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Most of us lead busy, fast-paced lives. We have too much to do and too little time, and may be dealing with career pressures, family difficulties, or financial problems on top of everything else. Doctors have known for some time that there is a direct link between stress and a variety of health problems including headaches, stomach problems, heart problems, skin conditions, and high blood pressure, as well as depression and anxiety. While we can't eliminate all stress from our lives, we can take steps to reduce its effects, and meditation is a wonderful way for you to calm down and regain your balance.
Meditation has been used for centuries as a way for people to reflect, relax and connect with their inner selves, but it is not some mysterious ancient art that requires years of study. At some time in your life, you have probably experienced a meditative state, a feeling of peace and serenity, simply by walking through the woods, or enjoying a beautiful piece of music. With just a little practice, you can achieve that peaceful state whenever you wish, and feel refreshed and ready to take on life's challenges.
Try to Meditate Daily
Pick a time that works for you. If you have children, wait until they are in school or napping. Many people meditate in the morning as a relaxing way to start the day, while others like to meditate before bed. The time of day is not important, nor is the amount of time you spend meditating. Twenty to thirty minutes is good, but even if you can only spare 5 or 10 minutes you will still benefit from it.
Meditation Basics
Choose a quiet place with few distractions. If you like, you can light incense or a scented candle, but it isn't necessary. Some people find it helpful to listen to relaxing music or nature sounds while meditating; others prefer complete silence. You can sit cross-legged on the floor, or sit in a chair with your back supported. The important thing is that you are comfortable. Place one hand on each thigh, or cup your right hand under your left in your lap. You do not have to stay still to meditate! It's ok to move or scratch an itch! Don't feel that you have to shut out the world completely to get the benefits of meditation. If the phone rings, or there is some other brief interruption, just take care of it, then go back to meditating.

Keep your spine straight, but not stiff, as this allows you to breathe deeply. Breathing deeply helps you to relax and concentrate because more oxygen is getting into the bloodstream. And deep breathing actually slows your heart rate. When you have found a comfortable position, begin focusing on breathing deeply. Follow each breath as it enters your nose, goes down into your lungs, and then out your nose again. Feel it on your upper lip as you exhale. Breathe in to the count of 4, and exhale to the count of 4. Feel the muscles in your body beginning to relax.
Don't be concerned if you find it difficult to relax in the beginning. Trying too hard to relax can be stressful in itself! You may find yourself thinking about work, or all the things you need to take care of that day. If so, just acknowledge the thoughts that come into your head, but then let them go and focus again on your breathing. You may also want to start with shorter periods of meditation and work up to longer sessions.
Visualization is a great tool to help you relax. Imagine yourself in a place that you find peaceful, for example, the beach. Think about the sounds you would hear there:  the cries of the seagulls, and the sound of the waves on the shore. Imagine how the sun feels on your skin, and the smell of the salt air. You might choose to visualize being in the woods, or in the mountains. Whatever you choose, imagine every detail as if you are actually there.
Meditation is only one of the ways to reduce the stress in our lives. Eating healthy foods and getting enough sleep and exercise are also very important. Take a look at your lifestyle and decide whether you need to make other changes, but try meditation, too. It is a great way to relax and reduce the negative effects of stress, and you will feel the difference immediately.

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Today's interest in Eastern remedies has led many to go to acupuncture as a way to heal the wounds and pains of shoulders, back, and body aches. Stress related pains and other kinds of trauma can be relieved by the wonders of acupuncture and other natural and homeopathic remedies.

Developed some time in ancient origins, it spread through the decades and the world until it became part of traditional Chinese medicine. This type of medicine considers your entire body as one whole that has many different component like systems. Sometimes these systems are directly connected, other times not associated, but your health is determined by the balance of these systems. Acupuncture strives to find the fourteen channels through which blood flows and various other points are also touched upon and treated. These channels lead to the lungs, intestines, stomach, spleen, heart, small intestine, bladder, kidney, pericardium, gall bladder, and the intangible.

