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T'ai Chi has quickly become one of the most popular exercises in the world today, being practiced by roughly twenty percent of the world's population. The largest reason for this is simply that it feels so good when you perform it. T'ai Chi started out as a martial art, but has quickly become adopted and taught in schools, hospitals, and even businesses. Many companies have realized how well T'ai Chi can boost productivity by keeping employees happy, relaxed, and creative.

The biggest reason for T'ai Chi's growing popularity is our increasing level of stress. It was designed to help you work through changes by improving the way that we handle this stress. The way it does this is by helping us let this stress go, rather than storing it up and dwelling on it.

T'ai Chi allows us to relieve ourselves of all the nervous tension that we carry, allowing our bodies to work better. By doing this, we can stay in better shape and feel more healthy overall. After just a short time of practicing T'ai Chi, you should notice yourself looking and feeling better. Letting the nervous stress and tension melt away will literally add years to your life.

When our bodies are tense and stressed, it blocks the flow of our life energy, or Qi (Chi). Qi flows through all living things, and is essentially our life's energy. When we are stressed, worried, and tense, our body doesn't allow this essential energy to flow through our body. By going through the motions of T'ai Chi, you body is forced to relax, which allows you to let go of this stress that is weighing you down. After each session, your mind will be clear, your body will be relaxed, and your emotions will be calmed, allowing you to be totally at ease. No other exercise allows you to calm your body so efficiently and effectively. T'ai Chi is easily on track to becoming the exercise of the future.

While T'ai Chi is considered a martial art, it is one that can be practiced by absolutely anyone. Whether young or old, male or female, there is no one person that can't do it. It's even practiced by people in wheelchairs.

If you're at all interested in finding something that will help you calm your life, feel better, and treat your body holistically, then I highly suggest you look into T'ai Chi. There are many places you can learn it, the most popular of which is at a martial arts studio. You might check with your local community college, or even find some DVD's or videos at the local library. No matter how you learn it, you'll definitely enjoy the results. I challenge yourself to try it for 2 months and see if you're not feeling better, with much less stress in your life.

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Chinese herbal medicine has been utilized by health practitioners in eastern countries for several thousand years. The belief behind these herbal remedies is that the body must be kept in a condition of equilibrium in order to maintain health and well being, and that disease can strike if the flow of energy through the system is not kept in balance.

Individuals who are supporters of herbal medicine assert that the efficacy of these treatments is better established than that of most of the modern medications that are wide available these days. They have been used by a wide variety of persons of all ages and circumstances, and have stood the test of time.

Other people take a more restrained point of view and claim that herbal medicine ought to be employed in conjunction with recent medication. Herbal treatments and the acupuncture techniques that regularly go along with them are useful to patients experiencing a variety of illnesses and diseases. Nevertheless it would be foolish to entirely substitute contemporary medical approaches with these remedies in the instance of severe health conditions. Rather, they should be used to augment the effects of the treatment recommended by your physician. Additionally, they can help to diminish the side effects of certain medications and therapeutic procedures.

Herbal medicine is not solely comprised of the medicines that are dispensed according to each person's requirements. Instead, there is a progression of techniques that are used, among which is herbal healing. The other components of this ancient approach that has been developed to keep the body functioning well are acupuncture, nutritional therapy, physical activity and appropriate lifestyle changes. All of these procedures join to make an individual healthier in day to day living, and since their life is better balanced, they are less likely to get sick.

There are a few people, especially in the West, who may be uneasy about the safety of the herbs that are administered. But be aware that these herbs have been used on millions of patients for thousands of years, and are still being used by the greater part of the Eastern world.

There are a few adverse reactions to some herbs, but these are uncommon, especially in comparison to those linked to the drugs that are produced and administered these days. Contemporary medications are synthetic and can be deadly to the system in a lot of ways. Herbal remedies, in contrast, utilize completely natural therapeutic elements and are thus considered to be less harmful than what is given by means of prescription pharmaceuticals.

