Meditation for Newbies

Most of us have probably heard or seen people meditating where it be in movies, commercials or print ads. One thing is for sure, we find them looking very serene and peaceful, looking as if they have found their core and is one with the universe. Well, what exactly is happening? How do they do it? What exactly does one get from doing it? I'd say we find out.

First things first, what is meditation? Simple meditation technique is defined as a training of the mind. It is from this training where our body and health are given the utmost benefit. However, one needs to go though the right processes and procedures to gain and enjoy these benefits. How so?

What you first need to do is to prevent any noise. If impossible, you need to ignore the distractions around you. Just like any other normal task, your brain work best if you concentrate on what you are doing. If one's environment is peaceful, then you gain inner peace faster.

Now, if you are in the process of meditating and at one point, something or someone distracts you, it is best if you would not stop nor give up. Put an effort into getting back into the meditative state as fast as you can. Deal with the noise or conquer it. Do not be misguided by thinking that you need to start from scratch again.

Next, it would be best if you are in a comfortable position. You could not concentrate of course if a part of your body gets cramps from the difficult position you were in.  Those who are beginners in this field need not worry about how their hands are positioned during the process of meditation.

Some people meditate after a yoga course. We advise you to do the same thing. Why? The posture of yoga actually aids in preparing one's body for meditation.

Some people think that meditations cost a lot of money. They don't. The benefits one get from meditating actually is a great reward in return for the cost. Why? While meditating, your mind is trained. This means that one can channel negative thoughts to more positive ones.

Now, keep in mind that you cannot get it all in just one sitting. Patience is needed in this field. You will surely learn of its wonderful effects on your body in a short period of time.  To know more about meditation and its amazing benefits, or if you want to learn how to meditate - you can visit

The author is a health care specialist that deals studies on the subject of alternative medicine.