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Ones of the most popular forms of physical, mental and energetic exercises are so far yoga, t'ai chi and qigong. People have practised them for thousands of years.These exercises are developed and have achieved support from practitioner as they are very good for body and mind conditioning.


Western forms of exercise USE or EXPEND our energy.


Yoga, t'ai chi, and qigong BUILD UP our CHI or ENERGY.


They give us amazing amounts of ENERGY we can then use to do everything else we love-play, sing, eat, dance, study, read-EVERYTHING!


There are thousands of forms of yoga, t'ai chi, and qigong.


In some forms, yoga poses are held like beautiful statues.


Others use very fluid circular movements to increase our chi.


T'ai chi sword is like a choreographed dance.


But frolicking like an animal is the most fun, creative, beneficial, child-friendly form ever created AND, it's the oldest--originated over 1,900 years ago, hundreds of years before yoga and t'ai chi.


Imitating a bird, bear, monkey, deer, and tiger for optimum physical and mental health was the brilliant idea of one of China's greatest physicians, Hua Tuo, who lived a healthy, productive life for over 100 years.


This patriarch of Chinese medicine and great qigong master said, "Man's body must have exercise, but it should never be done to the point of exhaustion. Now I have created the art called the Frolics of the Five Animals. It eliminates sickness, benefits the legs, and is also a form of bending and stretching exercise. If you feel out of sorts, just practice one of my Frolics. A gentle sweat will exude, the complexion will become rosy, the body will feel light, and you will want to eat."


The time-tested, proven benefits of animal frolicking, a staple of modern Chinese culture and medical qigong, go far beyond medical miracles and can be experienced by children of all ages.


One teacher said, "Even if children experience only a moment of personal peace consciously pretending to be animals, it's something they can take through life. This is a tool to help people."


Frolicking gives every child the incredible opportunity to become the wizard of their own world, the queen of their own kingdom, the master of their own mind, the king of their own jungle.


Children love playing with or pretending to be animals-twisting, bending, moving, jumping, and freezing in stillness.


As children joyfully stalk the jungle like a tiger, forage for honey like a bear, swing through the trees like a monkey, soar high like an eagle, glide gracefully through the woods like a deer, swim and roar like a dragon, and pound their chest like a gorilla, they will be developing their body and mind in the easiest, yet most profound, way possible!


Our children are special gifts-innocent gifts. They absorb everything, absolutely everything, they see and hear.


Just as a sponge releases the same water it soaks up, whether that water is pure or filthy, the daily habits your children adopt early in life, along with the actions and words they see or hear from you, relatives, friends, television, teachers, movies and more will one day be released by your children.


Just by having fun, pretending to be these special chi animals that were created thousands of years ago, your children are naturally and easily developing their minds and bodies, learning social and behavioral skills, connecting their inner world with the outer world, and absorbing values and habits that will serve them throughout their life.


Ganeshananda has been developing children's educational programs for over 20 years. He is the creator of Power Animal Frolics dvd-T'ai Chi/Yoga/Qigong for Children - and the author of over 44 Fairy Tales of the Heart for Children of all Ages. He is an AVESA Quantum Energy Master and Medical Intuitive; Usui Reiki, T'ai Chi/Qigong, Meditation Master; Ordained TOSA and Science of Mind Minister; and Certified Quantum Clairvoyant.

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Frozen accept analysis contest abide of specific rotational movements and addition to strengthen the rotator belt and advice get rid of the adhesions, the basis could cause of this disorder. A Arctic Accept is medically accepted as Adhesive Capsulitis in advertence to the adhesions of the abridged film attention the rotator cuff, thickened and base aching tissues that physically block arm movements by interfering with the accustomed accept collective mechanics.



An alarming abrasion to the clavicle, humerus or accept brand can aftereffect in a abundant accord of accept pain. If you acquaintance a abatement or added assault to the area, you will wish to accept your accept thoroughly arrested out by a medical professional. For beneath austere injuries blow and alleviation may be all the analysis you need, about some situations may alarm for a brace or added medical intervention.

Herbal Medicine


Transcutaneous electrical assumption dispatch will animate the body's own accustomed painkillers.


Hot and algid compresses should be alternated.

Physical Therapy

Instead, it is a acceptable abstraction to apparatus a affairs of concrete analysis for arctic accept appropriate from the alpha as the foundation of a analysis for Arctic Shoulder, bypassing abetment altogether. Further allowances cover a abundant faster accretion from affliction and bound ambit of motion, as the concrete analysis is advised to ambition the four anatomy of the rotator belt and the adhesions of the belt abridged causing the disorder, deepening the above and alleviation the latter.