When an acupuncturist decides what to do, they focus on the face and tongue to determine the size and color and to see if there is any tension or coating or absence or presence of teeth marks. Also they will listen to see if you are wheezing or making any particular sounds or if you are attending to your body odor. Finally, they will see if you have chills or fever, perspiration, a good or bad appetite, thirst and taste, pain, sleep, and whether you are enjoying proper bladder functions. This is sort of like a typical physical, except in this case you will be diagnosed about how much your body is in harmony.

When you go in for an acupuncture treatment, you can expect to be stuck with needle points in the webs between your thumbs and palms in order to target the head and hands. Most likely you will feel a twinge of sensation and then some twitching between your thumb and hand. Some patients experiences some severe pain, others have bad headaches and feelings of nausea, as well as a relief of their headache. Needle points also can be placed on your head in various points that affect and dilate your scalp's blood vessels, which are meant to relieve any headaches you might have.

This natural remedy is often stated as much safer than any other kind of remedy out there. The effects of taking drugs can be much more harmful to the body and when experiencing pain, taking various steroids or pain killers can cause acidity problems and other dysfunctions in the body. But with this natural homeopathic remedy, you will be certain that you will not expose the insides of your body to anything that could be potentially harmful or even toxic to your body.

Certainly there are many dangers, too. You are at a higher risk of getting any kind of intravenously transmitted diseases through any unclean needles. Also, you need to be sure you select a professional acupuncturist because many people set up shop with no experiences or with unclean and shoddy materials. They will most likely damage your nerves and cause you more pain than relief. Doing your research before deciding to get this procedure is a very wise idea and a necessary precaution. But, if you choose wisely and manage to get a good procedure done, you might experience immense pain relief.

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Today, Japan produces both loose leaf and powdered forms of green tea. Tea is mostly grown in Uji, Shizouka, Kagoshima regions and Kyoto Prefectures. Uji, just south of Kyoto, is the most famous tea-growing region in Japan. Even though it produces only 4 % of Japan's tea, most of the finest teas come from this region.

There are three main types produced in Japan: Gyokuro, Sencha and Matcha.

Gyokuro or "Jade Dew" is known to be the best quality green tea in Japan, thus sold at highest price. Tea bushes that are meant to produce Gyokuro are kept under 90% shaded conditions for two to three weeks before harvesting. Because of this, growth of leaves is slow and they turn to darker shade of green. These growing conditions encourage the production of Theanine in the leaves. The younger the leaves, the lesser the Caffeine content of the leaves. Only the tippy buds are used to produce the best Gyokuro. Both these facts are the reasons behind the delicate sweet taste of Gyokuro, which other green teas normally do not have.

Sencha is the most common type of Japanese tea and it is cheaper than Gyokuro. In contrast to Gyokuro, tea bushes that are meant to produce Sencha are exposed to sun light. This has a lightly astringent taste along with a slight sweetness. The best Sencha is known to be produced from the first crop. (From the harvest of April and May). Bancha is a class of Sencha. It is made from the Sencha bushes but from the harvest of summer and autumn. Some Bancha is made from the coarser leaves or twigs. It does not have the delicate sweetness of Sencha, but is valued for refreshing deep flavor with sweet aftertaste. It is cheaper, milder and known to be containing less caffeine than other teas.

Matcha green tea is a type of powdered tea and traditionally used for Japanese tea ceremonies. Tea bushes that are meant to produce Matcha are also grown in shade like Gyokura. Matcha has a bitter-sweet (sweet but with a hint of astringency) taste. But it is highly valued for having maximum green tea benefits as the body receives more chemicals from the talc like consistency (when brewed) of Matcha. There are two types of Matcha; Koicha(thick tea) and Usucha(thin tea). Koicha is produced from the leaves of older bushes and it has a milder taste. Because of this more powder can be added to have a thicker consistency, without having a bitter taste. Usucha is typical Matcha. Generally Koicha is more expensive than Usucha.

Genmaicha green tea is a mix of Bancha and roasted brown rice. Because of the addition of brown rice, the unique bitterness of green tea is enhanced further giving popcorn like taste.