Ancient Chinese medicine has a lot to offer people, even in today's modern society. It has been practiced in the Far East for thousands of years, and it's every bit as effective today as it was then. Learn more about the advantages of this ancient practice at Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Vaginitis mainly to increased vaginal discharge, the typical grayish yellow foam, thin quality, fish smell, sometimes bloody, or were purulent. This disease belongs to Chinese medicine, "taken down" aspects of etiology, pathology, mainly spleen and kidney dysfunctions of two dirty, not the Water Valley, subtle, anti-poly and the wet, wet cloud bet to hedge any non-solid, with a pulse due to missed appointments. Bianzheng side, and Notional. Yellow vaginal discharge actual patients, quality thick, smelly as heat (toxic) bet. Xu Zheng vaginal discharge is white, thin quality, odorless for spleen; A thin quality, quantity of the kidney. The total treatment with spleen Sun, desiccant-based. See clinical disease, combined with the Traditional Gushen Qingrejiedu of goods. Nearly 8 years, by adopting one Traditional Chinese medicine Prescription treatment of gynecological disorders in 31 cases, results are obvious. These are as follows.

1 Clinical data 31 patients were married women and the oldest 47 years old and the youngest 26 years old, average age of 35.42 years. The main clinical manifestations in patients with vaginal discharge increased vaginal discharge is white, in 6 cases, quality A thin, no odor; 17 cases of vaginal discharge yellow, foamy, thin quality, fish smell; three cases of vaginal discharge yellowish green, thin quality, there different smell; three cases of vaginal discharge white residue like; two cases of vaginal discharge was water, with milk like membrane. Among them, 19 cases with vaginal itch; six cases of vaginal worms crawling feeling; 2 vulvar itching. 31 patients, 8 patients with vaginal discharge smears, diagnosed with Trichomonas vaginitis, and 3 were vaginal smears diagnosed as fungal vaginitis, other patients did not receive pathogens examination, was diagnosed as vaginitis. Minimum of 1 month duration, the longest 2 years.

2 treatment Recipes: herb 10g, Coix 10g, Chinese yam 15g, Gorgon 12g, Chuan off 10g, Atractylodes 10g, licorice 6g, keel 10g, oyster 10g, Sophora flavescens 10g, Verbena 10g.

Side solution: herb spleen dampness; yi Milligan wet spleen; yam fill the stomach, liver and kidney benefits; Gorgon Jianpizhixie, only with; River off of liver or kidney; Atractylodes Spleen, dampness Diuresis ; licorice Spleen; keel calming liver yang, Guse convergence; oyster Yin and yang, Guse convergence; flavescens heat, dampness, insect diuretic; to Kam clearing away heat. Reconcile with the spleen of various drugs, dampness, Guse, and only with the effect of Shugan Gushen Qingrejiedu.

3 Results 3.1 standard curative standard cure the symptoms disappeared, normal vaginal discharge, 4 months without recurrence. Improved standards significantly reduce symptoms, vaginal discharge decreased. Healed that no significant changes in symptoms before and after treatment.

3.2 treatment outcome in 31 patients, 23 patients were cured, were followed up 4 to 6 months without recurrence. 6 cases improved, 2 cases cured. The total cure rate was 74.19%; the total effective rate was 93.55%.

4 Record example Example 1, female, 36 years old. Increased vaginal discharge yellowish color for 2 months, quality rare, smell, accompanied by mental fatigue, fatigue. Vaginitis was diagnosed as a hospital to give 1/5000PP Bath and metronidazole tablet little effect one week, after serving on the prescription to alleviate symptoms after three, went on to take five after the symptoms disappear, illness recovery, through follow-up 5 months without recurrence.

Case 2, female, 41 years old. Leucorrhea increase a year and a half, pale red, sometimes yellow, with foam, a different smell. Was diagnosed as vaginitis, oral medicines and Traditional Chinese medicine Treatment, when the light condition when the weight, delayed healing. After serving on the prescription to alleviate symptoms after four, vaginal reduction vaginal discharge change after taking 7 A thin, no odor, medication 12, the disease cured, were followed up for 6 months without recurrence.

5 Experience
Vaginitis with vaginal discharge increased as the main feature, is a Chinese medicine "taken down" category, generally divided into spleen, kidney and III Pathogenic Heat and Toxin.

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