A stronger rotator belt is added acquisitive to alleviate than a anemic one riddled with anti inflammatories, while the adhesions are helped into breaking away. This is accomplished by implementing specific alien and centralized rotational contest for the belt and accelerating addition for the adhesions so as to acceleration up the ache accustomed accretion times.

An Arctic Accept have to be one of the best abiding accept disorders, if not the longest. It will eventually boldness naturally, but it can be even 3 continued years afore it does, during which time the dead has to argue with a bargain superior of activity induced by affliction and disability, as circadian activities become difficult at best, or absurd at worst.

All accept movements are afflicted by this disorder, decidedly over arch ones. The ache affects added women than men in a arrangement of two to one, and is as well affiliated to diabetes or getting over weight, but by no any beggarly always. Affliction is beneath astringent as affliction grows worse, but it is the continued accretion times that accomplish this ataxia about a abiding one.

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Acupuncture is a practice which is 2500 years old and improves the health of an individual. This Chinese remedy involves the use of needles on the body. The principle behind the therapy is that the body contains several channels or meridians through which energy flows continuously. Any blockage in these meridians can lead to pain or disorder in the corresponding part of the body. These meridians are also referred to as 'Qi'. Wherever there are perceived blockages in the body, the needles are pricked on those specific points based on the problem. The needles would facilitate better energy flow in the body and relieve pain.

According to the recent studies, several MRI brain scans have found that when certain acupuncture points are stimulated in the body, there are responses from the corresponding part of the brain. In order to improve eyesight, acupuncture treatment is given on various parts including the foot. Such a way, the area corresponding to the eyesight, such as occipital lobe is lit once this point is stimulated. The process is painless, unlike the existing myth about acupuncture treatments and highly effective.

Acupuncture is being used for a lot of things that promote better health and prevent illness. There have been quite a lot of scientific studies that show these effects and a lot of medical institutions around the world recommend the use of acupuncture in order to treat several problems. However, for a majority of the patients, the whole idea of being pricked with needles could be a barrier. It has to be known that these needles are pretty thin and are usually not painful. Once these channels are opened, a lot of people experience relief. Acupuncture increases the flow of endorphins in the body that fastens the healing process.

The Chinese acupuncture practitioners believed that most of the vision disorders are caused due to the impaired functioning of the liver, hence some acupuncture specialists might work on strengthening the liver and restore energy imbalance associated with that organ. Studies have also shown that stress may perhaps aggravate or promote weaker eyesight. Therefore, acupuncture might be used to relieve stress, depression and anxiety, so as to reduce the severity of the disorder.

It is imperative to choose the right therapist while taking acupuncture sessions since one wrong needle can lead to major problems. It is also necessary to reveal the disorders and past history to the therapist before getting started on the acupuncture sessions so as to receive complete body therapy. There are loads of acupuncture therapists in the market today, however not all of them are equipped with the required skills and knowledge. The patients can expect to pay anything from $ 60 - $ 120 per session and may be required to take quite a few sessions, based on the disorder.

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A symphony continually plays inside your body. A harmony of rhythms works without interruption to keep you alive, and when one system loses its tempo, the melody -- that is, your health -- begins to suffer. Though we tend to notice the aches and pains of living and the wrinkles of aging more than the miraculous coordination of the body's functioning systems, it is important to acknowledge the phenomenon that is the human body.

The following meditation will give you an opportunity to offer your body the recognition it deserves, while creating a sense of empowerment and an atmosphere of calm.
Body Gratitude Meditation:

Begin by turning your attention inward. Breathe.
Notice your lungs. Your lungs draw-in oxygen and release carbon dioxide over 15,000 times every day. Thank you, Lungs.
Your heart beats about 100,000 times every day of your life. Thank you, Heart, for keeping me alive.
Life-giving oxygen is carried from the lungs and heart through hundreds of miles of blood vessels, nourishing each and every cell. All this occurs without conscious thought or effort. Thank You.
Your bones not only provide your body with a structural framework, but the marrow inside produces your blood cells; talk about a multi-tasker! Thank you, Bones.
The ligaments, muscles, and connective tissues form your personal shape, and make movement possible. Each of these parts conforms depending on how the body is being used. I am thankful for my movement.
The skin is your largest organ and spans about 20 square feet! The skin serves as a layer of defense which protects against the outside world. Thank you, Skin. 
The immune system furthers our protective defenses, fighting disease and cancer on a daily basis. The colds we contract are few compared to the number that have been detected and eliminated already. I appreciate my immune system.
Lymph is the immune system's highway. This silent transportation network reduces inflammation, and maintains health. For this, I am grateful.
Seven glands secrete the hormones that construct the finely-tuned symphony of chemical communication and function. Thank you, Endocrine system.
I am thankful for my liver, my stomach, my intestines, my pancreas, my kidneys and my bladder. My organs work in ways beyond my comprehension, and allow life.
The brain and the billions of nerves in the body combine function with the network responsible for managing the body's other systems. For this, I am thankful.