Houjicha green tea is also a type of Bancha and made from baked tea leaves. It is slightly brown in color and has a refreshing savory taste. This is also known to have very low caffeine content as the baking process removes caffeine.

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There is much information on meditation, almost to a degree that one actually gets more confused about attending this state of meditating, which offers bringing spiritual bliss. As you may have heard that, eyes are windows of the soul and also our hearts houses the soul. Then meditation can be seen as a road which leads to our house "soul" which resides in our hearts, where we get to meet that extraordinary being "self".

I'd like to think that we are extraordinary beings doing ordinary things, as opposed to being ordinary and doing extraordinary things. When we attend and allow time to be with self, connecting self to life and universal truth, then this will bring the desires we much lack, such as calmness, awareness. In our ever busy world unless we stop and make time for self, or else no one can do this for us. As we are the writers of our schedule called life.

In life many of us tend to seek those sacred feelings called bliss and content and calmness from the movement and stream of life's currents we need to row not against the currents rather slowing our own ships called our hearts, and meditation is then can be seen as the paddles which allows us to slow and reunite with that extraordinary being, self. Meditation by itself has benefits which outweigh almost any other form of self help methods we might find in life. Because we tend to look outside for the calmness that by birth is a necessity and not a choice, and meditation can be utilized to feed and nurture the soul, spiritual soul that needs the attention only we ourselves can give.

When learning and attending the state of meditation one needs to remember the difference between actual process of meditating and being in that sacred place of meditation, because in fact when advanced, then the process is not a process at all, rather being in that sacred place of calmness. This obviously will take a bit of effort of following. All learning is achieved by following, and what better way to learn by following own heart. In fact at the beginning and the end, that is all it matters, our hearts welfare and content ness. The two points to remember when learning and attending meditation can be thought as a mountain climber, yet we can also imagine that we are spiritual mountain climbers (climbing the mountain of truth) then the process of meditation (etc finding a quite place and or environment, and letting go of all matter that we might know of) this can be thought as the process, and the other point would then be likened to being on top of the mountain, getting that desired feeling of joy watching the scenery of the beauty of own heart. Appreciating being made extraordinary, this is housed within the heart. We need to clearly differentiate between the hearts mentioned above to mere piece of meat; it is the heart that makes us feel at times makes us cry and at times makes us feel love.

When we attain the state of meditation then this in itself can be thought as awareness of spiritual truth, therefore meditation can be seen as a vehicle which leads us to our own hearts core, it very nature, which is clearly unique, and it's chains of unbreakable purity can be seen as though we are staring into the clearest waters to see what is within its depths. As the saying goes "only the calm waters will reflect the stars" and calmness of your own heart is there to be simply attended. As when we wake to life each day as though born new each day, then many of us feel that we need to do, do this and that, doing doing doing, yet only when we stop and "be" that is everything, that is all it matters, nothing in the outside world can bring that feeling of "you" therefore we need to remember the importance of seeing the beauty within. Perfection that is simply "eternal".

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Adaptogens or the adaptogenic herbs have been considered as one of the fundamental components of the eastern medicine today. These herbs are now recognized all over the world for their extraordinary abilities to assist the body in coping up with all forms of stress.

Adaptogens have been publicized as essential ingredients in a wide variety of Chinese herbal formulas. Most natural healthcare providers recommend the use of these herbs for the special ability to help human beings in adapting to stress and also several other challenges. There are some herbs that are adaptogenic by nature, but they would be effective only when they are taken as whole-herb and not in its extracted form.

How Adaptogens Work?
The basic characteristic of adaptogens is to help the body system in getting back to its balanced state, irrespective of its overactive or underactive nature. These herbs tend to act in either of the direction based on the requirement of the body. This is how these adaptogenic herbs are able to help people in recovering from varied physical illnesses by striking a balance with the individual systems.

Herbs, such as reishi, cordyceps, mucuna , astragalus, and ho shou wu belong to the class of adaptogens, and these herbs are actually effective in eliminating stressors from the body. These herbs are such substances the effect of which are nonspecific, and allow the body to defy all types of stressors that includes, environmental, emotional, psychological and biological factors. The most appropriate way of fighting stress is to allow the body to balance it with the hormones present in body to dissuade it from influencing the body. These herbs help in increasing the overall well-being and also balance the endocrine hormone. They support the immune system too.

