits of QiGong.

You will learn how the physical body can energetically support the spirit. Learn to develop an integrated structure that is supported by your own internal strength and a powerful alignment with the earth. Be able to keep your strength alive in movement while incorporating deep relaxation and flow. Discover how to heal yourself and others by learning hands on methods which support emotional harmony, physical well being and increase vital life force energy. Experience profound unity with a source founded on holistic participation in Life!

JSTSEO is an internationally recognized all faiths author of spiritual self help articles. Today, spiritual counseling has become quite important and many individuals are resorting to it, to attain heights of spiritual growth. The QiGong healinghelps the individual concentrating on the energy of the organs.