Try using this meditation to help you express gratitude for your body. Every second of every day, the body works in a concert of precision and artistry while you're busy navigating traffic, surfing the internet, chomping down fast food, or daydreaming. Add this quick, few-minute meditation to your schedule and recognize the many miracles needed to keep you alive.

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Acupuncture therapy is based on the Chinese concept of the necessary flow energy along certain lines known as meridians. Due to imbalance of energy these lines of force are blocked, which lead to development of stress in body. Gradually with time that stress becomes unbearable and starts affecting your physical and emotional health.

Acupuncture can be very effectively used for dealing with problem of weight loss. But one should know that acupuncture is not a magic. Instead, acupuncture is an efficient support therapy for those who are trying to lose weight, providing you the much needed boost and motivation. It provides significant emotional support for your weight loss motive by stimulating the flow of energy in entire body.

Regular exercise and balanced meals are essential to produce best results out of acupuncture therapy against their weight loss efforts, making the process easier. You may need to have weekly acupuncture treatments to feel the effects, or you may be able to get by with treatments every other week. You need to understand often your individual body structure and various emotional factors pertaining to your weight condition.

Acupuncture speeds up the process of weight loss by dipping various feelings related to stress such as anxiety, depression and anger. Acupuncturist emphasize that it can also aid in controlling your eating habits. This further influences the kind of food you eat, thus reducing obesity. Acupuncture can also be used to suppress your appetite and increase self control.

Acupuncture weight control program works on all levels physical, emotional, and mental. Acupuncture releases chemical out of body for tackling anxiety and frustration. This has a soothing effect that aids in reducing the level of stress. The Acupuncture Weight Control program basically aims at reducing hunger and craving in order to ensure weight loss.

The very first step in therapy is to discuss your particular pattern of overeating with the practitioner and let him know your intake form if there are any real digestive difficulties. Then the acupuncturist usually checks your pulse to check the general state of your stomach energy. He would generally look for certain symptoms such as to cracks in the tongue, peeling or puffiness on the stomach area, or a suspicious yellow or thick white coating that might indicate improper functioning of stomach

Then help of this vital information, the acupuncturist plan a treatment protocol. All the acupuncture points which are important from perspective of acupuncture theory are examined thoroughly. Mouth is studied for the impulsive eater who also smokes a lot. Stomach is studied for the person who keeps on eating regularly .Endocrine relates to problem of water retention that is responsible for some of the weight gain. Adrenal, spleen, kidney and thyroid are commonly used acupuncture points.

Uptown Acupuncture, Is an Acupuncture San Diego Clinic which Provide Specializes in Physical Therapy and Holistic Healing in San Diego

The Health Benefits of Meditation

The health applications and clinical studies of meditation are products of the field of interest within the medical community to study the physiological effects of meditation.

Meditation concepts have been applied to clinical settings in order to measure effects on somatic motor function as well as cardiovascular and respiratory function. Also the hermeneutic and phenomenological aspects of meditation are areas of growing interest. Meditation has entered the mainstream of health care as a method of stress and pain reduction. For example, in an early study in 1972, Meditation was shown to affect the human metabolism by lowering the biochemical byproducts of stress, such as lactate, decreasing heart rate and blood pressure and inducing favorable brain waves. In 1976, the Australian psychiatrist Ainslie Meares reported the regression of cancer following intensive meditation (published in the Medical Journal of Australia). Meares would go on to write a number of books, including his best-seller Relief Without Drugs.

As a method of stress reduction, meditation has been used in hospitals in cases of chronic or terminal illness to reduce complications associated with increased stress that include depressed immune systems. There is growing agreement in the medical community that mental factors such as stress significantly contribute to a lack of physical health, and there is a growing movement in mainstream science to fund research in this area. Dr. James Austin, a neurophysiologist at the University of Colorado, reported that meditation in Zen rewires the circuitry of the brain in his book Zen and the Brain (Austin, 1999). This has been confirmed using functional MRI imaging, a brain scanning technique that measures blood flow in the brain.