The most important benefit of adaptogens is that it decreases the bodys sensitivity to the hyperactive systems, and helps in increasing the sensitivity of the hypoactive systems. These Chinese tonic herbs that act as adaptogens work on adrenal glands, and it resists stress. The adrenal gland is the primary source that produced stress and other emotional responses. This gland produces and stores epinephrine, norepinephrine and dopamine- the three essential compounds responsible for all types of stress.

The Known Adaptogenic Herbs
Astralagus is one of the adaptogens that helps in stimulating the immune system and helps in dealing with heart diseases and cardiac problems as well. According to traditional Chinese practices, this particular Chinese tonic herb tonifies the spleen and blood to aid defensive energy. It boosts vitality and helps in recovering from chronic stress.

Reishi is another Chinese tonic herb with adaptogenic properties that helps in soothing the nerves and induces proper sleep as well. As reishi is an adaptogen, it is also considered to act as an immune stimulant.

Cordyceps is a similar Chinese tonic herb that has several health benefits, and is also an adaptogen. It helps in relieving stress by improving the flow of oxygen in the body and enhancing proper blood circulation. It also helps in dilating aorta at the time if extreme stress.

Mucuna helps in improving the production of dopamine, which is essential for improving mental health conditions. It helps in reducing depression and stress and influences dopamine production. It treats nervous disorders too.

Ho shou wu has adaptogenic properties too, as it helps in de-stressing the mind and improves overall health conditions.

Adaptogens are essential for the stability of mental health along with other benefits that it can provide.

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Traditional Chinese medicine New process plant extracts
Recent decades, the production of Chinese herbal medicine to achieve a certain degree of mechanization and semi-mechanization. Traditional Chinese medicine is often considered low content of active ingredients, impurities, unstable and therefore more established drugs based on the experience, not integration with modern medicine. To address this problem, traditional Chinese medicine must take the road of extraction and purification. Chinese medicine extraction, including extraction, clarification, filtration and evaporation, and many of the unit operation. Leaching is a very important unit operation, is the starting point for the majority of traditional Chinese medicine production.

Extraction technology is good or bad, is directly related to Chinese herbal medicines Utilization and ease of subsequent processing. Leaching can be seen as an important part of modern Chinese medicine production, and therefore the study and optimize the leaching process of Chinese medicine is necessary.

1 gene principles, and factors Chinese medicine is the solvent leaching into the medicine, the active ingredients to the liquid phase transfer from the group process. Is generally believed that active ingredients in herbal medicines is to determine the leaching rate of the spread of the main steps. The main factors affecting extraction solvent, temperature, pressure, size of material of solid and liquid flow status.

Solvent polarity, viscosity and other properties of plant tissues affected the leaching rate of different substances and dissolution. Water and ethanol are the most commonly used solvent, the two solutions to mix a great influence on the leaching of Chinese herbal medicines.

Temperature and pressure rise, spread faster and also speed up the leaching rate. But the temperature is too high may damage heat-sensitive components. Decoction used in traditional Chinese medicine production is carried out under atmospheric pressure boiling point. But there are also reports that the decompression operation will help improve water herbs to eat, to loose tissue and is conducive to leaching.

The smaller size of material, BET surface area, the faster leaching. But the size is too small will increase the leaching of impurities, separation and purification difficult. The higher rate of relative motion of solid to liquid, the solution the more intense turbulence will lead to boundary layer thinning, update to speed up and improve the leaching rate. Research and results

2 2.1 Optimization of the traditional process and equipment innovations
For Chinese extract Process energy consumption large, impurities and low efficiency of state in recent years, many scholars from different angles on the Chinese extracting process was trial and error and optimization, while maintaining "Chinese characteristics" under the premise of the progressive realization of proprietary Chinese medicines manufactured scientific, standardized, and standardization.

Traditional process is through mass production and testing of clinical practice, and theory of very close contact. Optimization of the traditional benefits available to the most direct, the work has been mostly concentrated in this area. When experts to extract pH, extraction time, when the pH is variable acidification, alkaline extraction of the CSC has been optimized. Found that when the pH value of extracting the effect on the maximum extraction, extraction time and the impact of acidification when the pH value was not significant. Coarse-grained experts glycyrrhizin preparation conditions were optimized, given the juice volume and acidity in acid than the old process of new high technology, while the impregnation time of the original process only 1 / 12, to close slaughter also improved significantly.

Expert on water extraction, water extraction and alcohol precipitation, diluted alcohol extract and water extract of lime precipitation was prepared Honeysuckle Extract A comparative study, found that dilute aqueous alcohol extraction efficiency compared with nearly 40%, both of which consume 18 times the volume of solvent, time-consuming 4h. Alcohol precipitation: France recyclable chlorogenic acid 90%, far better than the yield of milk of lime precipitation, mainly due to the alkaline hydrolysis of chlorogenic acid, and precipitation at the same time not completely, precipitating agent on the product have adsorption also has a relationship.

Zhang Yonghong, etc. of different extraction conditions in the anthraquinone of rhubarb extract the content. Different concentrations of ethanol extract of total anthraquinone, free anthraquinone, anthraquinone, the contents of combining alcohol concentration on a linear regression. Combined with the percentage found in anthraquinone content and concentration of alcohol has some correlation with the increase of ethanol concentration are slightly increasing trend, while anthraquinones with little change in ethanol concentration. Ethanol is better than water extraction. As long heating some anthraquinone will be destroyed, boiling time can not be too long.

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We know now that for a lasting loss of weight, the slimming treatment must result in a modest but steady decline in weight, not more than 2 kg per month. A rapid and massive loss of weight leads to a metabolic adaptation that makes more difficult the further conduct of the diet and is, when we drastically abandon this plan, a phenomenon that bounces back much of the lost weight.

The diet does not fall below 1200-1500 cal per day, depending on the size of the person and his or her daily activity and must include vitamins and essential fatty acids.
Things we must be wary of and think about:

• Excess in fat foods (foods containing a lot or only fats): These are the first that we must drastically limit, they are full of calories and do not cut the appetite.

• Excessive intake of rapidly assimilable sugar (sugars), including those hidden inside artificially sweetened drinks, fruit juices and sodas (these drinks are a leading cause of weight gain in children).

• Excess in alcohol (high in calories).

• Do not reduce the intake of protein but be wary of hidden lipids in fat meat and some fishes.

• The lack of a substantial breakfast and a dinner with a lot of calories: eating well the night thickens (the chrono-obesity or how Muslims gain weight on the occasion of Ramadan).

• Combat snacks (chips or peanuts in front of the TV), but split the meals (the body secretes less insulin at small meals and stores less fat).

• Addressing the impulse to eat outside the hours of meals (especially at night).

We must expend calories by exercise: walking, gymnastics, gardening, sports etc. A regular and "moderate" exercise gives a better result that a short but intense exercise. A regular exercise with some more intense moments allows to increase muscle mass which in turn increases the energy dissipation which results in storing more glycogen in the muscles. Osteoarthritis caused by the increase in weight can be a limiting factor for resumption of physical activity.

Treatment of Obesity and Overweight by Medicinal Plants

Background: The medicinal plants or plant extracts alone are not capable to make lose weight permanently. It is essential to involve those phytomedicines in a low calorie diet and increased physical activity. We give below a simplified classification of medicinal plants useful in the treatment of obesity or its complications. Some herbs can act in several ways on several levels.

Treatment of obesity and overweight: anorectics medicinal plants to cut appetite or hunger: Hoodia, eucalyptus, laurel sauce, coca, Catharanthus, phyllantus niruri, Orthosiphon, algae, gum, Konjac .

Treatment of obesity and overweight: herbs that increase thermogenesis (fat-burning) and fucus seaweed, green tea, maté, guarana, coleus, Garcinia, ephedra (ma huang).

Treatment of obesity and overweight: inulin plants that limit intestinal absorption of carbohydrates: yacon, Jerusalem.