Dr. Herbert Benson of the Mind-Body Medical Institute, which is affiliated with Harvard and several Boston hospitals, reports that meditation induces a host of biochemical and physical changes in the body collectively referred to as the "relaxation response." The relaxation response includes changes in metabolism, heart rate, respiration, blood pressure and brain chemistry. Benson and his team have also done clinical studies at Buddhist monasteries in the Himalayan Mountains.

Other studies within this field include the research of Jon Kabat-Zinn and his colleagues at the University of Massachusetts who have studied the effects of mindfulness meditation on stress.

A little bit about who we are...

Preparation is the key to so many things, meditation included. In order to get the best benefits from your guided meditation it is necessary to create the right environment.

* Choose a quiet place:

To get the most from your guided meditation choose a quiet place where you will be able to listen without any distracting noises.
You may choose to listen through headphones or speakers, which ever suits you best.
Remember get the volume right first before you settle down to your guided meditation.

* Ensure you will be comfortable:

Staying still in one place is much easier when you are totally comfortable.
Listening to guided meditations whilst lying down either flat, for example on a bed, or propped up slightly on your sofa is the best way to relax your body.
It is also important to be at a comfortable temperature for you.
You may want to heat the room, cover yourself with a blanket or pop some warm socks on.
Remember to wear something comfortable, nothing too tight or restricting.

* Do not disturb:

Organise your meditation time without disturbances. Maybe when you are on your own or when the kids are asleep.
You may also want to put a 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the door and let people know that you do not want to be disturbed and for how long.

* Lighting:

Make sure the lighting is suitable for you.
Close the curtains if you wish, light a candle or put on a soft table lamp. Experiment and get it right for you.

* Be in the right frame of mind:

Although guided meditations will calm and relax you it is still important to be in the right frame of mind when you begin.
You will not get the most from your guided meditation if you are angry, upset or rushed and constantly thinking other thoughts.
Maybe take a short walk first or shake each leg and arm several times and shake off those lingering negative emotions.

* Rehydrate:

Have a glass of water ready for when you finish your guided meditation.
Take a moment after opening your eyes to relax and drink the water slowly.

* When is a good time?:

Think about when is a good time to do your guided meditation.
You won't want to be rushing around straight afterwards, maybe last thing at night is good for you or schedule in time when you get home from work.

How often is up to you. What feels right for you and remember as with all habits this will all come naturally the more you practice.

A little bit about who we are...

Though still controversial as an accepted treatment in Western medical science, acupuncture has a demonstrated place in the treatment of a number of physical conditions. Many patients have reported dramatic relief from complaints ranging from depression to tennis elbow and are firm believers in the healing power of acupuncture. These patients are supported in their claims by the World Health Organization that lists "diseases, symptoms, or conditions for which acupuncture has been proved through controlled trials to be an effective treatment." The National Institute of Medicine (NIH) consensus of recent studies reports that acupuncture is a promising treatment for musculoskeletal conditions with substantially lower adverse effects of other accepted medical procedures.

The American Pain Society and American College of Physicians issued clinical practice guidelines in 2007 that list acupuncture as a therapy that should be considered for patients suffering from low back pain who have not responded successfully to other conventional treatments. Several studies have shown that the combination of conventional treatment with acupuncture is more effective than conventional treatment alone. The NIH reports that patients suffering from osteoarthritis pain, especially in the knee, are offered pain relief and improved function with acupuncture treatments.

One specialized type of acupuncture that has therapeutic benefits for the entire body is auricular acupuncture. Based on the Chinese concept that the auricle, or outer ear contains acupuncture points that correspond to different areas of the body, the stimulation of those points activates the increased functioning of that area of the body. The stimulation increases blood circulation, muscle movement, release of toxins, along with other beneficial effects. It has been shown to relieve musculoskeletal pain such as back pain, arthritis, and muscle tension. Enhanced muscle movement reduces strain and stiffness. Additionally, auricular acupuncture has shown to be a beneficial treatment for anxiety, stress, depression, and insomnia as well as digestive disorders and more.

Auricular acupuncture should only be done by a specialist who has extensive training and thorough knowledge of the almost two hundred acupuncture points located in the outer ear. When done by such a specialist, auricular acupuncture is a safe, effective, and natural treatment without the adverse effects of drugs. When traditional Western medical treatments are ineffective or as a supplement to traditional treatments, acupuncture should always be considered as a viable option for the relief of pain. Millions have found relief from pain with acupuncture with clinical studies and major medical organizations now accepting and even advocating acupuncture as an effective treatment.

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