Treatment of obesity and overweight: plants without sugars but sweetening: sweet herb Stevia or Paraguay, or bramble Rubus suavissimus sweet China.

Treatment of obesity and overweight: plants that increase the liver function, purifying plants: dandelion, artichoke, rosemary, Mary thistle, turmeric, hercampuri (gentianella).

Treatment of obesity complications by medicinal plants: plants and diabetes, disorders of plants and cholesterol: Lagerstroemia (Banaba).

Treatment of obesity and overweight: medicinal "calming" plants adjuvant of hypo-caloric diet: Saint John's wort (Hypericum), the California poppy (Eschscholtzia), valerian.

This is a little listing of medicinal plants and herbs that can help to get rid of obesity, so many others exist in nature which can be exploited in curing overweight.

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It is the objective of every individual to stay healthy and free from diseases for which we resort to various types of treatments to get rid of the ailment. But allopathy type of treatment has claimed a strong place due to its immediate and evident results. There are bound to be certain side effects pertaining to specific drugs that are offered for treatment. Hence there is a constant need for alternative medicine which is devoid of any side effects but is absolutely effective in treating them.

Different kinds of alternative medicines are available where some of them have been practiced from ancient times while others are relatively new. Alternative medicines make use of natural herbs and other natural ingredients and do not cause any side effect. Some of these alternative medicines are homeopathy, naturopathy, magnetic therapy, neuropathy, acupuncture and holistic treatment.

Alternative medicines are useful in treating various kinds of diseases like headache, flu, indigestion, sore throat, urinary tract infection, migraine, arthritis and many other chronic disorders. They are also aimed at improving the emotional, mental and physical well being, ultimately leading to a great sense of wellness. There are colleges that offer courses for those who wish to take up alternative medicine as their profession. is one such website which offers a lot of information on alternative medicine.

Alternative medicine and holistic approach aim not only at removing the disease but also creating and maintaining a state which gives complete well being to add powers of resilience such that the patient assumes a more active and enthusiastic role in the complete health care. In alternative medicine, the lifestyle, eating habits and the occupational pressures of the patient are taken into consideration and accordingly, treatment is given.

Since it makes use of completely natural methods, devoid of any chemicals, the medicines do not interfere with the organic system of the body. The advantage is that the immune system of the body does not deteriorate as is the case when other types of medicines are taken. The root cause of the illness is found and treated. It is not surprising that more and more people are turning towards alternative medicines which give a sure and secure treatment for almost all ailments, without causing any side effects. The added benefit is that the money spent on alternative medicine is fairly lesser than in conventional medicine. The profession on alternative medicine seems to offer a very bright and promising future.

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The people in China have used Chinese herbs and medicine for centuries to increase their chances of getting pregnant. The use of such herbs is now being accepted and embraced by the west. Using this treatment, a combination of several kinds of herbs are usually prescribed to the patient. This particular type of treatment takes into consideration all aspects of a person and not only the symptoms of infertility so the types of herbs prescribed for different individuals may differ. Chinese herbs are usually obtained from parts of plants and sometimes animals. The advantage of using Chinese herbal treatment is that it presents higher success rates than typical fertility treatments. It is also substantially more affordable. In addition, the ingestion of Chinese herbs presents no or little side effects; and even if it fails to address the problem of infertility, it will improve general health in many ways.

These Chinese herbs should be ingested regularly, and higher dosages usually bring faster results. Depending on the dosage and the complexity of the problem, you should expect results within a year. Because this treament presents hardly any side effects, it is very safe and can even be used together with western medicine to quicken the results. The ingestion of Chinese herbs can be discontinued as soon as one is pregnant but can also be continued to protect the mother-to-be against miscarriage. Dong Quai is a very popular Chinese herb for women.

You may want to combine the use of chinese medicine with acupuncture for better result. It is also imperative that you try to improve your health through diet, exercise and lifestyle changes. This is because the better your health, the higher chance there is for you to conceive. Additionally, learning to determine the fertile period during your ovulation cyle will help you to know the best time to have intercourse.

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